~ Erotica Whispers ~

~ Erotica Whispers ~
Author Of Sensual Contemporary Romance © WindWhisperer. All rights reserved

Monday, November 11, 2013

Boredom`s Bliss

Boredom consumes her, it takes her until she is leaning there against her own bed to be playing her fingers over her own skin to tickle it. Tickling sweetly until the sensations of playing turn into a heat. That catches her attention to have her continue onward to be making the heat rise. It is high heat, rising womanly heat that flows and fills to have her hand slip gingerly within her panties. Next, she does tickles it more, more and oh the feeling are wild sexy as she has her fingers cross over a well-shaven mound. Then it is bringing fingertips to tease and touch wetness. A beautiful treat that has a honey dripping that indeed instantly wishes for much more, more tickling and then more than tickling. Tickling and teasing, touching and toying with fingertips to create that oh so sweet symphony of sounds as the dreamy creamy flows making the night not quite too much of a boredom after all.

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