Romance Erotica Mini Stories

Erotica Mini #10

He drives his cycle all night to then drive the greater portion of another day just so that he can watch her from a distance. It is a significant distance of sitting on the bench at a park while she is gardener that attends the caretaking of the very same park. Yet after a short time of watching her, Ian simply finds it all too much if he can`t touch Lucy after all that journey. If he has not the courage to enjoy what he wants with her than he simply needs not bother with her any longer. Thus Ian, a man of mid years and deep blue eyes with brown threads of silken hair, comes up behind Lucy to loop his left arm round her waist. Then as he says “Ian and I said that I would come.”

Then immediately his other hand comes to play within her fiery red tresses that smell like fresh daisies and summer jasmine. She feels him strong behind her and he almost possesses her fully but hold a distance as she says ‘Kiss me, kiss me and I knew that you would.” Instantly Lucy feels a breath of hot air on the curve of her long fine neck as his mouth comes to kiss along the sweetness until he then demands to capture her lips as he turns her face to look at him. “I come to make you mine. No more online. I want all of you.”

She, in turn, looks into his eyes while saying. ‘Then be busy fucking me. I want you and it will be right here amongst these oak trees. I said that I am yours. Take me.”

Ian then nudges her backward until her backside meets the nearest oak tree. Instantly his lips arrive upon the soft skin of her neck making Lucy`s legs feeling weak from him being so close. Ian so near to her after falling in love with him and he has fallen for her. Tumbling deeply and of her knowing that he will love her into erotic ecstasy to afterward hold her within the love that she has grown to know that lay within his heart.

With each new kiss laying sweetly to seduce her into the heated high that he desires to push her into she slowly has her breath taken by his growing passion to please her through placing his love within each kiss. She watches him over her shoulder as he has turned to once more hold her from behind. Lucy likes the way he commands her and plays on her skin and it is causing her heart to be racing within these moments that are their destiny.

Then quicker than lightening Ian`s strong manly hands move up to in case her delicate shoulders where he begins to pin her between himself and against the tree. Immediately with this done and accompanying an intense gaze into Lucy’s eyes of green Ian`s powerful arms slip around Lucy to be pulling her hard into him as he presses to her. She can`t escape, she forced to be his and she so wants to be only his as she looks back at him with true pure lust. He wants her part of him, need she desperately wants the same and he wants to be within her now. He must mark her with his cum, kisses and all that he is. It doesn't matter if it`s public viewing for it is now and it is time for them to be in a sexual union.

In a mere breath, Ian is gradually unbuttoning the denim short jeans that Lucy is wearing. These he is slowly unzipping to be causing a gasping sound of anticipation with heated breathes to echo forth from Lucy. She next feels his strong hands on her breasts as he molds them in his palms while whispering, “I won`t fuck you today, I love you and yes, my cock wants your pussy. NOW!”

Lucy’s eyes dance of the way he tells her that it`s love between them and not just the lust that she knows that he has to her. With that she purrs, “Mmm, then love me. And fuck me tomorrow.”

Swiftly Ian’s lips once more enjoy the pleasures of tasting the skin of Lucy`s neck as those strong hands of his slide leisurely down over her curves to her petite waist before he is nudging those unfastened shorts to the ground. Then he is turning Lucy around to be lifting her arms up into the air as he is kneeling in front of her. Kneeling her looking up into those eyes that have lust filled love within them as he leans in to press his moist lips to that little niche just before the beginning of the pussy mound. This is the sweet crisp line of a pelvis that is firm and leading to treatment that is currently scented with arousal. Thus, he knows those lower lips are wet, hot and Lucy is definitely enjoying being horny. She is horny for him. There fore that brings a devilish smile know that his cock is going to be very happy thundering within that heated wet hole that he intends to please for a few hours before they are forced to stop due to darkness and criminal elements in the park.

With this thought, Ian`s hands reach between Lucy`s long slender thighs to remove the flimsy piece of fabric that she wears to hide her moist womanhood. There is no need of panties today. Hell no! Which he whispers in her ear as she feels his fingers gently graze her sensitive lower lips as he pulls the panties down from the bottom by the crotch. “Nasty things when my girl is horny.” He proclaims as his lips take to kissing hers before she can respond.

