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Raw Sugar - Chapter 1, Teatime Twists

Succumbing to traveling the famous Collins Avenue of South Beach, Miami, Florida provides the exquisite view of the glorious tropical Biscayne Bay. During mid-afternoon of summer, it holds the brilliance of a sultry sun that caresses the skin as the breezy oceanic air crisps the lungs. This has everyone breathing in the passion of a seductive, fast-paced, hypnotic city. It is a modern massive cityscape of beaches, towering buildings, and life so explosive that even Satan finds it too hot. The atmospheric heat comes tinted with sizzling seduction and the city`s soul beats in wild rhythms. A world that is a must to experience, for this is paradise on its edgy way to being Heaven on Earth.

Eyes of piercing blue catch full sight of the platinum blond haired woman that owns athletic curves and a soft elegant seduction. The gorgeous creature of a dazzling smile is easy on the eyes and Hayden Keeley has an eye for picking out women of true beauty. 'Vroom!' comes to thoughts as the blue-eyed forty-two-year-old androgynous lesbian stands behind the marble top counter doing what she does best, that is being the best of the Master Baristas in Miami.

Hayden`s day is long within busy, but the fact that it is only fourteen minutes before the shift`s end has her feeling decent enough to not be work-weary. This provides interesting thoughts about this new customer as the blond woman strolls up to the counter to clearly speak in a deeply melodic British accent to relay to another coffee shop employee. "Green Tea Latte with a spritz of whipping cream."

That floated into the air as the drink order from the female customer who half smiles while looking at the workers that make the drinks, one of which is Hayden. That brings the brunette barista to a full stop with then gazing into the blond woman`s green eyes. The staring allows Hayden`s eyes to roam those physical curves that are a vision of classy reserved sexiness. And it is there is the understanding that high-energy tingles exist in all the right places within Hayden.

Yet, the blond barely looks at the Master Barista with choosing to chat with a clerk at the counter. A very fine thing since it allows an opportunity for Hayden to listen. It also permits the sensing energy vibes flowing from the customer as Hayden watches those elegant curves make minor flowing movements. She does it while the beautiful blonde keeps an enchanting smile that has Hayden wanting to kiss those pink lips of the Brit woman.

‘Yum’ comes as a purring thought that raises the heat in Hayden’s lusty womanly treasure. “Oh, baby!” sizzles out in whispers with Hayden not being able to take her eyes off those green that seem to dance. Yes, dance in a spell that seductively talks to Hayden, ‘Coming with me?’ Is what Hayden thinks is spoken in those eyes. Thus, there exists a sudden daydream whipping about within Hayden`s mind as the blond politely conveys to the clerk. ”Far right, empty seat under the fern tree and the name of the cup for delivery is Jen.”

With such spoken, the lovely British blonde unwittingly spins a spell to entice Hayden. With not knowing this Jen pays for the beverage before slowly turning to walk to the table that she has mentioned. The entire process should be seen as simplistic and not needed to watch but the brunette Barista literally follows every seductive sway that is gracefully made by the lovely Jen. Teach motion leads finding and relaxing on a wooden chair next to a large fern tree. The seat has a halfback and allows enough comfort for Jen to cross her legs at the knee.

With such being done Hayden has enjoyed every movement. In fact, the brunette barista is nearly swallowed whole by sexual arousal from the British woman being in the same location as she is. And, for long moments Hayden seems to behave like the world is only filled with herself and this blond woman. That is even though the café remains relentless in being busy with a flock of more customers.

"Hey, Hayden shift is over, so give up space.” Comes sharply spoken by a fellow employee who is tired of needing to work around a stalk still Hayden whole is staring into the café`s dining area. The announcement startles the brunette barista who immediately hustle out of the way with no longer being spellbound.

"Okay, sorry, Deuce." Arrives as a heated lustful sigh slips from between Hayden`s peach color lips as she walks past the clerk who is prepping to deliver drinks. In seeing that she gives a quick scan with wondering if Jen`s beverage rests among them. It indeed stands amongst them. That creates a devilish grin as she looks around at fellow workers with saying, “I am delivering these, then I am off for the day.”

