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Randi`s One - Chapter 8, The Keeper

The ride back to the estate manor turns into Sian chatting with Lucas with it existing in a manner of a friendliness that was more like casual friends catching up on news rather than a ‘once upon a time’ regular houseguest and a chauffeur talking of life. Such is quite understandable since there existed many long hours of regular limo drives with him. It is doubly true Sian is a woman of an extremely talkative and intelligent personality. She additionally has known Lucas from him working with for her family before he begins work for the Sund family. Thus, a bond, and a decent one that Randi allow for she doesn’t control her staff`s personal lives in any manner. At least she doesn’t as long as it didn’t cross household tasks and is keeping restrained in proper ways. Therefore, she listens to the conversation while being silent.

Yet, Randi knows that a storm is brewing in the backseat. After all, what else happens when the ex-girlfriend meets the newbie? Therefore, she sits in silence trying to think of what might come from Kris in the following hours. She knows that something is coming for Kris is a woman with great passion and volatility too. She has a chain on herself to have control in concern to most life moments but when she feels threatened it comes wild in unexpected ways. A perfect sample is the whip-wielding that first night of meeting her. Thus, tonight`s introduction to a bit of chaos is to bring something into Randi`s life. But what is it bringing and when?

As the automobile pulls into stopping outside the front of the house Randi does not wait for Lucas to open the car door. She simply opens the door to the front seat`s passenger side and then steps out to begin walking toward the house. Within that, she hears her own footfalls and additionally listens to the process of Lucas opening doors. It provides minor chatter between him and Sian as Sian takes to watching Randi`s backside.

In that, she stands there totally nude in the cold night air with staring at Randi for she needs answers to what is next. Yes, what is next, next after all about what has occurred between them. This is hard for them both for much exists when considering everything that happens on this night. Plus, there are the truths of recent months and the romance that mixes with Randi`s obsession of Sian during the year prior. Hence, circumstances are very awkward and difficult with that making it the reason why Sian must know her place in Randi`s world. She needs to know because it is essentials to move forward in life. Such truths have Sian supply a very noticeable clearing of her throat.

“He has worked enough today. There is a bedroom three on the second floor and I will have Maria bring clothes,” is unemotionally spoken, as Randi doesn’t stop with making her way into the house.

Once in the house, Anton greets Randi, as then holds a list of duties that require eventual attention by his boss. He dutifully says, “Good evening, Ms. Sund. None is too important. Maria is preparing the third bedroom with then getting clothes for Ms. Sian. Additionally, we are creating a quick late dinner for everyone. I have set out warm brandy in the Great Room and the fireplace is ablaze.”

“Thank you, Anton” Randi claims with standing there looking at the list after she takes it from him. In that she smoothly announces “After dinner please start a bath for Ms. Kris; start it in my private bathroom and make it special with her usual bathing wishes. For now please address the ladies about dinner and Sian’s room but when done of that do join me in my office on the second floor.” With that, Randi hears both women entering the house to then feel Kris brush past with not a word sharing from her.

Anton looks at his boss knowing full well that the evening is going to interesting and that has him perceptively saying, “Hands full, you may need more than a bath and brandy.”

“No, it is going to sort out. Meet me in my office when done of this.” Is casually saying while not giving attention to anything more. That has Randi walk off to her home office that is the fourth bedroom on the second floor.

Reentering the room that is now tidied from the morning of sexual play has Randi simply find the desk chair and then turn it to stare out the window as she thinks of all that is currently occurring and what should be happening soon. She sits there for long moments until she hears a familiar female voice and one she expected too.

“Anton was coming in, but I stopped him.” Suddenly states Sian with breaking the silence while she stands in the open doorway. She then sits on the sofa that is no longer pulled out into its bed form. She sits there staring at Randi while still being nude. The pretty redhead next candidly states her mind of the current circumstances. “Ms. Sund, you are not my Dominant any longer, thus, I speak freely.”