With her wet pussy fully exposed to him, Ian`s hands and body adjust them to be bending and being making ready for his cock finds her wet lower lips as her hips graze her firm naughty ass. Lucy immediately feels the knob of his erection readying to meet her wet pussy as her thighs spread wider. She gets thrilled from feeling the air on her wanton womanhood for it`s cooling her as the heat rise from her need to be fucked by him. Thus, she trembles of the arousal that she is within as his hand are caressing her thighs and widening her legs to accept his gift that desire to pound her into an orgasm. Then again in his mind, he isn`t imagining only one but he needs to start this. Oh, hell yes, but then suddenly they both hear, “Violating the public works dress code and discretion practice of our city Ms. Gates is punishable by you losing your job.”

Erotica Mini #9

Justin Liberty is a man of corporate worlds of business, but yet his history is of the street struggle within the ways of a warrior. He looks the part of the well-defined gentleman that has it all including the house, cars, clothes and adoring woman. Yet he misses that tying thread of ‘soul love’ that comes in the ways of mind, soul, heart and the lust of an exquisite body in play. He can assuredly have all the female bodies for the play that he desires, yet there is a lady he wants with all that can be a desire. She is the beautiful Deliana Nightwind.

He makes love with her every Thursday night. It begins with a romantic evening of whatever pleasures that he has in mind. It is always a lovely evening of enchanted conversations, naughty innuendo and just about everything possible to tickle all pleasure senses. It is truly the sharing of intellect, spirits, and the dreaded heart. This is all before they end up in some sweet lil place to enjoy erotic rounds of sweat covered playfulness in raw passion. He likes the romantic, so does Deliana but to be honest she simply likes how he makes her chant his name all night long. The flowers, dinners, enchanting chat and places of interest always please her but seriously she likes his body pleasing hers.

It is currently near dawn on Friday morning and it is easy to see the last of the needs of pleasure being a thrill for them both. Deliana is the vision of ecstasy as she rides out the storm of her need upon his treasure of pleasure. He holds her hip as she settles within the lust that they share. He has seen the light of lustful desire reach its pinnacle within her and she now demands to thrust upon the need to enjoy the wonder of a natural high that is between them in this arena of pleasures.

Yes, it's orgasm for her as he shoots his load deep within her. She bounces joyously in sensual ride upon this thick fully erect rod as her wetness tightens. Tightens like a vice, as his load is demanded to be within her. It comes to bond with her cream to have her call out “Marcus, Marcus, fucking you!”

That beautiful strong feminine back arches thrusting her firm fine round breasts to beam high with nipples that are harder than diamonds. Yes, these pretty peaks of nipples sparkle just as beautiful as diamonds and Marcus come to devour them with moisture as his tongue whips them each before he engulfs them in suckling. She is his desire and she is beautiful as their cream mixes in the pleasure of erotic bliss.

“That is it fuck me, let me fuck you. I need you.” He whispers to her as he continues to take great pleasure in tasting the pleasure that is her breasts.

Deliana thrills in the sweeping of ecstasy as he body relaxes of the powerful ride that has been his rod. She is swimming in orgasm juices as she feels his cock still seeming wanting, but she knows he has climaxed with her. She removes her hands from his strong shoulder to cup his face. She does so to raise his handsome face and sweet lips to then lay a passionate kiss to his lips. Then without a word, she drives her lust of him into him. She makes the kiss deep and hard with fire so that he knows that every minute of the night has been adored, as treasured and that she will miss him over the span of the week.

Deliana releases the kiss to seductively whisper, ”You couldn’t be more perfect.”

He looks up at her in smiling to breathe deep in fluid breaths, as he looks in those emerald green eyes that dance of being ever so intensely pleased. He likes how their pleasure is written all over her after they share their evening and night. What he doesn’t like is the left in the morning and it's now morning.

Erotica Mini #8

Dark velvet night holds within its cloak the array of twinkling stars that dance in playful roaming over the universe of time-space to have an autumn Earth day come to a close to bring the night to ascend upon the lovely sanctuary of two lovers. Two that lovers lay within nudity upon a large canvas hammock that stretches betwixt four massive oak trees as the night surrounds them within the mystical warmth of otherworldly fires. It is beautiful with a full harvest moon gleaning its beams of nightlight splendor over their beautiful nude human female curves. Two lovers that are eternal mates creating pleasure within a love bound by the stars at the beginnings of that existence. These are two souls dancing within a powerful love that are binding in crystalline energy cords of unbreakable love-light. These two are bound in a need to be eternally bonding for it exist as the creation of these two in stating the only law that truly has them both feeling whole.