Such comes spoken in a heavy Swedish English accent as the tall androgynous brunette retrieves the small tray of three drinks. She carries them off to deliver the first two to a table close to counter and then she stands mid room eyeing Jen`s table. She lustfully stares at Jen with wanting to taste and pleasure every inch of those curves that Hayden assumes to be dreamy to enjoy. Oh yes, the connective sexual energy exists in an intense aura. It is unexplainable this pull toward being with Jen but creates toes curling inside those black leather oxford work shoes.

Each step forward has Hayden`s heart enter a wilder pace as the pulse races and mind centers on what may possibly occur. And yes, Hayden has hopes. She has already undertaken the pleasure of enjoying a kinky wet dream in her imagination and she wants it filled in all its details. So she bares her best smile and preps for further connecting to Ms. Jen.

Per usual Hayden `s self-confident directness and her willingness to take almost any risk to achieve her goals kicks in. She does this because she dislikes wasting time. She additionally despises needing to drag out what she claims as destiny; destiny because she demands what she seeks in life. And today she pursues the beautiful Jen who must succumb to kisses and maybe some casual kinky sex. Thus, with each step closer the sexual thirst strongly builds until Hayden stands next to the round café table where Jen exists. Then Hayden places the large paper cup of the requested brew on the table in front of the attractive blonde woman.

“Jen, Jen,” flows musically from Hayden's lips as she maintains holding the cup as it sits on the table.

“Yes, and thank you.” Comes conveyed in that melodious tone of a very feminine Brit while she still doesn`t look up at the delivery person.

That could bring the interaction to an end but Hayden always produces specialness to any meet and greet. This is especially true when she seeks a sexual encounter. Thus, the well-toned figure of the athletic brunette continues talking in sensual Swedish-English while confidently conveying, “Green Tea Latte whipped with heavy cream. I hope that you enjoy it. I made sure it tastes perfect for you, Ms. Jen. Okay, Ms. Jen?”

The mentioning of ‘Ms. Jen’ finally brings the blond woman to gaze upward. In doing so she instantly enjoys looking into those penetrating blue eyes that suddenly magnetize to her green ones. Jen stares, Jennifer Sloan Trueheart stares with sinking into the windows of Hayden`s soul after hearing the soft commanding tone of a female that bears an overwhelming personal energy. That energy comes easily felt too. In fact, it exists doubly true for the yoga instructor possesses a spiritual empathic sense about people. Hence, her full attention is supplied.

“Thank you.” arrives softly spoken after long moments of sharing stares as Jen feels the intense pull into Hayden`s energy. In this Hayden smiles for she is aware that her eyes create a spell. So she makes sure to maintain a direct connection to those green eyes for as long as possible.

“I know you!” Sharply abides as an affirmation in wispy breaths from Jen as she can`t stop the gazing while assuming something untrue.

“No! Not yet. But, you will.” Assertively declares Hayden with reaching to pull over a chair without disconnecting the staring between them. “You will know every inch of me if you want to.”

“Oh! But, but...” Then at that moment, something snaps her out of the well-spun hypnotic spell coming from Hayden`s eyes. This permits Jen to instantly shudder with further pushing away the effects of what feels like a soul connection. A spiritual concept that many don’t believe in but some do. Those that do believe in a soul connection know that it abides as a rarity in life. However, Jen knows that such experiences exist even though she has never enjoyed such a thing. Since she thinks its nearly impossible Jen forces the thought away to silently accept that the judgment must be a mistake.

Then from out of almost nowhere another woman appears after an unnoticed walking up to the table. In an instant, she leans in to kiss Hayden fully on the lips. The unexpected motion creates a minor look of surprise to rest on Jen and Hayden`s faces. It leaves Hayden speechless while Jen snickers with them both then remaining silent as the redhead female tosses car keys in a crashing onto the table as she blurts out, “There, it`s back, and not tainted with..”

It all exists as over the top as the intruder gives a scanning look at Jen before continuing with more chatter and not finishing the first statement. “Yum. So, I finally meet your girlfriend. She is cute too.” That coming forth brings a more thorough eying of Jen as the redheaded female almost visually licks Jen with an examining as more chatter comes nonchalantly shared. “No wonder you turned me down. You two look cute and I hope it works out.”

This allows the twenty-something redhead to extend a hand for greetings as she proclaims, “Laura Wilson. Hayden`s personal pest who periodically steals her car. And, I must say that it is nice to finally meet the lady who keeps Hayden from dating me.”

