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Randi`s One - Chapter 9, Runaway

When the passion wanes into stillness Kris plays a loving kiss on Randi’s facial cheek as she purrs, “You too need
to know that I love you.”

“And I do,” shares Randi with rubbing a soft terrycloth washcloth over Kris`s skin to carry out the cleansing of bathing. As she does there is a continuance. “I said weeks ago that my bed only has love in it. You are in my bed. It is yours from tonight onward and it is only yours.”

“Why tonight? What is different?” Kris asks in suspicion of a few things and one of those things is the concept of her place in Randi`s life. “Do you love me?”

“I care for you.” Earnestly is shared as the washing continues and the water makes them both feel peaceful having Randi explaining. “Differences are that you need to know that you are my girl. And yes, it is because Sian is here, but it`s also time to prove that I care.”

“Care?” questions Kris with hurt written on her face and sounding in her voice as she does stir to rise from the tub. She does the rising up to then sit on the tub`s side. She does it even though Randi tries to keep her seat in the tub of warm waters as she replies. “Yes, I care for you.”

“Only caring?” further inquiries Kris in feeling irritated as she wraps her own arms around her upper body so that she is bracing for the pain that may be coming her way.

“Is it not enough?” Replies Randi in questioning to then be reaching out to coax one of Kris`s hands to entwine with one of her own. In doing so, Randi too sits on the tub`s side too. She sits next Kris to kiss a facial cheek with saying, “My life offers you anything that you need. I can give you anything. And that is including my care of you.” Afterward, Randi brings her other hand around to press under Kris`s chin in order to turn Kris to look in Randi`s eyes. She looks deeply into a soul to allow her own to roam freely so that Kris can see that she cares.

“I want your love. Not things. Things are not what makes happiness. I want to be loved, Randi. And yes, you care but you love me too.” Solidly proclaims Kris who has great intuition in life with her honestly only wanting everything embedded in truth. This, therefore, has Kris`s voice turning to deep demanding. “Please, please somehow find a way to deal with it. I know in my heart that you love me, but you never say it. I need the words along with everything else.”

“Kris, come on.” Randi fires back in a pleading with her turning to stand so that she is leaving the tub. She sighs in frustration while knowing that she completely abhors this is the part of an intimate relationship. This pressuring of ‘love notions’ that every committed girlfriend demands of Randi always has Randi cringe when it comes to conversations. Yet, this time she silently demands patience from herself as she turns to supply a chivalrous assist to Kris to come out of the tub too. In doing so, she presses the mechanism to drain the tub as she watches Kris come to join her in the standing on the bathroom`s floor

“No, Randi!” Arrives sharply as Kris comes in close to playing a tender kiss to Randi`s lips as there is further saying, “You love me, but I don’t understand why you hold back the words.”

“I care about you. It should be enough.” Insistence shows in her voice with Randi reaching to possess an extra large terry towel to swiftly bring it to cover Kris in warmth. She does it before she then grabs another smaller towel to dry off any exposed wetness on Kris`s skin. In doing so, she moves around Kris to dry away the wetness as she continues explaining her care of Kris “Most Dominants demand to be served by the submissive. Yet, I towel you, I bathe you and there is so much more. You are more than a submissive and more than others in my life. I care for you.”

“Yes, but it`s not only caring. You know it is more.” Insistently states Kris after the listening. She then leans over to the shelving unit to collect a large towel. In doing so, she waits for Randi to stand fully upright as Kris then wraps the towel around Randi while sharing a kiss on Randi`s lips within then whispering. “Love; love it does stuff like towel wrapping. See, we both love.” Is spoken with sharing a smug smile too then be holding one of Randi`s hands to lead them both out of the bathroom as she changes the subject with expressing, “I adore this bathroom. That sunken tub is awesome!”

