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Passionate Pursuits - Chapter #8, Deals Of Dirty Deception

Gabbriel soon finds herself walking across the ground floor of the towering modern spectacle of a thirty-story office building made of metal, glass and construction craftsmanship. The elevator doors whoosh open to allow a solidly walking pace to the front doors. Such brings prep for passing through the glass doors where she should discover an awaiting limousine. Yet, at that very moment, her phone rings with the unique buzzing that belongs to Roy.

“Yes?” whips out in a plain answering of what she hopes is not a delay of her forgetting something.

“The limo is stuck in traffic. A semi truck has engine troubles causing a stalemate in traffic. Henley`s driver is not sure of the time of pick up with Henley having called with an apology. Additionally, Henley told the photographer to meet you both on photo shoot site. That way you have direct input from him and the photographer of the project`s book cover.” Conveys Roy before cheerfully saying, “Boss, your man left here with a smile. And..”

Gabbriel noted that she had waiting to do but it is the last statement that brings an instant response. With the mention of ‘your man,’ she swiftly left all other thought in the dust to vehemently exclaim, “He is not my man!”

As she declares there exists preparation to spill out more comments but she has no time too. None whatsoever as Gentz`s voice chimes, “See you at seven tonight, my beloved. But for now, I must get going. However, if you require transport to anywhere then my limo has room for my wife`s ass.”

If there ever is a face that exclaims a human’s true unbridled thoughts then it exists now. Thoughts of, ‘My god, no! Don`t dare. Not him. What the hell is happening.’

Gentz sees that she has a comment for him but he has no time as he passes by her to finalize by saying. “I see that you have much on your mind. It would be great to chat but I must go. However, I will see you at seven tonight. Please, wear your best smile and do not be late.”

“Seven? Late? Smile? Chat?” arrives in rapid bewilderment as Gentz vanishes through the front doors of the building. Instantly, she knows that something is going on. She can sense that Gentz`s little game is still coming at her full throttle. Hence, Gabbriel gathers her wits of what to attempt to figure out what is now happening to her in concern to him. Such has her puzzling over it with that permitting a whispering, “What the Hell?”

Roy hears these questions and in all honesty he sort of overhears the rest too. This allows him to share the missing details. “A dinner date, with him. It is to be Stagira at seven tonight with his limo picking you up at your house at six thirty. He wants you wearing a knee length red cocktail dress with three-inch heels and silver accessories. Your hair must be up in a sophisticated ‘good girl’ styling while you are wearing a smile.”

Astonishment exists about the information for moments ago she dealt with putting Gentz in his place. She did so in her office before finding herself here waiting for a late ride to a meeting. That truth and the current facts have Gabbriel bewildered in commanding, “Repeat it!”

“Yes, boss.” Is the brusque direct reply, as he braces for the aftermath passible incoming responses. This allows Roy to hesitate for he is sure that his boss is going to lose all her sanity right there in the main lobby of the ground floor of the office building. So he quickly tries to sort out damage control and any next steps that can be taken to smooth out any upset. But he takes too long.

“Royster. Repeat it!” snippily demands Gabi with not caring why he is holding back. He may not hold back anything for she pays him to deal with shit storms and so she wants the info. Thus, through gritted teeth Gabi growls, “Now! Repeat it! ”

“I will!” Solidly declares the personal assistant who is more than aware of what the situation is. He knows that his boss`s business life is coming high speed into her personal life. He recognizes how that upsets Gabi for she controls how work actually affects her true personal life. He easily sees that Gabi feels a loss of control and that usually brings Gabi to do interesting things. This amuses him having him once more find it interesting to be working for his best friend, who is a publishing mogul.

The hesitation by Roy gives Gabi a space to set free her anger. Anger at Gentz and maybe anger at not getting the repeating. “That bastard! He dares bully me around and makes plans for my personal life. I am not his wife. I am not his fucking wife! So repeat it. I need all the damn details to deal with him.”

With this declaration, Roy is ready to share it all again. He must for he knows that the highest of irritation for his beautiful middle-aged brunette boss is her not having control of her personal life. No control makes Gabi quake and to have a forgetfulness. And currently, she is beginning to do both and Roy can sense it. Thus, he wants her to calm down but he first must repeat the info. He states it to then add in, “Boss, calm down. Your car arrived. The dress and etc. will be ready for seven. You are in control and we both know that. Gentz will too. So, enjoy your day. Everything can be sorted. Smile and you will kick ass tonight.”

But Gabi not only takes to quaking but she has assuredly forgotten of the meetings and the limo that she is waiting for. Yet, the stretch limo and its driver now wait for her at the street curb of the office building that she stands within. She exists there trembling in the public lobby needing to have a seat while feeling defeated but defiant and listening to Roy.