Randi expects this for there no longer is the bond of Dominant and submissive between them, but yes, she expects respect of status too. Thus, there is listening to what she knows is to be request and worries of a former lover that is still a friend. “May I stay a few days? I need to make arrangements to return to my family.” Arrives in a query as she next swirls into the reasoning for it. “I know that I am asking a lot of you, but he owns everything in my life. I would leave tonight if I could, but I have nothing of my own currently. I need to get funds and to have my family willing to house me again. Then I can get my life back to what it was before.”

“Uhm.” Knowingly replies Randi without turning to face Sian. She instead continues to thoughtfully look out into the darkness of the yard outside her country home. This is the darkness that is lit by the full moon and the yard lighting to give some sight to more than the blackness of a night.

“Ms. Sund, thank you for coming for me. I knew that you would be. Yes, even me. It is part of who you are; you are immense kindness with understanding more than the obvious. Plus, I know that you still care about me. I realize it because you have not once brought harm or judgment over my betrayal. You showed love and attentiveness even after I crucified your heart. I have never met a woman like you and possibly won`t be loved by anyone like you ever again. But, I am thankful that you have loved and that you still care. So please, if I am being too much or in the way then send me out tonight.”

With that, Randi should say something but she simply sighs with having a billion thoughts swarming in her mind. Those accompany the endless of feelings that go with some thoughts. Such existing all bundled up inside her gives another moan. It does and this one is more of a sound of recognition of the truths being shared.

The not speaking; the saying of nothing allows a bit of quietness in the room and this is due to not being ready to say anything. Randi is not because she figures that Sian has more to share. Sian usually does when it is talking that is involved. Therefore, Randi long ago sets up that Sian speaks her mind for a set time and then Randi deals with it. She definitely must do that tonight when considering that the current situation does need multiple perspectives and all input. It does and Randi knows that she herself no longer is in control of this submissive woman, but she nevertheless must help her for it`s not in Sian`s nature to truly be in control of most things in life. Thus, Randi needs to treat Sian Windsor as she would anyone else in her life but Randi still must be that a dominant personality for Sian. No, that is not an easy thing when Randi still loves this woman and is remaining partially obsessed with her while she is being totally torn in pain from the destruction that Sian caused. Thus, Randi sits thinking and remembering what her mother usually share with such things. ‘Love is not something that merely ends no matter how a relationship exists or ends.’

Sian takes the quiet as Randi not being sure of what to do. It is not the complete truth, but it sort of seems like that. There is no alternative, but I am willing to stay in one of the two apartments of the stable barns. That way I am not bothering you or your girl. She possibly is not happy with seeing your former girlfriend and sex toy wandering around nude and being helpless like I am.”

“Sian, you have never been helpless!” comes sharply as an interruptive response to it all. “You are mostly submissive, but you once ruled your career in being a restaurant assistant manager and did it with great ease while you were your father`s right hand when it came to business dealings.”

Sian grimaces of the truth as she realizes that Randi knows that it is not helpless in life. They both understand that Sian is going to conquer for Sian is only submissive is only in the lifestyle. “Then may I stay here for a term of time? Two-day is what I may need. ‘

“No, you cannot have the two days.” Comes in spoken with a directness of dispassionate tone and with that Randi is turning the swivel chair around to look Sian directly in the eyes as she further states, “You have approximately one week here. You may remain in the second apartment of the stables after tonight. You may have it until I return from Stockholm. I leave in three days and am spending seven to eight days there. I am providing you with access to the kitchen here and to some clothing. All that I ask in return is that you respect Kris.”

“Kris?” Is spoken immediately while assuming it`s the name of the new girlfriend. “Yes, my new girlfriend. Kristina,” with that Randi is rising to her feet to then walk around to the front of the modern desk to further say, “Harming her is going to bring my wrath. Therefore, those are your boundaries while being around me. Respect Kristina and things will be balanced for you. Interaction with her is up to her for she is not totally submissive.”

With that Sian snickers to giggle out, “So she is a challenge and the rebel against your dominance.”