Wholeness as two adult females is finding giggles within the touching pleasures of Erin`s Celt`s fingers soothing in fragrant herbal oils into the soft silken skin of Arica Nordic. These are the two that are the brunette beauty of Irish heritage in love with the exquisite platinum blond temptress of gorgeous curves from the lands of the great Vikings. Two women knowing love, two souls understanding lust and women knowing of their union to be more than all that can ever be. It is a joy; wild beautiful bliss in kisses from both sets of lips and is the ways of their eternal journey. The journey of finding each other, mating, and connecting in any way that can be brought to them the love that has to exist for them to breathe.

”Breathe, breathe my Arica, breathe only me. Breathe in my kisses that are soon coming to your lips as my fingers intend to find the sweet wetness that has a creamy scent already. Breathe me, breath, breathe us and be a good girl for me.”

Slowly there is rubbing of the sparkling oil over each and every cell of the smooth silken skin of the beauty of athletic curves. There is soothing in the erotic scented oil to the skin that has a heart melt at the sight of the nudity on display. Arica on provocative exhibition upon this unique bed and her body so easily bring lust sweeping the senses while touch arrives to play within appealing massage. A massaging of firm tummy of a goddess woman who is in the midst of giggles as she bites her own luscious lips in anticipation of getting kisses with tickles from her soul mate.

“You are all that I know, my baby girl. You are my Erin, my Irish bad girl who teases me with poetry and playful words. You are all mine, so please, please come breathe with me. I need you. Please kiss me…. please, please come and bring your…your..”

Erin gazes into those mesmeric eyes of beautiful angelic blue that dance of lust filled love. She looks there as the Irish beauty of emerald green eyes leans into almost kiss those upper lips but she chooses to barely blow a kiss. Blowing a naughty teasing breathy kiss as she giggles, “Who me? Me bad? Nah, I am your elf who likes teasing you by licking that chalice between your thighs. Thus, no kisses but we will soon have heavy mutual breathing.”

“You tease!” comes in soft gigging retort. “You tease you naughty flirt. You are…”

“I am only lil me and you do love me. I am in love with all of you, am loving you with all of me and will do so in anyway that I wish. Thusly, I choose to enjoy touching this night. So you are bad for …for...hmm.” She pauses in thought as she winks into those eyes that send love into hers, as they both know the play of this pleasure is a partial tease.

“Bad, you are bad. Not I! I want kisses that you don’t give. I am only being a good girl and want what is mine and if you loosen these leather straps then I will show you what kissing can be.”

Arica is looking at the black leather strap that ties her arms spread eagle as her legs are feeling being bound in the same. These hold her ‘back flat’ to the canvas hammock as Erin kneels above Arica`s head to be allowing the draping her brunette tresses over Arica`s face. Erin is draping these silken in a loose array to tickle the skin and make Arica giggle even more. “You are now teasing me with that scent of the whatever that you place in your hair. Come here and let my fingers fist it, for I wish to pull you in for a kiss.”

This has Erin break out in full laughter. “You are not going anywhere, young lady. You will need a knife to undo these straps. Plus, I am about fuck you, if you behave for a lil bit. You are such a bad angel.”

Erotica Mini #7

Standing there looking deep into her eyes of shimmering blue he can see that she simply is wanting to be made feel like she is a sexual woman. It is time for him to treat her like a woman that is wanted by her lover and not be needed for being a mother or powerful business woman but for the naughty erotic fuckable sweetness that she is. She needs to be stripped of her human clothing to then be taken to heights of ecstasy divine. Yes, to be teased, pleased and fucked until she is finding exhaustion within his arms. He cannot mistake that look from this beautiful woman of elegant beauty that is Patricia. It cannot be seen as anything but untamed wild need to be enjoyed in ways that sin would blush over. Looking at him she softly purrs a soft wanton desire to be taken.

So Shawn reaches forth with both of his hands to grip the sides of her blouse to then be immediately having those silvery buttons pop asunder from holding the blouse closed about those round plump perk breasts that possess hardened nipples, Naughty perfect nipples which are a peak of wondrous clues to how she feels on this day. Those nipples are hard in fully round peaks to display how horny she is when Shawn is around her. The sound of those buttons popping vibrates outward to have them both look deeply into each other’s eyes to state a silent ‘Fuck me’.