Randi does like her bathtub and the heat from the towel, but the topics are a bit harsh. This is especially true after the sharing of lovemaking. Yet, she breathes freer with the change of the subject. She does and with that, she tugs on Kris`s hand to stop the entering the bedroom. It has Kris turn around before Randi then immediately coils the petite blonde into her arms. This is a complete wrapping into a possessive holding as she kisses those luscious lips with an intense passion for creating breathlessness. The pressing of truthful feelings into each other makes hearts pounding wilder before Randi then releases from the intoxicating kiss to leave Kris dizzy in sensations. Such thus allows Randi to take the lead in bringing them to a position next to the bed. As they do Randi picks up her girlfriend to supply another loving kiss those lips as she purrs, “I like the tub too. But I like this bed more.” With that, she swiftly tosses Kris from her arms so that it`s a flying Kristina that comes to bounce on the king-sized bed.

Yet, a most dreaded sound comes to the room. It is as if it is on a queue to intrude on them, it is a disturbance of the bedside phone ringing. The result of the interruptive sound is Randi’s entire body no longer is expressing any playfulness or desire of sexual play. She knows that if the phone is sounding then it`s important. She does for she has given instructions that she is only dealing with Kris in this room tonight. Therefore, a controlled sigh of immense dissatisfaction with a low guttural growl emanates from her, as she then walks over to the night table to pick up the receiver to listen. She does that for long moments before she finally responds. “ Two you say. Explain more, Maria.”

“Ms., two large men, Russian men who have fake identification. I know it`s fake because the seals on the cards are not properly set. I use to work in an American embassy. I know about proper identifications.”

“Yes, Maria. Anton is detaining them where?” She knows it`s Anton keeping them from exploring for Anton always answers the door no matter the time of day or night. He never permits his wife to do it for he considers himself ‘the man’ of the manor and has instructions to be such. Therefore, since Maria is on the in-house phone with calling then the incident of guests are more than mere guests. In fact, it is for certain that whatever is occurring needs full attention and with knowledge sharing prior to Randi becoming directly involved. With that in mind, Randi asks, “What do they want?”

“They are no farther than the main entry. They want to talk to Anna Romanova and Viktor Romanov.” She whispers into the phone with Randi barely hearing the words, but it is all nonetheless heard as Maria continues to convey information. “They are talking of Nicki because his first name is Viktor. I remember that from his interview with me a year ago. But who is Anna?” She questions with tumbling her words into more questioning. “Is she Nicki`s wife?”

“Uhm,” ponders Randi within the thinking of such possibilities as she stands there looking at Kris on the bed. This is now a naughty Kris that is seductively crawling over to bed`s edge to kneel there to tease Randi by caressing those beautiful curves while her tongue whips over her own upper lips. She does it as her hands trail downward to caress her womanly mound to exhibit that much more than sleep is occurring. In that Randi murmurs of being caught between two different needs as the clogs of her mind turn in high speed having her question, Kris. “It is Kristina Anna isn’t, my love?”

“Yep, named for my mother and some movie star.” Is the chipper reply as Kris leans back on the bed to stretch out in giving a full view of the how she needs more lovemaking? “Anna Kristina, and I need more love from my Dominea.”

“Maria, I am dressing. I am coming down to deal with it. You, nor Anton, are not to mention who lives here. You and Anton know nothing about that. Only I do.” Commands Randi knowing that her life is becoming increasingly more interesting as the night continues onward.

“Yes, Ms. It is as it always is.” responds the elder Spanish-American woman before there is heard the clicking off the phone.

That leaves Randi to wander off to collect her black silk bathrobe from the bathroom before then wrapping it around her nudity. It is true that she is not fully dressing for she must seem like she is rising from sleeping. It must be this way due to the delay in her arriving to deal with the matters that logically require her presence and since it is that shouldn’t take this long for her to give her attention to them. Yet, it is due to the chat with her housekeeper.

“What are you doing?” immediately inquires Kris in displeasure for she definitely does see that playtime is ending. And that has the petite blonde Russian rising from the bed to walk over to Randi to try to entice her to return to lovemaking. In the coming up close, there is a kiss to Randi`s lips but she easily sees that Randi advancing toward the bedroom door to leave the room. “Do you really need to go? I promise to be your dirty slut in the kinkiest ways.”

