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Sweet Sexiness - Chapter 8, Rebellion`s Games

To say that Bethany learns about herself is a definitely an understatement in every degree. She learns and gains experience in concepts and in events that makes a parent`s hair stand on end and the society in which she now belongs to think that she is a juvenile lost cause.

Without reserve, she makes drastic changes in her life. One is in her personal appearance. That part of her goes from typical high society preppy teen to one of societal rebellion. Her dress code is now a dark, sexual, and edgy woman. Everyone discovers a young woman that seems to be looking for trouble by dressing the part and along with it does arrive the acts that border revolution. It is an insurrection against all of the standard expectations of well behaved and well-bred societal acceptability of upper-class status. There comes a bad, cool girl in endless ways for Bethany enjoys smooth beautiful reckless abandon. And it all occurs while she is still living within the boundaries of her Wicca beliefs.

Now you say, impossible. Not possible when a person knows Bethany in the current time period. Anyone today, who knows her does find that Bethany is respectful, has social graces, is extremely intelligent, too flirty, and lives diligently within all rules of standard living. To know Bethany today, you could never tell that she took to running in a gang of hoodlums or that she has a well-earned criminal record. You wouldn`t know that she sold drugs or that she sold pirated music and other items. It is more than clear that she is not an angel at this point in her young life. No innocence remains with this coming of age.

Additionally, there is open sexual rebellion too. There is for it is at this period in her life that Bethany decides that she is now a member of the BDSM culture that Dominick belongs to. At first, she perceives BDSM to be a dark sexual sin and a revolt against everything that is common in sexual practices. She doesn’t hide all of this either. So she wears a studded dog`s collar around her neck and leather everything as clothing. Along with it, there is public sex, a few orgies, and it is not limited to teen trysts either. She soon finds that being an exhibitionist is mind-blowing fun too. That only adds to her pleasure of constantly being overtly sexual with anyone. It is a beautiful dark playful sexual rebellion that is an addictive natural high that sweeps her senses and brings her to be a voyeur too. Oh yes, without a doubt, Bethany is sexy, yummy and free-spirited.

But inside herself, she only yearns to have her extreme sexual urges and vast appetite balanced. And this is where
Dominick controls the shockwaves that Beth creates. He does it with slowly guiding her into understanding that sexual anything is power and that she needs control. He thus teaches Bethany that BDSM is an alternative lifestyle with codes and an almost spiritual essence within it. He claims that there are ‘true pure’ Dominants and a life code that is ancient. He drums into her that it has no sin and that power exchange is its core element. He wants her to be more than sexual while being intellectual and genuinely claiming superiority. He most definitely needs her understanding that BDSM-practicing is based on trust, truth, and intellect. And to practice such as a Dominant personality, one like hers, a person must know of her inner self first. Then a Dominant must understand human nature before then gathering knowledge of the ones that are chosen to be a partner in the BDSM lifestyle. After all, BDSM is not only fleshly but so much more and definitely mental. So he teaches, trains, watches and saves her ass many times during the coming two years.

But let us not rush this story. Summer vacation must end and we must tell at least one more event before we move on to Bethany doing the only sexually submissive acts in her sexual life. Therefore, by the time that Bethany returns to school in the United Kingdom she is becoming well versed in reading the books and discovering her own limits. She is learning that her rebellion is a bit too extreme at times and she begins to regulate her own self. She does because she trusts Dominick explicitly. Which is good. His mentoring thus is coming intensified and the intelligence sharing is blatant in every way. Hence, it is more of a bonding between them. Deeply bonded. Bonded forever as she begins to fall in love with him too.

The books and the chats are now not only a looking at pictures with the descriptions, but she is also studying the literary content. The questions are coming full throttle too. Oh yes, those are for she is in search of more knowledge on everything and anything. That everything includes definitions, techniques, tools, history, health issues, and more. It is her deeply diving into information that has traditionally been forbidden. True, it is primarily sexual content but it is so much more than that. She discovers it to have life truths in it, eroticism`s knowledge, creative exploration, lust, and love. It has her see that BDSM has the potential of providing an unquenchable unconditional love within it, as well. It also holds expertise on humans in it; human facts about the human psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical. For her, it feels like light surrounding with powerful truths descending upon her as she studies it and become part of BDSM Culture. It resonates within her to be so truthful that she takes to making it spiritual in her mind. And in that, she is finding more of her spiritual self and accepting another solid truth. That truth is that she is alpha female while needing to give to the world through that. Thus, she claims that she makes a sacrifice of traditional vanilla values in life to replace it with all that she is learning.