“You agreed to this.” Comes with a stern clarity. Then with a deeper breath, Roy goes on to say, “You need to realize that his office legally signed by all jurisdictions about the project. Nothing in the documents says anything about this being more than a typical book contract. I thoroughly read it while looking for the extra parts of your verbal deal. But there is nothing extra there. Any deal outside of that contract is a private verbal agreement between only you and Xavier. That verbal agreement took place in a closed-door office meeting. Okay! Please, think about what I just said. Gabi, just think about it.”

Roy then waits for a response but Gabbriel only makes puzzled humming sounds. Therefore, Roy continues on with conveying more facts. “Yes, he never made the verbal agreement legal. So, you should follow his game with wearing the dress and enjoying whatever during the weeks. I know that you wonder why should you. But you should and one reason is that all this work with no playing makes us both dull. We both can have a good giggle at month`s end when everything is closed in concern to Xavier`s contract with us. Once we complete the deal at the month`s end than he is history in your life.”

That brings illumination. Gabi Bruce now sees newness to what actually exists in concern to Gentz Xavier. Hence, her thinking changed from having limited control to returning to being in total command of her personal life. In that, she breaks the silence to inquisitively say, “You want me providing you with amusement. You are amused at my predicament.”

Roy laughs before clarifying, “Providing us with entertainment, boss. We have always enjoyed your adventures. You have great exploits for tale-telling and now here is one of the best opportunities ever. It can be wild sex orgies or endless anything. It can be that for you did tell me that Xavier claims that it is equality in this verbal agreement. Thus, you may control him in the same ways that he does with you. So how about getting a few giggles and much more.”

Indeed, enlightenment occurs with Gabbriel feeling that she can figure out something to be more comfortable in concern to dealing with this business with Gentz. Therefore, the day proceeds on a happier note. The scheduled meetings that fill the remainder of her day are typical with the proper outcomes. Yet, the thoughts of the confrontation and expectations of Gentz Xavier persist in her mind. Those do. Thus, it easily rises to the surface with each exchange with Roy about business things and updates for the updates her on what is to be done at day`s end.

“Tina prepped your wardrobe for tonight. She picked up new stockings and will do your hair for you. She always says that she likes that you give her free books as a payment. Apparently, you save her a several hundred dollars a year and the gift cards are so useful. She also chilled a bottle of wine in case you need a drink before dinner.” Roy next paused as Gabi mentions of it being a pleasure to pay Tina that way and with such said Roy continues. “Having a former hairstylist and fashionista as your neighbor is like being given endless gold. We are so lucky. Us keeping her as a supplementary staff member is one of the best decisions that we ever made.”

“Yeah, she saves my ass often. She saves yours too and adores having lunch with you. So make sure that she has what she needs for reading and book coupons. And by the way, it is you who hired her. Not me.” Replies Gabbriel as the driver of her car begins the traveling the route toward her house, which exists in one of the most exclusive suburbs of the city.

In a short time, Gabi enters her residence with a quick girlie chat with Tina before having a shower and then beginning the hairstyling process. The bottle of fine Riesling wine is uncorked for drinking to then have two champagne glasses topped up and slowly drank. With a toasting of smiles being needed then Gabi’s hair comes to be even more gorgeous than its full natural waviness. It soon is swept up into an elegance reminiscent of film`s golden era of leading ladies. Then once Tina and Gabi are satisfied with the hair styling there is dressing in the cocktail dress.

The long sleeved cocktail dress barely meets the knee but it is one of Gabbriel’s favorites. It always has her feeling confident, sensual and dominant. The bright bold red of it has a fine red lace mesh embellishment over the exquisite rich red satin that is a corset to form fit her athletic mature curves. It forms around a beautiful feminine figure with an exclamation of seducing the onlooker while remaining to be a teasing. Thus, the scooped neckline doesn't allow too much cleavage to show but the dress amplifies Gabi`s womanly gift of being large breasted. It screams of sophisticated, classiness, mature, sexual, and sexy woman. She is ready. Her appearance is breathtaking as she stands at her front door at six-thirty seeming to be in command of the world.

“You go get him, Tigress! Grrr! Make that boy kneel. I can`t believe that he thinks that you are his wife. Goddam! Men, eh! I guess the world spins in messed ways. And I am so happy that I am a lesbian.” Says the sixty-year-old Tina as she opens the door to the driver who is waiting for Gabbriel to come with him.

“Yeah, I agree.” Gabi conveys with sighing before politely nodding at the male limo driver. As she does Gabi leans over to kiss Tina`s cheek with saying, “Once again, thank you and do take the remainder of the bottle of wine home with you when you go. I won`t be drinking what is left in it. It is my treat to you two, you and Alisa. Plus, you two must come over for dinner on Sunday. We will grill something and chat about life.“

With that said Gabi begins walking through the doorway to make way to the white limousine. “Gabi, it is no problem about helping out. Eliza and I love being your neighbors and friends. I will lock up and clean up for you.”