“Yes, I am needing to do a few moments of business and you must stay here while I carry out those events.” This has her sighing of this truth, but she also knows that she must assert her next statements too. “Do not leave our bedroom. No leaving, not until I return to get you. Do you understand that?” arrives in crisp demanding as Randi stands mere feet from the bedroom`s door while every inch of her is on alert over needing to confront the night invaders that proclaim to be Russian Immigration Agents.

However, with such being said Kristina looks into Randi`s eyes to view those true blue eyes of Randi for information of what is going on. The studying of the blue orbs makes Kris instantly feel coldness thus she clings to Randi to give Randi warmth to chase away the frostiness. “You get so cold when you go to do business. I don’t like it, but I understand and will remain here.”

“Good girl.” Randi appreciatively praises with knowing that there is a must to hide what is truly happening in another part of the house. Hence, she stands taller before possessively wrapping her arms around Kris while lovingly saying, “I am returning to you when I am done. So you best get comfy on our bed. If you fall asleep then I am waking you up for lovemaking. So, go be a good girl.” With that Randi gently unwraps from the embracing. Afterward, she fully kisses Kris on her lips before she then is nudging Kris to move back toward the bed. This has Randi warmly smiling with supplying naughty wink at her lover to encourage the idea that it’s merely to be a few moments before the warmth of their sharing is going to be hotter again.

With that complete Randi walks out of the room but in doing so, she makes certain to lock the door from both sides. This security matter is followed with Randi inspiring a demeanor of non-tolerance over being woken at such late hours. This unwillingness to be visibly congenial is strongly holding as truths when she enters the spacious front entry of her manor house. “Good evening, gentleman. How may I assist you?” is spoken in tired sternness.

“Karl Sund?” questions the shorter of two well-built men. Both of these males are gruff looking to easily display that they workout and with neither of them seeming to be anywhere near existing as desk jockey types. In fact, they both look more like thugs in expensive suits and with bad haircuts.

“No. I am Randi Sund; the owner of this house and you are?” Randi coolly demands such of them in wanting to hear the Russian dialect that they speak as stand there with a hope for more information too.

“We are agents of Russian Federal Migration Services from American Embassy in Washington DC. We expected Karl Sund to meet with us for the property is listed in his name. But that doesn’t matter. You will do for now.” With that, the larger man passes over his identification with a grimace to supply a fake grin of seeming cordial.

“Yes, I will be all that you achieve.” Asserts Randi with keeping her thoughts focusing on making sure these two men leave the premises with nothing but what they arrive with. Therefore, as she continues her voice fills with cold professionalism as she accepts the identification wallet folder with saying. “The property became mine long ago. Thus, you are mistaken in your information but nonetheless please further state your business. Then I do expect you to thoroughly leave my property. You are to do such since this is a private property with no admittance by any government authority other than local American policing.”

The shorter man stares Randi dead center in the eyes with searching for intent. He does for it sounds like a warning with a hidden secret in it. Which it is but it is not wording as one. In that, he takes back his partner identification to stand in front of Randi as he resolutely claims, “Our business is easy Sund. We heard that there are two illegal Russian citizens living here with you. We have the authority to take them into custody and to detain you if you are going obstruct our efforts of removing them.”

“Is that so.” Randi shoots back with sounding doubtful of it being any truth and that causes her to continue saying, “Therefore, you won`t mind me calling my good friend Dylan? You won’t mind if I give a quick phone call to Governor Dylan Wenham to be sure that two Russian Federal Migration Services agents may interfere in an American citizen`s private life? Or should I call the Director of American-Russian relations in Washington? I am sure that Edward, yes, Edward Newman is interested in this since he is a good friend of my father. Plus, he will inform the Director of the Russian FMS that processes are under completion.”

“Uhm,” comes from the shorter male as he stands there toes to toe with sharing glares of knowing what is going on, but neither of he nor Randi is having enough facts to back up any negative action that may come. Thus, through gritted teeth and a fake smile, the man redirects with, “We are here to take into custody two Russian citizens. Viktor and Anna Romanov. They are avoiding deportation and are in this country illegally while having criminal charges against them in Russia. There is no need for more government interference.”

