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Randi`s One - Chapter 11, Little St. Nick

The bad girl is sound asleep beside Randi when Randi is suddenly awakened by a voice coming from the shared bathroom. At first, it is loud enough to stir her from sweet dreams that are about her deceased mother. Due to the dreaming, her first thought is of her mother calling her. It is automatic thought because once upon a time the three connecting rooms belong to Randi and her mother. However, Randi realizes such is impossible as she becomes more awake.

With becoming more alert, Randi can still hear the droning of a voice through the paneled door. It sounds like a muffled conversation that is one-sided. Thus, she assumes it is phone call by someone. Yet, she knows that the room next door is always vacant when she visits. It is a house rule. That fact has Randi wondering who is in her bathroom. The person cannot have come in via her room for her door is locked every night prior to her sleeping. That has Randi assume that her mother`s room is unlocked. This concept pulls her into sitting on the bed`s edge before she then is slowly walking over to the bathroom door. She is very curious about who is invading the private sanctuary. Randi knows the room is used at times, but she is always told of it. It is courtesy given out of respect. Therefore, no one should be in the room or using it for anything since no one informs her of such existing.

This makes Randi even more curious as she approaches the door. In doing so the sound of the voice grows a little louder and she can almost hear what is said, but it is in Russian. This has her hesitate in opening the door. It does for the only two people in the house speaking Russian in any fluency are Kris and Nickolas. This has her immediately caught between needing to why and wondering if she should ask for Nickolas is someone who doesn’t know of the house rule about the room. And if she barges in then it`s a fuss in the middle of the night that may wake Kris.

That has Randi choosing to listen with her ear against the door. She can tell that the conversation is intense, but she knows very little Russian. There is the mentioning of several names with one repeatedly spoken one being Semion. Two other prevalent names in the conversation are Kris`s mother`s name and Kris`s full name. Otherwise, Randi is not sure what he is saying but it certainly is intense with demands. Then within the several long moments of listening there is a sudden silence by Nickolas. That is soon followed by a speedy humbleness of words storming together in what seems to be an apology. This is a sincere begging earnestness by him with him relenting to demands that have come from him being silent. That puzzles Randi. She wonders why is apologizing? Why is he suddenly seeming like he is pleading for his life? But once more she knows that she should not say anything to him. If she does then it is assuredly going to wake Kris if she opens the door and confronts Nickolas. Thus, she stands there simply wondering about it and within that, she hears the other bathroom door open and close. Soon after that, she hears the door to her mother`s room doing the same.

“Damn.” She whispers with a tinge of exclamation of frustration while being perplexed by it all.

“Huh. Wha…” Arrives as the next sounds to enter the room. It is Kristina stirring to feeling an empty bed and the coldness of sleeping alone. That has her around to see where Randi is. In this Kris sleepily smiles with saying “My love, what is wrong? Come back to bed."

Such has Randi turning around to gaze at her lover. Then she sighs and figures that sharing the reasons for not being in bed not needed at this hour. After all, if she is not willing to do it over the moments’ ago incident then why bother now. Thus, she decides to avoid the truth. In that, she sweetly conveys, “ Bathroom, only the bathroom.”

“Oh, okay. Please, come hold me. I missed you.” Kris smiles at Randi as Randi comes over to then lay on the bed. Kris next pulls the bed sheet over them both and snuggles into her Dominea. “I love you. But you are silly to be up when we must be packing in a few hours to go to Petersburg.”

“Oh, no worry. There is time. I have the keys to the jet and Papa doesn’t know where I hide them.” She jokily whispers within a giggling.

“You are silly. I saw you give them to him. So, Nah Nah.” She drowsily teases with knowing that neither Randi nor her father has the keys, but such are elsewhere with a pilot.

“Yes, I am.” With that, there is a kiss on Kris`s forehead that then eases into Randi embracing her girlfriend. The last sounds are of Randi whispering, “Shh, let us sleep.”
By nine in the morning, there is lovemaking then a shower involving both, and dressing for traveling. As Kris prepares her hair by sweeping up the long golden strands into loose bun shape Randi does the packing that needs to be done for them. It is mostly three outfits each with one of those being something dressy for going to dinner. Then the medium sized black leather suitcase is sitting off to the side. With that complete Randi walks over to stand behind a sitting Kris that is still busy with hair preparations. Kris sits at the dressing table with checking over if she looks decent enough for the day. This Randi does note before then smirking of it for she knows that Kris can look totally messed and Randi likes it. But she understands the prettiness for she too styled her hair, but it doesn’t take as long as Kris `s efforts. Thus, Randi turns the smirk into a simple loving smile that has Randi leaning downward with next kissing the top of Kris`s head to say, “Beautiful; so lovely and you even look ready to kiss me.”

