Arcane Arousal

Arcane Arousal - Erotica Romance Novel
Author: WindWhisperer
Erotica Romance - Contemporary Adult Fiction - LGBT
The ruins of time - Sex, seduction & 2 women in love
Digging the present – Timeless love - Soulmate romance
Keira & Toni
#WindWhisperer #Erotica #Romance #LGBT #ArcaneArousal

Name: Keira Juniper Quinn
Age: 37 yrs. old
Heritage: Irish
Astro Sign: Libra
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Career: Photojournalist, newspaper journalist, spiritualist and a scholar.
History: Single, no parents, and one sister. Lives in Dublin Ireland but is transplanted to the Washington for 4 yrs.
Personality: Intellectual, independent, inquisitive, peacemaker, sensitive, occasionally shy, understanding and interested in research. She has developed intuition, patience and the ability to nurture others. She requires several outlets for energies and is a planner, but has others carry out the plans. She seeks financial and emotional security while, understanding the law of harmony so that she balance. Does feel incomplete without someone to share her love, ideals, wealth or work with. Thus she wants a complimentary relationship in her intimate life.

Appearance -
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft3
Weight: N/A
Eyes: Rich arcane green with silver glinting.
Hair: Auburn brunette, shoulder length, and deeply soft.
Body Build: Casual modern muscular woman.
Complexion: Toned, velvety, and smooth.

Special Info: Intellectual, spiritual sexual woman wrapping in playfulness.

Name: Antonia Cousteau
Age: 35 yrs. old
Heritage: American
Astro Sign: Aquarius
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Career: Anthropologists Researcher with the Smithsonian`s National Museum of Natural History, is a humanitarian and a scholar.
History: Single, no siblings and has both parents. Lives in Washington DC but is from the American south.
Personality: Spiritual, social, charming and has great unconditional love. She enjoys new starts in life and in business. She often is a creator and promoter of original ideas and usually enjoys considerable financial success. She is bold, independent, inquisitive and interested in research. She knows what she wants and why she wants it. Creative and outgoing, always looking for an opportunity to use her abilities/skills and is very flexible. Her biggest challenge is uncertainty and whether she needs anyone with her. Easily getting bored, but supplements such with travel and periodic onsite research projects but she have decided no new lovers, even though there have been a few. The high creative force can lead you either to happiness or unhappiness.

Appearance -
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft4
Weight: N/A
Eyes: Soft blue with a tinting of grayish ancient mystery.
Hair: Shimmering wavy blond, shoulder length, and thick.
Body Build: Casual modern athletic woman – rugged and classy.
Complexion: Toned, velvety, and smooth.

Special Info: Romantic, intellectual, sexual and spiritual woman in the best of mid-years.

1. Soul Kiss – “Yes it is.” Says Toni knowing that she herself is dizzy with gazing into those arcane green eyes with a silver spell within them, eyes that are speaking to her with beckoning to her to kiss lips.
Soul Kiss (Arcane Arousal Mini Series)
#WindWhisperer #Erotica #LGBT

2. Sexy Ex – “Yes, and yes. Yummy! Do kiss her or I may be having dinner with her before you even get out of the starting gate.”
Sexy Ex (Arcane Arousal Mini Series)
#WindWhisperer #Erotica #LGBT

3. Orgasmic Equality - “You say that I get spankings. What about bad girls with wet panties?” This has Keira looking deep into those eyes to next be sprightlier with, “ I think that you like me. Wet, willing and so very ready for me.”
Orgasmic Equality (Arcane Arousal Series)
#WindWhisperer #Erotica #LGBT

4. Lifetimes Of Cum - “I am yours forever...please...please...” Comes a declaration of profound feelings within the natural high of divine lovemaking between two who are intended to be one.
Lifetimes Of Cum (Arcane Arousal Series)
#WindWhisperer #Erotica #LGBT

5. Sexy Rights & Cat Fights – “My business. This is my business and you know it. I said that she is mine before you even wanted to. God damn it Toni, you gotta play fair.”
Sexy Rights & Cat Fights (Arcane Arousal Series)
#WindWhisperer #Erotica #LGBT

6. The Naughty Chair – “Come, my baby. Play it out. You wanna give it to us. Make love with me and show me how amazing you are.“
The Naughty Chair (Arcane Arousal Mini Series)

#WindWhisperer #Erotica #LGBT

Arcane Arousal Chapter List:

1. Arcane Arousal – Ch 1 #WindWhisperer

2. Arcane Arousal – Ch 2 #WindWhisperer

3. Arcane Arousal – Ch 3 #WindWhisperer

4. Arcane Arousal – Ch 4 #WindWhisperer

5. Arcane Arousal – Ch 5 #WindWhisperer

6. Arcane Arousal – Ch 6 #WindWhisperer

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