“Is that so. I have never met Viktor and Anna Romanov.” Emanates from doubt of anything being truthful about these two and that has Randi snapping her fingers for Anton to step forward as she declares, “These gentlemen are leaving. They seem to have mistaken many things tonight. One mistake is who owns this property and another is of who resides on it.”

“We are not wrong, Sund. She is here. ” Comes assertively from the short bully. “We apologize for the mistake of names, but reports have her being seen in this area.”

“She?” inquires Randi with instantly hoping that fear isn’t showing about such statements do insert fear of them actually taking Kris. She knows it is what they are here for but she is never going to be willing to have Kris taken from her.

“Yes, Anna Romanova. She is wanted for criminal activities in mother Russia. Activities that do involve drugs, money laundering, prostitution and minor illegal activities.” Does claim the dark-haired bully that radiates sternness, a sternness that is wrapping in calmness as the man next passes over a picture that he holds in his hand. It is a very beautiful image of Kristina dressed in a gardener’s clothes. “This is Anna Romanova. We are taking her into custody if she is here.” He determinedly declares as Randi looks at the image with not touching it as the man further claims, “Her uncle is Viktor and he is her only relative. She will be with him for she is young and no one cares about her. Thus, if you know of either of them it is best that you tell us. That way we can deal with the danger that they bring.”

Randi ponders his words and is swiftly forming other plans in her mind as she gazes at Kris in the picture. She is obviously enjoying her job. Or at least the picture seems to lead to the idea that Kris is happiest when covered in dirt. In that gazing at the image, Randi replies, “I do not want danger and she appears very deceptive if she is dangerous. Thus, please leave your business card and if I am ever introduced to a Viktor and Anna Romanov then I will be sure to connect.”

With that Randi motions that it is time for these two Russian males to leave the property. This has Anton stepping forward to ensure that the door is opened for the men to depart. Yet, they do not move and that brings Randi to say, “I would invite you in for a drink but I must be awake in a few hours to receive an international business call. Thus, I need some sleep but I do thank you for the warning over the danger. It will be kept in my thoughts but please leave the card so that my day may end.” She informs with an insistence of the interaction being over as she next sleepily conveys, “Since, my gateman brought you in here then he will drive you to the outer gate where your car is located.”

The shorter male thug studiously stares at Randi over what is happening for he is extremely suspicious of her hiding something. He does begin to comment, but he stops to then gesture to his comrade of departure as he too soon commences to walk toward the door. In doing that he turns around to say, “I am almost certain that Anna is here. But if you say that you have not met Anna then we must leave.”

“Yes, please, do leave. Drive safely too. I will keep your card and be wary of new any people around the area.”

With a last dark searching inquisition toward Randi, the two men walk out of the door to be greeted by the gateman who awaits to remove them from the property by driving them back to the main gate. As they enter the little car Randi turns toward Anton to command, “Watch them leave, lock the electric gates from here after they are out and then turn on all of the alarm systems for the property. Then call Lucas to prepare the black SUV and the sedan to travel the back road out. After that, you are to go through the old underground tunnel to the stable barn to collect Nickolas into the house. Do bring him to my office. It is to be discretion. Understood?”

She then turns to Maria, as Anton departs to follow the orders, and Randi softly conveys, “Thank you for earlier, Maria.”

“I am happy to help, Ms. It is late Ms. Resting is important but do you need anything more?” she inquires knowing that the entire house is feeling unsettled.

“Yes, there is more. There is much more tonight for those brutes are coming back tonight. Thus, we must all get out of here as soon as possible. They won`t stop until they have her and I won`t allow them to take my Kris. There is going to be blood spilled if they come back and we are not being here.”

“Not good, Ms.” Maria shares with keeping the pace of the fastness of the churning events and needs that are coming to her household

“True, but I must talk with Nickolas and my father. We all are leaving before morning. You and Anton are going to move into a hotel in the city until I ask for your return to here. I am paying for it. So there is no worry nor is there any concern for the horses. Anton is to call in a professional stable service to do the animal care and he is dealing with layoffs for all staff for two weeks.”

“We are going to my brother`s. You take care of your family.” Asserts Maria, for she knows how to mother Randi when needing to.