“No, she is deserving respect.” Briskly replies Randi wanting things to be clear between them as she additionally then tries to not look at Sian`s nudity. She needs no arousal of sexual desire in concern to Sian for Randi wants Kris to be in her life. She does and with that, she knows that Kris is not the sort of enjoying sharing of a lover.

“Ms. Sund, I wasn’t aware that I could disrespect her, not since I am who am I. After all, it is only you that may allow me to be more than a friend.” Sian asserts this with an understanding that she is perceived as an evil and that exists even if she is rescued from Hell into a safe zone. Thus, the request of respect brings thinking of how she could disrespect Kristina and that has her wondering a few things. It also has Sian seeming to see more than the obvious surface facts and so she conveys. “The only way that I disrespect her is by assuming that we have more than a casual friendship.” Sian artfully states to then allow her long shapely legs to unwind from being crossed at the knee. It is followed by a naughty surrendering of body posture before she spread her legs and knees wide enough to give a peeking at pleasure`s treasure. “I am sure that you wouldn’t allow me to be anything to you,” she purrs silkily with her realizing that Randi`s demand of respecting Kris may be due to Randi willingness to be more than a mere savior of helpless women.

In return, Randi cannot resist watching Sian`s nude beauty due to it being right there in front of her to see. The view brings instant dizziness for there has never been a lack of lust between them. It has Randi swiftly standing straighter to be backing up into a crashing into the desk. Such is trailed with her immediately gripping the desk’s edge. Her fingers clasp it in a white-knuckled restraining so that she is not doing what is natural when a person is obsessively sexually attracted to someone that they love.

“Don’t!” arrives snappishly in warning from the androgynous American Swede.

“You need it. I like you needing it.” She speaks in silken tone with caressing her inner thighs with her two hands as she gazes in lust at Randi.

Such a truth is undeniable. It is facts that Randi likes being teased and enjoys the sexual play in extreme amounts. But this that Sian is doing is not okay for many reasons. And that has Randi staring at her coldly with trying to not enjoy the view, but yes, her body is on fire with lust. It can`t be denied that Randi likes fucking Sian. Randi also happens to believe that sex is just sex. The only times that sex is not only sex is when it`s against the law, or when a committed relationship exists for one partner or when love joins in the mix.

“Dominea, I will behave in any way that you want to me. You know that I can be an extremely good subbie.” Plays out in purring seduction as Sian watches Randi`s eyes and Randi stares back with a lust that is barely controlled. They survey each other with Sian`s fingers slowly moving over silken skin as thighs leisurely part wider. Those do so with Randi observing the show and it is having her heart pounding wildly as her mind is sounding out echoes of chaos over what she truly wants in life

“Sian,” she whispers in breaths of warning for the teasing to stop but it is weak efforts and that is having Sian seductively reply, “Dominea it is me who says, please. You like when I say, please. You enjoy it when I say please. It is to be me saying it over and over, for it pleases you.”

“Sian,” she forewarns again in the same tone while barely gripping the desk. Yes, she is barely there even if her eyes are glued to viewing those thighs coming fully apart to display a moist womanly sexual treasure that is willing to be anything that Randi needs it to be. Hence, it is without a doubt that carnal desire is peeking.

Sian looks into Randi’s eyes to say, “When I touch my pussy I think of you. Not once have I done otherwise.” Is seductively purring as Sian lovingly caresses her womanly lips to moan of the naughty sensations that instantly arrive. Within it, she sinfully smiles before slowly bringing closure of her legs. It is followed with her noticing disappointment instantly resting in Randi`s eyes. Sian mischievously grins of it before she stands to walk over to peer directly into Randi's eyes. She gazes studiously into a soul saying. “But yes, I am going to respect her but are you going to?”