Soon Gabbriel sits in the backseat of the limousine with the driver assisting her. Next, he finds his position behind the wheel of the car. As he pulls out of the driveway he turns on some romantic music in the CD player that then filters throughout the entire car. Once they have turned onto the main street that leads to the highway the driver clicks on the intercom system to convey “We will be stopping for service gas before hitting the highway but otherwise the trip is smooth. Since it will be at least forty minutes Mr. Xavier suggested that you could enjoy the chilled champagne, and strawberries. Additionally, if you wish there is a selection of movies for viewing or a short biography of Mr. Xavier`s life on DVD.”

“Thank you, and the stop is understood.” politely replies Gabbriel.

“You are most welcome, Ms. Bruce. I personally enjoyed the DVD and will place it in the disc player. That is if you wish it. That way you may relax until we arrive at your destination.”

To say that Gabi is interested in knowing more about Gentz is an understatement. And since Gentz offered knowledge to her then she figures why not. ”Yes, do play the DVD and thank you for letting me know about the other options.”

“No problem, Ms. Bruce. The headphones are in front of you.” With such said by the limo driver, Gabi readies to listen and to watch the autobiography of Gentz Xavier.

Being able to watch it provides an opportunity for her to collect information on this man who is a new annoyance in her life. Collecting knowledge happens quickly too with Gabi soon oblivious to anything existing around her. That includes barely even noticing the stop at the service station, which takes place ten minutes after the beginning of the DVD video. In fact, by this point, Gabi is nicely interested in the content with her finding Gentz quite entertaining to watch. She notes that he owns several lovely residences with her impressed by his taste in housing and locations. Then as the pictures turn to the story being about Gentz`s history Gabi feels the car pulling to stop.

The car coming to full ‘turning off‘ the motor stop puzzles Gabi for she is quite certain that they have not reached the inner city as of yet. Therefore, she gazes out the window of the car to see why an unscheduled break in traveling exists. When she does no city life or any busy streets with business lining both sides can be seen. Instead, she recognizes her own house in the middle of quaint secure suburbia. That simply boggles her. Thus, she begins to question the driver but he swiftly departed the car when the car halted. Gabi doesn’t understand any of this and then before she can figure out much of anything driver assists her to get out. In doing so he states “Mr. Xavier is on the steps of your porch waiting for you. I apologize for the deception but he pays my salary.”

Gabi looks at the driver with her being puzzled of everything. Then when he gives no more answers she glares at Gentz who is sitting on the top step of her front porch steps. Gabi figures that Gentz holds answers for he looks like he has a million things to say. That is concluded to be a definite truth as the driver walks off to re-enter the car to allow him to escape giving answers to any questions. This allows Gabi to shake her head in not understanding any of this. So she decides that solutions must to all of this weirdness abides in Gentz but it possibly may be more of the game that he insists on playing with her. But she has no time to ask anything of him for he speaks first to her.

“Why? Why?” He sternly exclaims in a frustration of viewing her in his car. With seeing her doing what he commanded her to do it simply sends him into being disappointed. “You are not learning, Gabbriel. You must stop allowing men to control your personal life. Gabbriel, I am in love with you and my woman is not controlled by anyone. Not even me.” he states with trying to control his irritation while standing his full height. As he does it can be seen that he is underdressed for dinner for he wears casual white pants, a loose-fitting simple white cotton dress shirt, and black loafer shoes.

Gabbriel, in turn, tries to get over that she returns home when expectations have been so different. Then mixing in with that is what Gentz says and the feelings that she is being played with. Therefore, she too grows irritated. This has her walking toward him with a stare of utter exasperation over everything that he is doing in concern to want should only be a business deal.

“I have ordered a meal to be delivered to here. It arrives in a few moments. We may enjoy it but from this point onward you must be the woman that I know that you truly are. So, please, if it is convenient we may have a picnic on this your front porch. If you wish for me to go then I depart and the meal is all yours.” He finalizes before once more sitting back on the step to wait for her decisions.

Gabbriel stands at the end of her walkway partially disbelieving all of it. Her existing there creates a stinging silence consisting of an extended length of more than several minutes. It creates a world of peace for Gabi that allows Roy`s words from earlier to filter into her thinking. Words of how the book deal actually has nothing to do with this verbal deal between her and Gentz. Hence, she tosses out all of Gentz`s speech from moments ago. With that firmly in her mind, she leisurely travels the walkway`s stones to move toward Gentz with then coolly conveying, “I see.”

Afterward, Gabi strides up to Gentz with staring deeply into his eyes before sternly warning him. “No more games. I don’t care what you are teaching me. You can`t treat anyone with such disrespect. It is a time that you learned boundaries. Now get up off your ass to follow me inside and while you are at it send your driver to get a meal and some relaxation. He deserves it since he had to deceive someone when it goes against his morality.”

Then as she continues looking into his eyes with feeling those eyes of his drawing her into being bewitched she says, “No weaving spells with those eyes. I see what is there and I prefer dirty sex over dirty deception."

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