She instantly plants a passionate kiss to his lips sending forth the heated knowledge that she is going to show him the afternoon of his dreams. She will bring the wild woman within herself to create erotic treats beyond anything they have wished for. She has wanted to enjoy him ever since he has come to work for her six months ago. He is driving her desires wild with thoughts of truly making him smile by seeing what treats of manly pleasure are within those well-pressed business slacks. She has often dreamed of that bulge that seems to appear when she is around. It is so obvious that it instantly comes to exist because of her that no matter how he tries to disguise it she always understands that she arouses him like no woman ever has. That is perfection, for Patricia enjoys that she affected him enough that he wishes for her to fuck him. She wants him for many reasons but for the most part, her inner woman knows that he can possibly actually satisfy the deeply sexual woman that she is.

In a blinking, it is becoming even hotter than has been. Her hands find the zipper on his pants and in no time she is holding his thick man treat within her left hand to be massaging it. She enjoys the feel of the hard flesh, the lovely veins rippling through it and the way it simply gets harder with her hand encircling it. Then her other is planting in a tight grip around the firm surface of his muscular shoulders so that she can steady herself for she is overwhelmed with the need, yet it is a powerful drug to have her press to him and have her compress down upon his shoulder to push herself up. This is as though she is silently stating, ‘You know what to do. Just fucking, do it.’

That is the exact look which is shot between them and he is instantly joining her by gripping her firm naughty ass to then be having that short black skirt rise and have her then, without any notice, making the motions to impaled her upon his thick hard beast of a cock. It takes no hands for guiding the beast into its new cave, nor is there more lubricating needed to have that treat to slip into her as though his cock is being given the perfect glove to warm it with the volcanic heat that is emanating from within it. Yes, hot; hotter than Hell`s barren lands and so damn wet that the juicy sweet splashing coats his ball sac as he makes first thrusting into what is feeling like heaven. Her arms wrap his shoulders to create that stability as he then plants her back side against the wall which is only inches away. She continues to gaze into his eyes but her lips are so hungry for kissing him that she almost is wild in breathlessness to give into the moment of creating more between them

‘Yes; oh fucking yes’, sounds in her mind. Then it echoes out more as the intense moaning cries of wanting sound into the room as he thoughts enjoy, ‘That is it fuck me’, as his muscular hips continue the driving thrusts against her. Over and over he impales her with his cock as her vaginal muscles grip it as though she has wanted this all her life. Wanting him to enjoy her for she plans to enjoy him until he can’t think of anything else to do but how he must fuck her. He will be knocking down her bloody goddamn door here at her office and at her home. Yes be a man animal to just have sex with her and to then have them both smile as they part ways.

There now is no stopping. Not now and he can see why his cock becomes hard but she wants more as he presses her there to the wall and begins to have hand encompass the fullness of one of the breasts. She smiles like a horny naughty angel at him as lips come to devour the nipple. This feeling of him taking her sensitive nipple, in sucking into his mouth, is forcing her head to pound backward onto the wall. He once more causes her to be more overwhelmed with the feelings of erotic bliss. It is becoming too much for her as that fleshly thick beast of his thunders within her tight heated vaginal canal. It is taking no time for her to reach the wonder of orgasmic high. Then in sudden need, she clenches around him with her long elegant legs, and pussy muscles to supply notice that he best be ready for her since the explosion is forthcoming. His ball sac twitches and in less than a breath his hot cumshots like a bullet within her to create a bathing of his seed onto her as her orgasm swims to meet his.

Still, as this happens they both send that look of more needed between them while they are now being consumed by the feelings which come from enjoying the true heated erotic connection. He will have her all day long and there is no stopping until they both simply are breathless. Then again she is thinking the same thing as he tries to maintain holding but she demands to be down and upon her knees.

To be continued.....
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Erotica Mini #6

Cody walks into the spacious modern kitchen with its spectacular skylight and waist high counters with marble countertop of dark designs. A surface made for a kitchen that is meant to have the pleasures of fine culinary work abide within it. Yet, today it will see a finery of another kind. It will be a meal of the pleasures of the body and the delights erotic bliss. The lady of this house has been expecting a man that just simply consumes her mind and body when he chooses to come to her for his pleasures. Jennifer so needs him to come to her today for the inner heat is maddening and her body is ablaze with simply needing to sexually fucked until she can’t breathe. No romance required but the just raw animal passion between two who understand that the casual affair is what they each of come to need in their busy lives.