So she still thinks that BDSM is a rebellion but on the day that she flies out of Ottawa for United Kingdom`s London, Dominick stands beside her in the airport. He looks at her with displeasure, for she is dressed entirely in racy black leather and appearing to be a street-ready slut. Looking at her, he understands that he has much more to teach her about being a Dominant, but first, he wants her to be submissive. He desires that so that she learns that part of the power exchange. However, even if he didn’t want that Dominick is in no way going to allow this new dress code of Bethany to remain for much longer. His displeasure of it creates an exhaustive sigh as he says, “I am giving you several monetary gifts. You will accept all of them. No questions or discussion of it, my pet. These are going to be monthly and you are to use my cheques wisely. You are to acquire decency and proper mature attire for a young woman of your intellect and status. You will do this. It is to be done because no ‘true pure’ Dominant allows themselves to be publicly revealed without genuine purpose. Please, manage to deal with a proper dress code. What you project to others and how it controls you and your environment is an important learning. Your clothing, demeanor, thoughts, emotions and etc. do control everything that connects to you and that you associate with. So, do think about what your past weeks of wardrobe and behavior change are doing to you and are creating for you. Is it what you truly want, need and can control?”

Bethany disdainfully glares at him as she talks about it. She likes her new wardrobe that is no longer the preppy confining crap that she and Jennifer usually wear. Thus, she holds a grimace and is allowing negative feelings wage within her. She growls and turns away knowing that if she says anything then it could be a lecture from him. That is not something that she is in the mood for. She doesn’t like such ever to be happening and today she is profoundly moody due to her womanly cycle reeking havoc on her. That is not ever good for her to experience and the moodiness of this time each month tends to explode in emotional outbursts with very little logic attached to her actions. So she turns away from him while feeling seething anger and as her mind is spinning of the plan, which she is carrying out in concern to him.

At that Dominick sees that her mood is becoming unpleasant. That has him sighing and trying to think of how to deal with it. He doesn’t like her moodiness and temper. But he knows that it is possibly more than that too. He is aware that she is stressed with not wanting to return to school and that is even if she is happy to go back to school too. So he figures that his chastising statements of moments may be too much at this time for his young protégé. As he considers such she turns to look at him with wanting to fight him about this lecturing of her. This he immediately comprehends to be a fact for she has a fire in her eyes and so he says, “Bethany, please think about what I shared. You may enjoy learning about what effect does come to you when dress codes of various types exist. Thus, maybe it could be an experiment for you to try out different clothing types to see how it affects others and you. It can be a self-learning. I was not truly chastising. I merely know that you are so much more than rebellion and darkness. Therefore, maybe, dressing differently can be a learning as well. Maybe this Goth thing can be for particular occasions but not every day. Maybe?” he states within ending it in a question and not wanting a war.

Bethany eyes him. She just glares into his soul with allowing the negative to fill her sense. She does it while surveying that he stands there dressed in a three-piece tailored Italian suit while he is holding a gentleman’s walking cane. She peers at him as he hopes that she is not always to be this defiant demon from Hell’s crypt. He is looking at her while searching for whether she is going to show attitude about the last of his statements. Yet, he is pleasantly surprised as she smilingly walks over to stand directly in front of him. That has him smile for she seems to not be unsettled and seems to be calm with ready to be congenial of it all. In that truth, Bethany catches his eyes in her own stare as she leans into his face. He is hoping that she is going to tell him that he has nothing to worry about. That is his wish and thoughts as she studiously gazes in his eyes. Oh yes, she seems to be searching while holding back her breath. It is creating a stasis between them until she gingerly brings her lips to lightly press his before she is naughtily whispering, “Does Daddy want to fuck his pet, does Daddy need to test drive this demon?”

Then she places a long delicate finger under his chin to prop it up as she purrs, “Oh, I control many things, my Daddy. Daddy, I know what I am doing. I do. It is working great too. You like it. You crave me. But yes, it`s bits of rebellion, my Daddy. Do I get spankings? Does Daddy want to fuck his pet?” She silkily purrs within being devilish while she slickly kisses his lips again with purring. Then she follows through with standing back a bit from him with playfully smiling, “Good, good I finally got a reaction from you. And yes, when you fuck me at eighteen, I will be wearing leather and being rebellious. I plan to be your every dream.”