At that Hayden turns red with embarrassment as Jen can`t believe what is happening and their facial features display disbelief of the mistake. Yet, as Hayden begins to correct it Jen immediately states, “Hayden is so special. She even brings me tea to enjoy while we talk about our relationship that seems like only barely begins.”

Then with looking directly into Hayden`s face while blowing a kiss at her Jen further conveys, “Oh honey, I know that I keep you from dating other women but that shouldn`t keep you from introducing me to all your friends.”

It all tumbles out as though it abides as the perfect truth. Yet, it`s bullshit with Jen unsure why she does it but she continues the display by accepting the handshake. Experiencing this completely takes Hayden by shock. It does for none of it seems real. However, she appreciated her ass being saved die to Laura being known as a jealously possessive woman who stalks lovers. Hence, Hayden takes a breath to see about dealing with what could become chaos at any second. Nonetheless, Jen furthers the event to be ended because she feels a strange negative energy pouring from Laura as she sees a tiny amount dread in Hayden`s eyes. “It is wonderful that you bring the car. We can now continue our day. So, thank you. Have a great day but we have a few things that we must do”

Laura instantly understands that she interrupts them and looks at Hayden in stating, “ I apologize for keeping you. I will call next week if I need to go out of the city. Thank you, babe, for you saved my job by offering. And you even gave me this chance of finally meeting your elusive girlfriend.”

Of course, there roams loads of assumption going on. Nonetheless, acceptance exists as Hayden simply stares at Laura while feeling bewildered about Jen and the performance. Thus she only sputters a reply of, “No problem and yeah, yeah. Give a call, yeah.” As she scratches her neck while Laura turns to walk away as she notices a transit bus pulls up. “ Oh god. Must go. My bus. Thanks again and great to meet you.”

Once more it seems like it exists as a teleportation of the redhead as she departs the coffee house. This leaves Hayden staring at Jen who doesn’t gaze back as she says, “Wow! Impressive.“

“Yes, you are, Ms. Jen,” replies Hayden in remaining disorientated of it all.

“And, I honestly only expected tea, music and then home. But, I get a girlfriend, a tea and a tornado of negative energy.” She giggles in conveying to continue, “Hi, Jen Trueheart. I shouldn`t have allowed her to assume. And, I am not sure why I did that. But, you seem to dread her and she radiates negative force. So, I hope it`s okay to have her assume all of that she does.”
As that sharing occurs Hayden remains puzzled but clarity looms as Jen finalizes comments. With that happening Hayden does not care for Jen talks and Laura is dealt with. Therefore, Hayden can now deal with possibly making assumptions into a partial truth.

“Thank you, Jen and I would like to reward you with salvaging my ass. You are right about her. So, please allow me to take you to dinner and possibly dancing. It is a reward for being more amazing then I had already assumed you to be.”

“I would love to but not tonight.” Then reaching into her purse Jen retrieves a business card. “It has my biz numbers on it. I am out of town for the next three weeks or so. Maybe we can manage a friendly dinner one day.”

“Oh yes, one day soon. And, I promise to be friendly, thankful and possibly share smiles.” Oozes forth as Hayden no longer feels dizzy about the recent event.

Jen immediately giggles while she feels the magnetic self-confidence and the passionate sexual energy returning to fully radiate from the androgynous brunette female. Such existing brings a sweet smile to remain while watching Hayden who looks at directly at her.

Hayden enjoys this a lot with it creating a smile to crisp lips as she reaches to accept the card and that brings Jen to share more chatting. “I am so sorry about meeting and running. However, I now must leave to go to my grand folks who live in the U.K.. It is two years since I went to visit and my flight departs soon for me to go see them.”

This being spoken creates silence for Hayden. It does for she feels like it’s a brush off and such gleams in her facial expression. As it does Jen instantly brings reassurance about what she perceives as not being believed. “But, please do not get me wrong for I like meeting you. You have a very positive and profoundly sexual energy, so please call me, call anytime. Also, I promise that the dinner will happen. So, I am not pushing you off. Okay. My flight is in a few hours and I am to be back on the twenty-four with my evenings free that week. So, call me soon and the tea is great for the last bit of relaxing before going to the airport.”

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