Jennifer is within this modern chic little space that is part of a wide open-concept of a house. She watches the doorway that leads anyone to the house and as she does so while standing behind the kitchen counter being dressing in nothing more than her lacy white panties and an oversized men`s white dress shirt. The shirt is wide open, exposing her large firm round breasts with those fully erect nipples peeking out as she does her dance of impatience. She dances such as the musical sounds of high pounding hard rock music thunder out into the house to consume it. This brunette of exquisite female curves sways her body to this powerful sound in hope that she can somehow contain her need as her body sways to the rhythms knowing it needs to be pounded by something and music will need to do until Cody comes. Once he arrives he will show her body what it is like to be pounded by something. Her wet naughty pussy pulverized by something hard and powerful within pulsation.

As this tall Grecian Adonis of a man with his dark sweeping curls comes to enter this haven removing his coat with a careful taking of time to make it hung well in the closet as he enters. He is a man of caring of details and smooth lifestyle. Then he upon having his outdoor clothes arranged he removes his tie, unbuttons down that but on up dress shirt that is black silk and begins to gently pacing it on the door know of the main door to the house before he walks into that kitchen. He sees her; his Jennifer no longer is dancing for she did catch a view of him entering her home. She knows what must be on this day and so she is now bending over the large hardwood table in waiting to have him come to her as they had planned to enjoy on this winter`s day.

Coming up behind her to view the lusciousness of her lovely mature curves of the goddess-mortal woman he slides his two open palmed hands over her ass for she is so tempting him in to touch her. Then slowly he succumbs to kneel behind her having his breath lay on her skin just as his knees rest on the floor. Cody is gazing upon her beautiful firm backside planning the ways to tease her body into orgasmic bliss, so that they may enjoy the pleasure of sexual love. Without any doubt, it is to be physical love making with this woman that has stolen his very soul. Yet, it isn’t his soul which wants to touch her today. It is his naughty thick moist tongue desiring to tease her by licking through her lacy white panties. This is licking, driving deep within her to be mapping her pussy so that it soon will have an orgasm to be rushing from her taut hot cave of lust. He demands this for her before those panties are to be removed from her hips. So as he kneels there behind her he is causing his tongue to be buried into the panties material along with penetrating her womanly wetness.

To Jennifer, the feeling of his stubble facial cheeks caressing her ass is erotic naughty for she likes the feel of the rough on her flesh. The raking tiny brushes as his face are buried there betwixt her thighs as he kneels behind her creating an erotic sensation that is driving her mad with wanting. She wants moiré than his tongue teasing through a material. She desperately wants something so much thicker and something that will go so much deeper than is thick wet tongue. It may be a nice tease into a creation of the fluids needed to lubricate her pussy but she has no illusion that this will be all she wants. Thus she has her mind and soul praying that this tease will very soon lead to more for her inner muscles have been gripping and flowing with sweet rich cream, as he taunts deeper and deeper with flicking licks that are dreamy in every notable pleasure.

Cody is rubbing and massaging the material against Jennifer`s clit, making it tingle and loving the way her juices run over his hungry, busy tongue. He is forcibly teasing her with this intense licking up and down to her moist hot pussy lips. It is driving his lustful senses wild with the scent of her skin and the sweet flavor she is beginning to deliver to him that is creamy cum. He is humming sweet low growling of how much it pleases him and this is joined by her moaning symphony that sings out during this sharing that is coming to be a faster-paced event, for his tongue is now burying deep inside her with a refusal to slow down. His enthusiasm grows to a maddening pace of lapping at her tight hellish hot pussy muscles. His hands slide up to her breasts to see what else is alive with pleasure. He soon finds what else is alive and pleased. It has Cody rubbing his open palms over Jennifer`s perfectly erect hardened nipples. These perky round womanly mounds indeed are displaying the loving the way that Cody can have her body aroused and stiffen to his touch.

Those boldly hard nipples have of Jennifer have Cody think of how hard his cock has become from pleasing and playing with his Jennifer. It is fully erect and pressing to escape his dress pants. It is so full with ending to please her that it has a bulge that simply couldn’t be hidden even if he had to but he has no intentions of hiding it unless it is within her tight wet pussy. He can think of nothing more than the need to thrust his thick eight inches of manhood deep within her as she stands there bent over in front of him. His cock needs to drive hard within Jennifer from behind for he loves to hold her tits as he pounds her mercilessly. He loves the feel of his own hips crashing her fine firm ass. That is such a powerful exquisite feeling with the stinging sounds of flesh pounding flesh when their bodies meet in thunderous passion. This is all he thinks of when he thinks of theses visits that he has at her house in the evenings.

