Saturday, April 5, 2014

Stop & Go

Standing there with back so straight and yet very step that I take she says “Stop!” then “Go!” It is the starting and the art of her sitting there in the comfy winged-back chair to be commanding each movement while I am standing. She does it until I slowly pace to face the wall where she declares, “Kiss it and touch those pussy lips. Make them do dripping of sweet cream for me, I need to taste your honey.”

Taste Me

Do kiss me on these lips, my upper lips first but I do thirst for your kiss upon both sets of lips. “Please”, I do beg of you to allow your tongue to slip between before descending to be attending to creamy that does drip from those lower lips. Come now tickle it, flick it to make it swollen within our lust and make me cry out of the way that you please me with your touch. Come now; do tease it into higher heat that is not waning as we are gaining the pleasure of the measures of creamy treats. Lick it, licks up the cream that does stream to your lips to sip. Take it in with an eager tongue until you are thrilled with even more cream that is spilled. Come now, taste me, feel me quake and take my breath within the love that we do make. Devour me; feast on every ounce while chasing the lusty beast that is my need to pleasure with thee.

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