“I am always ready to kiss you.” Giggles Kris with looking at Randi via the mirror`s reflecting.

“Then kiss me and let us get some breakfast. I am famished!” Randi claims with pulling Kris to her feet to press a sweetheart`s kiss to Kris’s lips before she purrs, “You took all my energy this morning.”

That has Kris giggling to laugh through her saying, “But it is so worth it. I lost count of orgasms and the shower felt extra good too.”

Randi grins and snickers. “Yes, we are getting good at that.” With this, she is reaching to entwine her right hand within Kris`s left. They walk stride for stride do while holding hands to leave the room and then they stroll along the hallway to the stairwell where they see Nickolas stepping off the bottom step. Kris cheerily shouts down at him “Hey, you! Are going to have breakfast with us?”

Nickolas turns around to look upward toward the second floor. Sleepiness is easy to see on him. Plus, he is a bit surprised that he is being followed. Yet, he smiles with saying, “Yes, I am headed into the kitchen to see about food and coffee. I am hoping that I am not too late. I overslept and didn’t sleep well.” He states while Randi and Kris make their way down the stairs. As they reach the last step he finishes his reply. “Maybe, I am not too late if you two have not had food.”

“It is never too late,” claims Randi knowing that the kitchen staff does what is needed at any hour and so she continues with saying. “In fact, it is one of the house rules. The housekeeper creates meals for anyone at any time of the daylight hours.” With that, she instantly has the urge to announce other rules due to the memory of catching him in the bathroom. That memory provokes minor league annoyance in Randi for she desires to make it clear about a certain rule concerning her mother`s room.

Yet, as she goes to speak Sian bounces down the steps with yelling, “The last one into the kitchen doesn’t get coffee.” Adding to that Karl Jr. walks by from out of nowhere with loudly laughing and that stuns Randi into setting aside the talk of privacy issues.

The moments that follow have all five adults moving into the kitchen where coffee is quickly served up. They discover breakfast is left in warming dishes for them to enjoy whenever they each wake. Soon it is determined that Karl Sr. is the first one awake with him having his breakfast hours ago. The housekeeper tells them such just as she also shares that Karl Sr. is in his office and a servant is collecting luggage to pack in the two cars. And that lets everyone know that soon they are departing for the airport.

The meal is easily a chatty affair with Sian spritely sharing the chat with everyone. It shows that she definitely slept well and likes the new outfit that she shops for during the day prior. She spouts off about the shopping trip and how much she loved it. In fact, both she and Kris adored it and have bonded because of it. It is discovered that the two women like many things that are the same and that include clothing, shopping, and pastries. The guys simply roll their eyes while Randi sits still not believing that Kris and Sian actually get along. Such things are mind-boggling, but it seems to be something that is going to continue. Therefore as a new round of discussion about shopping begins Randi kisses Kris on the forehead before excusing herself. “Love you. I am going to check on Papa. Meet you in the front entry in an hour.”

Kris grins of the kiss to reply, “Yes, my love. We will do that.”

Sian doesn’t stop talking to reply to Randi and so Randi doesn’t wait for anything from her. In fact, Sian`s chattiness does pull Kris back into gabbing about shoes. The two have plotted out buying more new shoes before returning to America and that is the last queue for Randi to be leaving the room.

In less than a breath, Randi leaves her women behind as she picks up her coffee cup to fill it again. In doing so, she pours a cup of brew for her father before she makes her way to his office in the west wing of the house. “Good morning, Papa. I have brought more coffee. That is if you want coffee.” She conveys with cheeriness as her father turns in his swivel chair holding a document.

“Sure, but I am going to be floating on an ocean of coffee by the time we fly.” He teases her before stretching forth his free hand to take the cup of hot brew. She then sits on the chair at the front of his desk to ask him about the day`s events. “What time are departing? And when do we land? Did I miss anything important last night?”