Cody now does feel that Jennifer is pushing her own body back onto him as he kneels there taking a last profound thrusting licking within her tight pussy. He immediate stands loosen his belt with one hand and soon all fastenings are setting his cock free to bob out in impatient need to greet its little hiding place. It will be a tight fit but tight is good as long as it’s wet. He has made it dripping wet with her fluids and his saliva. That cave of wondrous lust is as ready has it can be for his beast of a cock. He presses tenderly against her ass crack as he reaches around in front of Jennifer to start fingering and rubbing her clit with his left hand so that it is making her moan passionately aloud in a serenade of truly feeling the high of a coming orgasm that has built with a need to release. Yet he softly whispers in her ear “No!”This is as he senses her thighs trembling and the heat wishing to rush out the liquid lust of her cum. It all has his cock throbbing to be inside her, hers juices running over it.

Then suddenly the knob of his cock plays over her lower lips and bam its slamming deep within her wet canal causing her body to jolt forward as he does his best to brace her in place, so that he can retreat from this first onslaught of supplying this deep hard thrust, A thrusting that silently states ‘I am going to fuck you hard. Fuck you deep. Fuck you until you fall to your knees and then I will pick you up and fuck that dirty mouth of yours’.

With his free hand, he spanks her beautiful ass, making it glow a nice shade of perfect flesh pink while he is creating that intense rushing heated tingle forcing her to be needing more from him for he is teasing her clit with his fingertips. Then he once more they both is ready to pound another thrusting blow into her pussy. It has she moan in an almost screaming out of “Do it!”

Driving hard deep within her taut hole he is feeling pleasure unlike anyone can experience without enjoying the contact of a true sexual union. So it gets a constant in a hard fast pace as her cum pours from her. Jennifer screams out his name into the room as her first orgasm comes. On the other hand, Cody`s cock is pulsating from Jenn`s inner muscles seizing him in a tight vice like grip of true pleasure. It is a thrilling feeling that has him wanting to pound even harder and deeper within her so that they may enjoy a few more second of the deep sweet pleasures. This exists while his hands are teasing her clit and more spankings hit her ass cheeks. The spankings will drive her wild as her body forces itself back over the beast that is his cock as her orgasm meets the pinnacle of its rush. Yes, she needs to tame his beast to have his fluids running hot within her. She wants his man juice meeting her cum as her heat reaches volcanic and the sweet symphony of her moaning does sing out as he breathes heavy on her neck with hungry passionate kissing.

In this moment he brings his hand up to be wrapping his fingers in her long brunet tresses and is pulling her head back as he thrust into her. She then is reaching between her legs to fondle his balls as his cock pounds into her several more times in hard violent pulverizing. This not love but lustful fucking. Cody is taking ‘his’ Jennifer in lustful pure sexual need that can only be the ways that are hard and harder and it has them both moaning together in a song as ancient as breathing. Soon they’re unable to hold back any longer, she lets the rush of her cum flow in an ocean over his hard cock and he explodes within her taut volcanic pussy. In seconds Cody is filling Jennifer with jet after jet of his hot, sticky cum to begin their evening of special delights.
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Erotica Mini #5

She stays there looking at her lover in ways of not knowing what to think, nor of how she should feel. It is all a jumbled mess of words, lies, lust, and chaos within her. It is hell on Earth and earthly things touching otherworldly bliss. Yet there is not bliss in any form as the bright dawn is on its way to peeking through the veil of the dark velvet cloak of night. The morning will render forth its stinging truth that a new day will soon have her standing there alone in all of life. Yes, alone!

Beautiful Ginger cannot fathom what has happened to her on this night for she wants the treasure of submissive pleasures with her dominate seductress. Yet, Deliana lives a life of ways that the mind cannot truly comprehend. Thus, that head of red silken threads of hair is shaking in disbelieve of the idea that Deliana cannot have love due to some crazy concept.

"I don’t believe you, Deliana. I just don’t." Ginger state in total unwillingness to succumb to allowing Deliana to walk away from what Ginger knows is so much more than business.

Thus she comes to stand directly in front of the breathtakingly gorgeous woman who has taken Ginger`s heart in mere hours of lustful play. So it is standing there staring into those eyes of emerald green seeking an answer to something different than what is being spoken. She reaches out to caress Delaina’s facial cheek in a tender caress with the backside of her hand. Then she softly plays there while gazing deeply into those eyes and then with suddenness a swap of that same hand snaps to Delaina’s facial cheek.

“Deliana Nightwind, you will do more than fuck me for business! You will love me as you already do. No more shit! You will mark me, as yours.”