Dominick’s breath is barely there. She wows him and that has his erection full girth and rock hard while bulging in his dress pants. That is a nearly impossible feat for he controls himself always. Yet, she often does this to him just by her talking with him and as always he is trying to control but can`t. So he looks at her in disbelief of what she is doing to him. He now knows that she is outwitting him, playing his mental games and experimenting on him. He realizes that the protégé is stepping up the game and possibly learning faster than he thought that is capable of. That creates a sinfully large grin on his lips as he whips his tongue along them to once more taste her kiss that she left there. Then there is a shake of his head with playfully growling at her with saying, “You bitch! My bitch! Oh fuck, yes, you are mine. You are truly a little whore that needs to be taught her place. Taught that such a kiss like that has a price. Oh yes, but….but ..uhm..” he lustfully stares at her to bring self-control to bear upon himself. In that, he does accept that he is also very pleased with the processes that are happening in her. Indeed, he is and he also has a desire to teach her that she is not controlling him, but he wants her to be able to control anyone. He does but for now, he is silent while surveying her.

“Alpha female, Daddy dearest! I am a Dominant woman and pure woman, I am. I am Bethany. You are going to need to show me that you can truly be my Daddy Dom. Come on, Dominick. You want to be my Dom; you want to control this and to be my Master. Come on, you know that I have all of what you truly need. You know that I do! I am a sexy seventeen and bordering thirty. I am Woman, and I rule the world!” Bethany claims in a self-confidence that is a bit much, but in many ways, she is just as she proclaims that she is. But even within that she still needs experience, more learning, wisdom, and self-control.

In response, he shakes off the spell that she weaves. In doing so, he once more firmly states, “I am sending monthly money for you to buy a selection of other clothing as part of your wardrobe. Spend the money wisely. Your daily public dress can force others to wonder if you can be trusted with their sacred or their truths. Personal impressions are vast with effects, first impressions are deadly or productive.” He states tapping her leather skirt-clad ass with his walking cane. “You got me, today; you pulled it off, but now move onward with it. Teach me more about what you learn and learn more too.”

Bethany, on the other hand, smiles as the mahogany cane taps on her having her say, “I want that! I want you spanking me with that when you fuck me at eighteen. I want it, Daddy. I want pain, pleasure and being your dream. “

“Uhm, Sadao. Yes, you want all of my dastardly dark sadomasochistic tendencies. You do! And you might actually like it too.” Comes from him in humming studiousness as he taps her ass again and lustfully grins at her.

“Oh Daddy, I am going to miss you. I have learned endless amounts of things because of you. I feel like an entirely another woman because of you. I feel like that school is going to kill my spirit and not understand me anymore. I know that I have never been like them; I am not normally like those other young women. They now all seem like girls to me now. Girls. I am no longer a girl. I am me…. me, Bethany Ann.”

“Yes, you are! You are an alpha woman rising to take her place in the world. You are beautifully powerful in every way. You are going to be okay, my pet. We will talk every night. I am sending letters, books, and gifts. It is going to be okay. You are always okay. You are my sweet sexiness.”

This has Bethany looking at him with a long and hard stare while wanting to believe him. She needs to believe all that she is thinking about herself is okay. Bethany needs to be acceptable and not abnormal in life and not unloved. She wishes to trust him about everything; she desires to actually fully trust someone in life. She has never had that with anyone. Not even with Jennifer does she have that.

Yes, her best friend, Jennifer does not even supply true trust. For at times, Jennifer seems jealous of her and employs strange behavior like Jennifer dying hair blond and seeming to be in competition with Bethany. Yes, it is blond like Bethany`s hair and using Bethany’s mannerism. So, Bethany wonders if Jennifer can be truly trusted and that is even though Bethany unquestionably loves Jennifer with her very soul. Yet, Bethany craves to be able to trust and to especially trust Jennifer. Bethany wants to have a loving bond that is encompassed in trust and truth. She wants a love that comes as unconditional love. She needs what she didn’t get as a child. And currently, Bethany is hoping that Dominick is that. He has become such an important part of her life. Much like her grandmother. In fact, he supplies knowledge and a type of love like Celine did. So she figures that since she implicitly trusted her grandmother then Dominick can be that too. She wants to have that with this man. And if she can, then she figures that it is possibly true love with him. But is it? Is she okay? And what is truly going on between her and Jennifer?

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