“We are to be in the air by noon. Thus, once breakfast is over we are heading to the airport. The actual flying may take two hours, but air turbulence may add almost an hour to that. We will land long before our expected time of arrival and we are not expected until five. As you know there is an hour time lose too.” Karl Sr. replies to then further the information with saying, “We depart earlier than the locals are anticipating and it is because I don’t want anyone knowing when we are flying. Only the two pilots and Karl Jr. know of this plan. Plus, you now do too.”

Randi grimaces of all the precautions that are building up for this event but she knows those are necessary too. She figures that if the Russian government is involved in any of this then it’s not a minor league thing that is happening with the mafia. She has read of the scattering of mafia hierarchy that occurs more than a decade ago. Yet, she also knows that Russian organized crime is now one of the world`s leading international policing issues. Hence, she sits drinking coffee and listening to her father sharing more information since she knows them up against a big-time nemesis.

“You missed very little. We spoke more about the circumstances of the money drop. You, Karl and Nickolas, are surrounding Kristina when walking the distance from the building to the center of the square. You four enter the museum by the means of a boat and back entries. During it, Nickolas insists upon holding the money because if he must then he is delivering it first hand. He doesn’t want anyone even touching Kristina. He became very emotional about it. He is not anything near the calmness of the past days. He snapped when he discover how things are going down. He thought that we are not paying the fee, but he figures that we are going to hide Kristina forever.” Karl Sr. next sips his coffee to allow his daughter to absorb the information.

Within that Randi replies, “That answers many things that I wonder of. He seems too calm at times. He should be unhinged to some degree considering that a close family member is enduring a serious death threat. Gee, even I lost it the other night when talking to Karl Jr.”

“That is true, but most men handle crisis differently than most women do. Therefore, maybe he holds stress and emotion better than most people do. In fact, it is said that Russians have a tendency to be a bit cooler headed about severe circumstances.” Karl Sr then rises to his feet while sipping more coffee with conveying; “I know he walked the upper hall floor most all last night. So he is not too calm of things since yesterday.”

“Uhm,” replies Randi who is now lost in thought about the coming events of their day. The thinking of it has her drop deeper into ideas of Kris`s family and what awaits them in Russia. That has her sigh knowing that there are two graves to visit when there. She also remembers the paperwork about dual citizenship. That brings the need of remaining a few days in Russia after the money drop. That only p8nds home how hard it is going to be for her girlfriend. Such has Randi knowing she must be strong and have the answers or comfort when each and every moment demands it of her.

Such pondering brings quiet as Karl Sr. watches his daughter turn the cogs of thought in her mind for it very visible that Randi is worried and sorting out the worrisome notions. This occurrence has him knowing that his family is headed for more turmoil. He settles that within himself to then once more understand that the Sund family is going to rise to deal with it all, and that is no matter what his daughter is worried about. With that thought Karl Sr. interrupts the silence by sharing. “Your mother`s room is entered by someone around four in the middle of the night. The chauffeur reported the triggering of silent alarm in the garage. It happens twice. He checked it out. Nothing exists the first time, but he claims that Nickolas walked the hall by the time that he arrives the second time. But other than that he is not sure of whom it is that tripped the alarm. Is it you?”

Randi immediately perks up having her reply swiftly. “It is Nickolas and I am not sure why. He chatted with someone and spoke in Russian while doing it. He also doesn’t know that he woke me by talking too loud.” After sharing this Randi unfolded her legs from having them crossed so that she next stands with saying, “I am not sure if he knows that the room and bathroom are next to mine. At first, I thought that maybe his bathroom is occupied since he and Sian are sharing a bathroom. But that possibility is untrue since there is no obvious use of my bathroom faculties. Thus, something tells me that he wanted privacy. But I am not sure why.”

Before more is exchanged between the two Sunds a knock is heard on the doorframe of the office. Then Kris is peeking her head around the pillar post saying, “I am done with breakfast but I want to say hi to Papa.” With that, she strolls into the office to walk directly over to Karl Sr. She is supplying a morning kiss on the elder man`s facial cheek as she sweetly says “I am stealing you from her. I am thinking that we may have enough time for some special lemonade. That is we might have time if we aren’t leaving yet.”