With that, she watches Randi experience the shock of such being said. She studies that as she very well understands that Randi must realize that it may not be it is not only Sian that may disrespect the so-called girlfriend. Almost immediately, such truths settle into Randi having Randi glared coldly at Sian. Such spurs Sian in a new direction for the chat as she whispers, “Thank you for the room, the allowances and the partial forgiveness.” Afterward, she takes deep breaths to calm the sexual tension and vaginal heat while she is furthering the chat with “I will be good. But do remember where my room is. A part of you seems to still need me, still need bad rebellious me.” Comes straight as an arrow; an arrow that shouldn’t have any truth to it but it does.


Dinner is not quiet. It most definitely isn’t with Sian joining in for the meal, but Randi and Kris are silent during most of the meal sharing. Kris is strangely quiet while Randi chooses no conversation with her surveying everyone else and as she does there is some thinking about these two women of her romantic life. This pondering of life has her observant of everyone, and the ‘everyone’ is including Nickolas for he is invited by Kris to dinner. With him joining the women, he becomes the reason why it is not being quiet at the table and that is due to the fact that Sian has someone to talk to.

Randi sits at the head of the table peacefully accepting that some of her barn crew are sitting at her personal dining table. Such is odd for her staff are not permitted such privileges, but Randi does assume that his presence is owing to Kris having some unsettled feelings over the situation of romantic competition existing. Therefore, Randi concludes that Kris needs to have support in concerned to perceived chaos between her and Randi. Such is understandable. Randi thus decides that such is not okay. It simply isn’t when she has bonded to Kristina during the past two weeks.

With that realization settling in her thoughts, Randi quietly beckons Anton over for a chat when he enters the room to refresh drinks. She, in turn, whispers direction to him. “Place a creamy dessert, sliced fruit and two large bottles of white wine in my bathroom. Ms. Kris and I are retiring there for the remainder of the night. It is a ‘do not disturb’ until the morning with breakfast in bed.” She pauses to look at the others before finishing the whispering with, “Give Ms. Sian privileges of the Great Room and her room.”

This Anton attentively listens before he goes to carry out the plan. As he does, Randi returns to picking at the food on her plate while she flicks her gaze toward a quiet Kris. Watching ‘her’ Kris that that really isn’t eating anything while she too is pushing food around on her own plate and she is doing it with no smile and a look of barely controlling upset emotions.

After several long moments of continuing this behavior, Randi sees Anton returning to the room to the supply nod toward his boss. Randi instantly rises to her feet with then walking directly behind Kris`s chair. She leans down to whisper, “Come with me. We are done with eating. I need to you in our bedroom.”

“Our bedroom?” questions Kris for she has her own room and keeps it even if Randi and she do have sex in the master bedroom.

“Yes, our bedroom.” Solidly affirms Randi in lean over Kris`s shoulder to lovingly kiss Kris`s facial cheek while warmly smiling. Then she softly proclaims, “My girlfriend belongs in our bedroom. You are to share it and you are to be my only.”

Kris looks at her sideways with a puzzlement as she sputters “Am I...I am?”

“Always, yes always in our bed and with only me. Only you and tonight we are staying in our room. So, please come be with me.” Randi does assert before reaching for Kris’s left hand within then beginning to pull Kris`s chair out with her right hand. She does it so that Kris may come along to carry out the wishes. She then again softly kisses Kris`s cheek with affectionately conveying. “You are my only need. Please come, please, please, please, my beloved.” She allows with tinges of pleading and with urging Kris into understanding that Randi’s place is only with Kris.

Kris blissfully smiles. This truth coaxes her to push back the chair to stand beside Randi as Randi announces to the others, “Enjoy the Great Room, the fireplace, and the kitchen too. But we two must say good night. We do hope to see you both at lunch tomorrow.” With that Randi glances at Nickolas to further assign, “Nickolas Romanov, you are to sit at this table for all your meals. You live in apartment number one of my stable barns, but you are now my family too. You are but even with that, you must forgive me for being improper tonight. I need to be rude for your niece requires stealing me for the remainder of the night and I like that she needs me. Thus, we bid you each an adieu.”