“I am, thus I am caring for you too. But yes, go to your brother until I call you to come home.” Randi conveys while climbing the stairs to go to her office on the second level as she lastly shares, “Prepare two thermoses of coffee and two blankets. These women of mine will be needing such for their traveling.”

The following moments are truly active for the household as Randi enters her office with the phone soon in her hand. She makes two calls with the first being to a pilot. She is direct of what is occurring. “Yes. Leaving immediately. I will arrive from my manor house and then we are to lift off as quickly as possible. File the flight plan now. Prepare the plane. There is to be only you and your usual co-pilot. There are four private American citizens departing for Stockholm. We are landing at father`s private airfield. We need the back route into everything and secrecy too.”

“Yes, Ms. Sund?” Suddenly interjects a bewildered Nickolas Romanov as he enters the office alone with wearing wrinkled clothes and looking like a half-dressed sleepless vagabond. He hears the end of the chat with the pilot but says nothing of it as she stands wondering what is going on

“Viktor, it is? Viktor Nickolas. It is Anna Kristina. ‘

He stares at her even more disorientated of what is going on in the middle of the night. Yet, he needs answers for his sleepy mind is in no mood for more confusion, thus he replies, “Yes, it is. Those are our full names, but they are set backward. Nickolas Viktor and Kristina Anna. She is named after my sister and how do you know of Anna?”

“Two thugs in my house several moments ago. They seem to be from the Solntsevskaya Bratva but are pretending to be agents of the Federal Migration Services of Russia.”

“Oh!” is sharply responding as his dark blue eyes suddenly are no longer sleep but wide with fear as Randi finishes her statement to leave him to sputter, “I sorry. We need to go. I will take her and...and..”

“You are wrong!” Randi fiercely fires back at him with next saying, “She is mine to care for too. So are you, you mine to care for, you are now my family and I care for my family. But, I want the total truth and then we all are getting in my car to travel to the city airport before we then go to Stockholm where my family is dealing with shit that Kris`s parents left as her heritance.”

The broad shoulder young man suddenly slouches in not being able to handle the overwhelming power of everything that is in his life due to others creating such evils. He then weakly accepts it all by saying, “Yes, Ms. Sund. I am sorry.”

He talks for several minutes on the topics that Randi wants as part of the discussion. He chats about family history and the need of Kristina coming to him. Things are slowly sorted. Then Randi is making it clear that she is now in charge of Kris and that she is now of what is going to happen to their little family. After that, he sits there listening to Randi chat on the phone with her father. The talk is another straightforward conversation with it ending with, “Yes, we will be leaving immediately after I wake her. There are four of us."

“Four?” Sounds out in surprise from Karl Sund.

“Yes, Sian is in my care.” She conveys knowing that such is bringing an interesting comment from her father. Yes, it is definite that it is going to for it is a topic that demands such.

“Lucky you, two women and a new man. Must say that I expected the women but not the man.” Karl Sund chirps in with giving a soft turn from the harsh seriousness of what is occurring.

“It is not like that!” chastises Randi with not being willing to handle any teasing over anything. She simply cannot do it tonight. And one more reason is that the stress of it all that is trickling into her, but it only does because she can allow it when it is her father that she shared with. He is her rock, her calm in the storm for he does fix everything when she lets him.

“It doesn’t matter what it is like, my daughter.” He seems to tease, but he is serious about it all too while his tone comes to be a loving one. “You are needing me and I give. Bring my family to me. I am dealing with the Russians. They now deal with Karl Sund!” Arrives in being firm in a confidence of what is happening, he is firmer than Rock Gibraltar. “You all are coming to my house, directly here too. No, apartment. Everything is here for all of you.”

“Thank you, Papa.” Softly exists from Randi with her shuddering of the fear that she has before then embedding all her strength back into her senses. “I love her, Papa. They can’t have her.”

“I know, Randi. Your old man waits. Be safe! Now, get out of there. I love you, Randi.”
“Vagabonds! All of you are vagabonds,” he cheerily declares in ringmaster voice tone upon seeing that his house’s luxurious main entryway is filling with people. “Ah, yes, all of you are paupers and peasants in my kingdom.”