Randi scowls of the mention of alcohol before lunch. She has never understood why her father influences all of her special girlfriends into drinking at such odd hours. To top it of fit is always his with this so-called special lemonade. Therefore, it is no surprise that Randi groans of the idea of drinking alcohol after the finishing of breakfast. Yet, she easily understands that she cannot stop it. Nope, she can`t for she sees her father looping Kris`s arm through his bent arm. Then before a blinking, the two are strolling off out of the room. As the two leave Karl Sr. sunnily conveys, “We depart right after we mix two fresh canisters of lemonade for the plane trip. Then we are off on our quest and maybe if we are extra lucky then our Ms. Grumpy Peasant is drinking with us too. But if she stays grumpy then she gets to be the last on the plane.”

That has lemonade mixing into two extra large stainless steel flasks while everyone is getting ready to leave. Within twenty minutes, two silver sedans are departing the estate grounds. Both are in route to the airport. The entire crew is ahead of schedule, but that is good. The jet is not taking off until exactly noon though. Thus, everyone is having drinks as they belt into seats while the pilots are doing last minute checks. This has Karl Jr. overseeing the taking off processes and as the jet taxis down the runway at precisely noon he is seated with others in the back portions of the plane.
To everybody`s surprise, the flight`s duration is two hours and eleven minutes. Everyone is chatty with the exception of Nickolas. He passes out due to exhaustion within the seat in seconds of being in the air. However, Randi and Kris are fully awake and snuggled up together on the sofa style seat. That leaves Sian to do non-stop chatting with everyone but above all, she especially enjoys the two Sund males. Those three do play word games and talk of life. Amongst all the conversation, there is of plans for the coming days and how life is for everyone. Of course, the special lemonade is poured and a few food snacks are shared. Time flies and it is shocking to everyone when the pilot announces that they are beginning landing procedures.

The plane goes through the usual process with the private jet making a solidly perfect touchdown. It taxis’ long to the designated private hanger and as it pulls to halt the pilot announces, “We have official company.” The two Karls glance at each other with the younger saying "Yours or mine/”

“Mine. It is Davidov.” States Karl Sr with not needing look out the window to be certain but he does rise to stare out one of the side windows. He then shares more with the others. “He brings the military police. He apparently thinks there is a security issue. He knows that we want to come in uncover and with no one knowing. Yet, it is not surprising that he knows of us being early.”

The elder Sund then walks to the outer door of the jet as a co-pilot comes from the front compartment. The next moments have copilot setting into motion the automation for the door release. Then the stairs that are for disembarking are set into doing the same. With it being done, the copilot unstraps the binding of his side pistol in preparation for everything.” We are ready, sir. The Captain is in gear to make a quick departure and the radio man is coming back here to watch everyone.”

With that, Karl Sr.`s visage is grim for he feels the tension all this now unfolding. It has him finalizing chat with, “Davidov`s son is First Assistant to the Justice Minister. This is interesting for a powerful industrialist like him does nothing without just cause. He must have his reasons for this spectacle. I will check on what is going on.” He states forcing a smile and stepping on the first step to say, “I will be back.”

With that Karl Jr. rises to follow his father and so does Randi, but the copilot insists that everyone should relax. They are not given any other option for the copilot stand guard of the door with his pistol ready. Instantly, both Sunds take to watching out the windows at their father considering it is the best choice remaining.

They see the warm greetings of old friends connecting again and they know what is faked and what is sincere. The greeting is a spectacle for observers, but the tense body language is real. The body talk tells that they must chat in private, but they each know that they have no privacy. Thus, privacy is sought and is up for discussion. This shows in that Karl Sr. denies the very visual invitation to have the jet parking in the hanger. He does it as Davidov`s hand is sweeping in a gesture of such. Karl Sr. covers his refusal up with a grin as he too gives similar encouragement to board the jet. Both men know they must stay where they are but this makes chat hard and they have a topic or two to discuss.

That topic is evidently not for military ears. It isn’t for it is easy to see that the military police are not under Davidov`s with it terrifying those looking out the windows and that does now include everyone very interested in the view out the windows.