Nickolas is shocked by the announcement, but he is happy to see that his niece is doing so well and that there benefits to that. Thus, he smiles and nods with saying his goodnight to both women. With that, Kris smiles to say her good night to him. Afterward, Randi tenderly squeezes Kris`s hand with beginning to walk out of the sumptuously decorated dining room but in doing so she decisively proclaims, “Sian, bedtime is at eleven with no disturbing anyone until eight tomorrow morning. The house is closed at eleven tonight. Understood?”

“Yes, Ms. Sund. Thank you for the room and for everything.” Comes as a congenial reply with a smirk over the display of affection and the extremely obvious statements of who is where.
With the master bedroom`s door closing Kris is quiet. Randi has noted the silence during the procedure of leaving the dining room. Kris remains extremely silent as they both come into the kitchen to then pass through house entry and walk down the hall to the master bedroom. However, no matter how silent it is Randi continues to hold Kris`s hand while the leading the way. She does it within expecting the soundlessness, but there are plans for much noisy and any talking that is needed. Thus, as Randi maneuvers Kris to stand several feet inside she closes the door to next she walks up behind Kris. In doing that she reaches up over Kris`s shoulders to bring fingers to the bow that ties the black lace collar to Kris`s slender beautiful neck.

“What are you doing?” Arrives in tinges of sudden terror of such being expected in the current circumstances. That has Kris immediately turning around to face Randi to make it easy for Randi to see the tears beginning in the corner of those pretty blue eyes. “You releasing me?” “No.” swiftly is the response from Randi in a tone of not expecting such a statement. “No!” She proclaims again in a stronger tone. “I am not and never will let you go.” She affirms to then look deep into Kris`s eyes to be shaking her head in protest with her saying. “I am keeping you. I have said that very thing when we started this journey and it remains the truth. Only you leaving me can change you being mine. I laid claim and once I do then I never give back the woman who is mine. You cannot leave, not unless you demand to go.”

“Like Sian?” comes a cold piercing reply within trying to understand what is being shared.

“Yes, like that. She wanted out and I couldn’t keep a woman who betrayed the bond that was set as truths.” This is sharp in clearness so that Kris does comprehend her position and what is possible between them.

“But you now take her back.” Arrives in an attempt to fully understand the situation at the house tonight and that leads Kris to further asking, “Is that part of the deal too? Do you have her now, now and again?”

“No, I don’t take her,” Randi states shaking her head of such not happening as she continues with “I have you. I don’t need her for anything.” Asserts Randi, as she too is demanding to have solid truths. She does it then begins to additionally clarify. “Sian needs help. I am supplying that and then she is gone. She now is only a casual friend for the rest of my life.” Randi says in clean admittance of what she is giving to Sian. Within that she explains, “No woman should endure being abused. I didn’t know for sure of the mistreatment until I saw her tonight, but I was told rumors that Anders is abusing one of his women. I never fathomed it to be her. The abused obviously is Sian. It is for no matter what she has done to my heart I know that she does not rebel against a Dominant unless she needs out of a contract. Even when she had the affair she didn’t rebel and she never said a word to anyone of any of it either. In fact, it is Anders who tells anyone that Sian is not mine anymore. I didn’t know what now exists and tonight is to be only horse deal with Sian, but it isn’t. ”

“So you want her back,” Kris suggests with walking a few steps away from Randi to bring her arms over her breasts in an act of self-protection of her heart.

“No!” resolutely replies Randi as she lovingly watches at Kris. “I want only you. If I wanted her then I would be fucking her. However, it is you with me in our bedroom. You with me and we are heading off to enjoy a bubble bath. A naughty lover`s bath in there.” Comes with a sexy grin as she points toward the master bathroom that is through a connecting door. “We are to be in there, once in there we are enjoying dessert, some wine and talking that may lead to lovemaking.”

“Sex?” Exclaims Kris in not seeing how sex has anything to do with the crumbling of her heart and dreams.

“No, it is lovemaking.” Firmly sanctions Randi while being sure to stand in front of Kris to kiss her forehead as she then continues. “We make love tonight. We are going to do that but only if I am a good girl. And that is why the collar is coming off. A girlfriend does not need to be collared. A submissive is collared. You may become both one day if you truly want to, but really you are great at simply being mine.”