Then leaning in Ginger brushes an almost kiss to Delaina’s lips as she whispers, ”Only yours.”

Deliana stares at the gorgeous American beauty. She simply watches in silence for Deliana feels that she has said all that should be said. Yet it is known to Deliana that it is not all that needs to be said for there is great truth in what Ginger states of Deliana. Indeed Deliana does love Ginger.

In fact, the powerfully wealthy Deliana Nightwind has been slowly falling in love with Ginger from the second the letter made her desk two months ago. A letter accompanying by several erotic photos and a long list of sexual desires that include a great amount of BDSM ritual. Yet what caught Deliana eyes is that Ginger wasn’t desperate, it wasn’t only a wish of kink and it isn’t the ‘soul’ wish. None of these are spoken of. It is the idea that she must find the wind that will breeze away from the chaos of life to have that completeness in life. Yes, ‘wind’, and that speaks to this woman of Nightwind. It did so very loudly and it causes the research to begin and the private investigator hired to find and follow Ginger. It summons endless details of this woman known as Ginger to be drifting within Delaina`s daily thoughts and dreams. It has Deliana falling more in love with Ginger until this night of lust comes to bear its fruits to be the pleasures sharing. Yet it easily is seen to be much more than lust. It is and Deliana has underestimated the power of love and the will of her heart.

“Only mine, Deliana!” Ginger farther states breaking the silence. ”I will fight for you. I will fight the devil himself. I will fight you for you. I will fight everyone to have you as mine.”

Deliana smirks while looking at this woman who thinks she can have everything that she speaks of. With that Deliana gazes over every inch of that nudity to then lick her lips in wanting to taste “Love is silly.”

“You love me. Say it! Say it to me, my Deliana.” She states reaching to hold Deliana`s left hand within her right.

Deliana can`t breathe, but she breathes. She breathes deeper while peering into eyes that stare into hers in a need to know the truth. A truth that has been deeply obvious in her touches, in her response to the letter of months ago and to the ways she suddenly backed away when the session was over. Backed away from the handshake with a tear rolling down her facial cheek as Deliana watches Ginger walk out the door. In that second Delaina’s heart scream loud creating more instant tears. It also creates the swift pursuit of Ginger by Deliana. Thus, a quick run to catch Ginger before the American temptress made the elevator for the departure of the building. Deliana then spews out reasons to meet again. But Ginger giggles of it for she knows that once the session is complete there is no permission of connection ever again. With that Ginger conveys, “You love fell in love with me, Deliana.”

That truth instantly glows on Delaina’s face causing her to blush. Then there exist the back paddling and lies and crap that lead to this moment in time. This moment of Deliana needing to state truth and this moment of Ginger stating the reality that has happened on this night. This night that is at NightWinds dream factory. Dreams, dream factory and Delaina’s dream of love. That brings to bear the reality of, “Yes, I love you, Ginger.”


Erotica Mini #4

The thunder in her house during this night could have been more than just what it is. Yet it is the constant slamming of a door that swung in the night winds during a violent summer storm as Jennifer is making her departure of the premises she has called home for seven years. No longer will she stay in a relationship that can’t please her. David doesn't please her in any fashion. Not her beautiful intellectual mind, her loving passionate heart and her sexy body sure as hell need more than what he considers sex. She wants more and wants it now. She knows that her body will be pleased by the forty-something stud muffin that lives two blocks away will give what she wants. He has teased her every day for 2 years. That sexy fuckable man teases her and back 4 months ago she begun the return flirting with him. Yet tonight as the thunder in the dark skies declares its roaring passions as there is an all out passionate rage of needing to be fucked like a woman who has desires to enjoy raw animal passion. Yes, Robert will deliver the goods as she so wishes them to be enjoyed. Yes, and it takes a walk of only two blocks to have what she wants.

With each step, the stilettos hit the sidewalk’s concrete in a pounding that declares it the declaration of a lady who seeks something. Seeking while knowing where it is to be found. Then it echoes out the understanding that when she finally gets to have what her lust`s desire is then she plans to take prisoners. She fully intends to declare war on Robert`s muscular 40 something maleness. Jennifer will do it ways that only a mature sexual woman has experienced in doing. That will include kinky sweet ‘fuck me’ moments that simply are a sin divine. It is easily understood by her that she will have him within seconds of his opening his house door. So his reply to her needs best be yes.