Seeing this military maneuver has the sixty-something Russian embracing Karl Sr. As he does there are noticeable whispers of private conversation with Karl Sr. In that Karl Sr. is returning information in the same manner. There is laughter to cover up what is clearly serious. There is even the very vocal sharing of an extremely bad joke or two. They each laugh of it and continue the charade of it all. Without a doubt it must be serious for Karl Sr. is putting on a very dramatic show. This continues when the two males suddenly are walking toward the nose of the plane. They don’t stop the strolling as they wander a nice distance beyond the plane`s nose. That has Randi and Karl Jr. scrambling into the cockpit to view everything that is happening with their father.

There is chat; there must be something happening between them in discussion and it has to be juicy. Karl Sund Sr. is a man who deals directly with business issues and he takes on anything within the ways that it most needed to be done. It is not shocking that chat is finished quickly. Afterward, the two men are once more being dramatic with laughter but this time it seems real.

“Good god, Papa. You are killing me with this. Get back here to tell us what is happening.” Exclaims Randi with watching the two elder man stroll back toward the plane.

This has Karl Jr. breathing heavier as he finally lets out the tension that is storming his body. “You are not the only one feeling it, sis. I am twenty some years younger than him and I am too old for this shit. It boggles me how he how he so effortlessly does stuff like this.”

With that, both Sund adult children reenter the back cabin where everyone is sitting in the seats. Everybody but Nickolas is sitting. The Russian stands mid-aisle within military stance and is stone cold with displaying in his eyes. It is as though death is at his door.

The tension is so thick that it can smelt as Karl Sund Sr. steps up the boarding ramp to enter the jet and stand in the doorway to block the view out. “Okay, it is like this!” He begins in serious tones to then warmly smile to induce relaxation as he sees the nervousness of everyone. ”We have to taxi over to another hanger. We are misdirected by air traffic due to military taking an extra precaution today for international reasons. We instead belong at Davidov`s hanger. Once, we stop over there then we depart without luggage. It comes later. We get in the second van. We all do. The other two are deceptions and the sedan is a guarding us.”

No sooner is spoken then Karl Jr. interrupts with saying, “Is that is all? What is the fuzz?”

“It is military under general orders. We are merely complying because the international law demands it.” Claims Karl Sr. with him staring directly into his son`s eyes with an unspoken command to not push anything. That same glare is then shot at Randi and the three of them know that there no further discussion at this point. In that being accepted by the younger Sunds then their father next conveys “We have someone who wishes to say hi before he meets us later at his house.”

Then as Karl Sr. steps out of the plane’s doorway, the view is instantly filled with a very board shouldered sixty-something Russian male entering the plane. He comes in to then stand his towering six foot two height. Davidov smiles in a warmth with jovial sharing in true perfect English. “Hello, I am pleased to meet all of you. As you know, I am Gregarious Davidov. Please accept my sincere apologies family of my friend Karl. There is no need for panic or stress. It is merely military being nosey about things that need no intrusion. Welcome to Russia and soon it is welcome to my home. My home is yours for the week. Come and enjoy.” He conveys in such friendliness that it is seriously easy to wonder if all the prior moments have occurred at all.

Then he smiles directly at Kris who says nothing for she has heard of him. With that, she leans more into Randi wanting comfort band that has the elder Russian male looking at Randi to warmly say, “You owe me a painting. Send it when you can.“

Then Karl Sr. disrupts with “We should be going. We all need a new environment for relaxation.” He states knowing that everything simply must advance before anyone is feeling at ease again.

Davidov wholeheartedly agrees with saying. “Yes, I must get going too. The cars are yours to travel anywhere that you chose. The drivers are to follow your orders. I will be home at seven. My wife will greet you.”

In that being said there is a farewell said by those wishing to share. The only one that is not sharing is Nickolas and that is fine. It is but as Davidov steps out of the plane onto the top step he turns around to look back inside the cabin compartment.

“Five days of immunity!” He sternly proclaims in gruffness. “Do you understand?" He waits for no reply as he further coldly decrees. ”Midnight and it is over.” He is not looking at Kristina. Which everyone sort of expected. But he is looking dead straight into Nickolas`s eyes with a frigid intensity. Nickolas stares back with just as much intensity to supply a deathly silence and a nod of acceptance. It comes with an unspoken understanding of what actually is happening on this day.

Then the conversation in this manner is done. The event of the misdirection and intrusion is finished with progress soon occurring. Everyone is shortly relaxing in the van as it travels through one of the world`s most beautiful cities.

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