“Stop, don`t!” Arrives as harsh demanding from the younger blond as she says, “I am yours.” This has Kris `s voice cracking with the upset feelings as she barely maintaining stability, but she keeps herself calm enough to say what must be said. “Yours, and being yours means that I am collared. Being yours is more than what a common girlfriend is.”

Kris stops for she is starting to truly cry and that has Randi shaking her head of such not being okay. The tears have Randi reaching to rub them away as such begin to drip on pretty cheeks. In that Randi starts to talk but Kris cuts her off with saying. “Randi, I am already both; I am your girlfriend and I am your submissive. Don’t take my status and my dreams. I love you and the collar is mine. And the collar comes with sex and lovemaking. It does!” She insists while staring up into Randi`s eyes with a world of love and pain as she finishes with, “ Me being yours comes with love from me and from you.”

In hearing that Randi continues wiping tears by taking to kissing each one away while wrapping Kris in love`s embrace. She listens to a heart speak and beat in a passionate loving rhythm, but she also states, “I agree, but the love thing…”

“Randi, please, you are …” Kris stops with the insisting that what they share in life is a two-way love notion. That has her ponder for a minute to then suddenly take to pushing a change of direction. She does it so that Randi sees that this is 'a two-way love notion' between them. “I am more than she and I do promise to fill all that you need from any woman. Love does what we are doing. We love each other and it shows on both of us tonight. You want my collar to simply love me, but we are so much more. And you are beginning to see that you love me.”

Randi sighs an exasperation of such coming at her again, but she smiles too. Then with a shake of her head, she knows that it is best to not push away the love notions tonight. She can`t; she simply can`t for she discerns that Kris currently doesn’t need any more harm done to her heart. ”You are beautiful and so smart too. You have me and you are mine.”

Kris blushes of the compliments as she lovingly leans in against Randi with her feeling happier as she next sleepily sighs to ask, “May we have a bath in the morning? I am exhausted, my Mistress.”

“Nope!” Comes faster than expected with that making Kris look surprised into Randi`s face with the 'nope'. “We are having our bath,” Randi affirms while reaching for Kris`s hand to lead them into the bathroom. “We are having a bath tonight and you may snooze in my arms when in the tub while I am washing you before I then am carrying you to bed.”

Kris gives a sleepy giggle as she trails behind with Randi tugging on her hand to have them both soon in the bathroom. As the two lovers are standing beside the luxurious sunk bathtub of black marble Randi leans in to tenderly kiss Kris’s lips as her hand finds the buttons on the white dress shirt that Kris wears. With each button undone, there is another kiss with there soon a supplying of a nude upper body as the bra is released. Randi whispers “So beautiful, my Pretty One.” Then Randi tugs the cloth ties of the wrap skirt to have Kris standing in full nudity while the love-filled kisses continue.

“I love you and so are you,” whispers Kris through the pressing of lips to lips as her hands continue being busy with releasing Randi`s pants before she pushes them to fall from Randi`s hips. With Randi help, those are soon removed from her body with such showing Randi nude from the waist down as she loosens the last of the buttons on the vest to reveal Randi only dressing in a black bra.

“You think that I am pretty, my love?” queries Randi with stepping down into the sunk tub first to then assist Kris with joining her. With both women standing there, Kris smoothly wraps her arms around Randi to find the clasp of Randi`s bra while Randi lovingly kisses Kris`s shoulders.

“Yes, I do. You are so very sexy. I love every inch of blond boyish you.” Kris shares while breathing in the passionate spicy scent of Randi with being pushed against the American Swede as she continues sharing. “Everything of you is loved by me. Your beautiful breasts...” She states in feeling them press her own as she removes the bra to toss it away with moaning, “Oh, I love these. I do and I like how your heart pounds with mine.” She purrs as she looks into Randi’s eyes to smile with saying, “I love your blue eyes, and I adore you being not so curvy while you are too tall.”