Then he spies Sian with this causing him to jovially announce. “Oh no, not all of you are naughty citizens. Not all of you are for there is the noble Sian. A woman of mystery, a lady of enjoying my sauna and the eater of my favorite ice cream.”

Sian immediately laughs to the push her way out of the collected group while giggling nonstop before she is then suddenly embracing Karl Sund in a hug that simply is deeply familiar in family feelings and filling with more giggles. “Oh, you ole flirt and a terrible teaser of women. I missed you.”

“I did miss you too.” He joyously sends out in concern to his family coming to him. But he knows there is more than one woman, so he takes to his duties as carnival ringmaster with directing her onward. “Now, go get us some intoxicating drinks and turn on the music for dancing.”

Then Karl Sund spies Nickolas and he instantly proclaims with a bolder smile, “My home is yours, Great Seer of Ponies and uncle of my new daughter.” In saying it, he seems to sound honored and he is. He is for he considers himself better than no one. “Welcome, Nickolas of Romanov. Come help me deal with these wayward wild women. They will have us both crazy and drunk by the weekend.”

With that, he extends his hand to greet Nickolas and Nickolas laughs in graciously accepting it for he didn’t expect such earthiness and warmth. He especially is not anticipating it when he is more than familiar with dealing with one Sund family member. “Thank you, Mr. Sund.”

“No, it is only Karl. Come into my home and be at home in my home. Drinks are made by Sian and she should be out on the back deck. That is an area that is to the left and then you follow the sunlight.” Arrives from the great ringmaster to next send Nickolas on his way into the inner confine of a large stately mansion.

This leaves Karl to bring his gaze upon Kristina. He smiles warmly at her as she stands to cling to Randi`s hand and to Randi`s side. She is doing this for she not sure what to make of him. She isn’t for she too is not expecting something totally different than Randi.

In that Randi wholeheartedly giggles for she loves how he sets everyone at ease while he is welcoming her home. Her father is a man who is the coldhearted business tycoon, yet he can be a jester in his own home. But even with that being the truth he is no longer being the silly one as he walks over to firstly look Randi directly in eyes as he then gazes into Kris`s while he is waiting on his daughter. And in that understanding of things Randi doesn’t make him wait for she is happy to finally say what should be saying. “Father this is, my beloved. This is the woman that I love.” Randi announces as Karl reaches to tenderly embrace Kris`s right hand to bring it to his lips for a chivalrous kiss on its backside while Randi continues introductions. “Kristina, please meet my Papa, Karl Sund.”

There are pride, love, and tradition at this moment, but there is no tradition too. Even more so the thing that does exist is that Kris is stunned over the words that are sharing by Randi and it has her turning to look up at Randi with shock. She is left speechless for she cannot believe what she hears. Within that, she is trying to absorb the meeting of Randi`s father while drowning in an actual statement of ‘I love’. In attempting such, she can barely breathe but Randi smiles to then giggle. “You leave all the women speechless, Papa. Kris is gonna fall in love with you if you continue to woe her with kisses.”

“Welcome home, my new daughter.” He congenially conveys within ignoring Randi as he takes to gazing into Kris`s eyes while smiling warmly. “I am Papa. You are home. Come to enjoy everything and we are to talk most often to be chatting about everything and it is because we are to be best friends. You are going to meet your new brother and the remainder of the family later this week. But for now I am stealing you from Grumpy Sund and I demand that you share a lemonade with me.”

“Papa! You promised me, promised last time that there is no longer any lemonade sharing with my girl.” Chastises Randi knowing the history of her father`s lemonade with her girlfriends.

“Yes, I did and it is only half vodka with no worries. But there is no longer any promise about it. It is a new girl and that equals new rules.” Karl proclaims to then wrap one of Kris`s arm around one of his arms before he then steps away with stealing Kris from his biological daughter. In doing so, it has Randi speechless but Karl walks on with additionally calling back to Randi with sharing. “I am glad that the traveling and the flight have no interruptions with you now safe at home. Come in Ms. Wandering Peasant and do have a drink too. Afterward, you are to give your old man a hug, but only after he shows your girl the basics of his humble shack while he shows her how to drink his special lemonade.”

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