Such comes with a kiss to Randi`s left shoulder before Kris placed both hands on those strong femininely masculine shoulders to press Randi to sit down first. As Randi does settle into the warm scented waters she looks up at Kris while tugging Kris to join in the sitting as Kris giggles. “But my favorite part is how wet you get even before you touch me. And you don’t usually need a bath to be wet first.”

Randi laughs full out loud. “You are naughty, Ms. Romanova.”

“Who me? Never!” Comes in mischievous playfulness as Kris explains, “I am always what you need. And you like me naughty with bordering on rebellion, I am that and more.” she confidently states leaning against Randi as she nestles nicely between Randi`s thighs to have her backside fully pressing on Randi`s front. It is such a sincere pleasure and it has Randi supplying a rumbling purr over nudity against nudity.

“Pretty one, you truly are most beautiful,” melodiously swoons Randi as she takes to playing kisses on Kris neckline and shoulders as her hands find their way over wet curves until those nuzzle into slipping between slender muscled thighs. “I need you to enjoy an orgasm. Please, let me help you feel good before sleeping.”

“Sleeping.” Arrives in doubtfulness as Kristina snickers. “I highly doubt we are going to be sleeping if we are making cum.”

This brings chuckling from Randi. “I am hoping for no sleep. I need you to know that it is only you for me.”

“Am I, am I the only?” comes in a melodious moaning from Kris.

Randi`s two hands spread her lover`s thighs wide before pushing knees upward to create a valley for playing within Kris`s womanly folds. She continues seducing with words as her hands come to cup the treasure of this woman who loves her. “You are…now…tomorrow…. next year and forever. You are most worthy. You are my Pretty One. My only one.” She tenderly shares with kisses on Kris’s skin. A dedication in kisses on the curve of a lovely soft neck and over a chin as Randi`s nibbles upward to engulf lips in a deep kiss. It is a kissing that is demanding Kris to totally lean backward to provide a returning of kisses.

This gives birth to a loving lustiness between lovers while Randi plays tickling penetrating pleasure into hot needy womanly folds. Teasing those plump lower lips into a frenzy with slow intentional pleasing motions of two firm fingers. She builds the desire higher into lust`s purest fires to be making sure that Kris devours kisses while the heated orgasm boldly builds within that beautiful Russian body. It is two long fingers penetrating diligently, filling, pressuring, thrilling and tickling as thighs quiver of the heated tension of an ensuing orgasm that is rushing to have a release.

But no, it is waiting for the good girl knows she must wait. Waiting with sweat bracing on her brow while the water`s steam has breathing difficulties and she is more alive than any woman may ever feel. Kris feels, she needs a release of an orgasm that is pressure into volcanic heat that blazes in her body. It has her nipples harder than diamonds while each new breath within the kissing is making her dizzy with the air needed, but she doesn’t beg to have it. She waits for she knows her Randi is going to be good to her.

“Randi, Randi, Randi, Randi…love…love you...” she pants through the kisses that are demanded of her. She gasps for air with her head filling with extreme dizziness as her sumptuous curves rage wild in hot erotic energy. It is hellish heat as lower lips throb of desperately craving the release of her creamy treat.

“Hold it. Build it with me. Hold…” Exists as a request as Kris`s right-hand grasp Randi`s left wrist to attempt to bring more but Randi`s free hand the wayward hand to lovingly clasp it as Kris`s other hand swings up to grip Randi by the back of the head. It is then pushing Randi into kissing deeper.

“Yes” is whispered in the kissing by Randi as the teasing is deeper, harder and the tingling tickling sensations are out of control as water splashes out of the tub as there is pushing hard into Randi as the orgasm sweeps over Kris`s creating water everywhere and her body arched in release of her creamy cum as she cries out “Randi!”

Happiness brushes a smile on Randi’s lips as the kisses grow softer and sweeter in delicate passion while the creamy cum comes to float in the scented waters.

“We may now sleep, Pretty One.”

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