In that vein of thought she has thought of who could be with him but then instantly Jennifer voices “Anyone present will be either watching or leaving.” Her desire to enjoy him is beyond her control. Thus it can be sex nonstop at Romeo Robert`s little naughty nest. It is to be for at least a good twenty-four hours and possibly more if Robert is capable of keeping his cock hard for her.

Arriving to that blue door which is the portal to the filling of her lust she finds it wide open. Open to her as though he has been waiting. This is soon proven to be ever truth as he calls from within to beckon her to come to him” Come Jennifer. We have waited for this day, my love. You will have your wishes and dreams. “

As she steps through the gates to sexual bliss she sees him standing there in only a pair of those silk shorts that he jogs within. Yes, those shorts that teases her as he runs past while giving that winning sexy smile with a cordial wave. Every inch of him is poetry in muscular motion that simply ripples into her night dreams creating cum soaked sheet as she sleeps.So yes, Robert teases her in every way but then he does more than a tease when he stopped to chat with her. For when he does stop for a chat she can easily see that he has a yummy hard on and they both know it for it isn’t hidden facts. That large bulge pulsates like its calling to her and she enjoys that idea. Thus it doesn't tease but a shared understanding that he would fuck her right there on her front lawn if she simply whispers that she wishes it. Today she is whispering it wanting it and demanding that he give her these passionate sex dreams they both do enjoy.

“I dream of you on your knees tongue fucking me until we both are exhausted “comes her declaration. He has without hesitation now stands in front of her pulls her into him to be gazing deeply into her eyes as he states “ Demanding little wench. “ She looks at him “Yes. I wish to enjoy you.”

“You will! “as he softly states before placing his fingers under the two straps of red lacy lingerie so that he may allow them to drop from her shoulder causing the silky garment to drop to the floor to reveal her body in full blazing arousal.

Then from the doorway is a familiar voice. “Your best friend, you want him and not me!”
Without a word from either lover, Robert brushes back the hair from her face to clasp her lips within a hungry lover`s kiss.As though it’s a scripted response the kiss that is pressing back to him in heated lust to fill the night with the passion that has turned from simmering into a raging thunder. Then as the kissing becomes deeper it is turning sloppy sexy wet with tongues divining out the needs of enjoying every pleasure. There arrives the moment that Robert simply slams his lady against the wall as her former lover watches. Robert wraps her long lovely legs around his waist. She assists and within moments Jennifer is pressing to the wall waiting to accept the incoming gift that she has been dreaming to enjoy. Then with little effort that massive beast of a cock is out of its cage to slip so swiftly into her dripping honey pot. It comes in so smooth and sweet that her body shutters of ecstasy creating an orgasm as he widens her tight her womanly canal to fit his cock into the hot wet depths of bliss. With this, there is not an end to the Thunder but that front door is slamming shut declaring their audience has had enough.


Erotica Mini #3

'Completely fuckable' is what enters her thoughts as they chat of the needs that women have in the realm of lust. The inner womanly fires of lust are becoming wild with needing release as these two beauties sit chatting of the sexual needs that they both have. Soon there will be a need for Joanna Knight to escape to the ladies room to enjoy the pleasure of touch. Touching, then it is unto teasing that brings that ever so delicious sound of being pleased. These thoughts roam her mind as they chat of life, love and ‘fuck me’ treats. It is so easy to sit chatting with Eliza O’Brien as they enjoy coffee in this coffee house that is in the ole part of the city.

This is the quaint older part of the capital city of the province and is now reconstructed into fashionable shopping boutiques and places of leisure retreating. Joanna had not been expecting a friend to be here, then again she didn’t truly know Eliza. It is that flash of her past when she mingled with elbows of life provided by Peter. Eliza is a professor at the local university and keeps to her own social circle but recent Eliza teaches that creative writing class that Joanna has been asked to come do a reading session for. Joanna is a middle-class lady who once upon a time has upper-class standing but divorce is killer to many aspects of living. Now Joanna writes for a living and the money isn’t the same as Peter`s six figure take home pay and the house she holds is quaint but nothing near the four bedroom paradise that had large rose gardens with all the trapping of upper crust middle borough living. That doesn’t matter as these two bumped into each other while browsing the book store next door and then took to chatting and decided coffee was due to be enjoying.

In this world, Eliza is a sweet loving woman of pleasant upper-class living and literary ways of the profession with the finest of social circles. This is what that is on the surface of her existence. In most ways, anyone sees the 'girl next door' image but when she is with her lover the bindings of average life are released. Lust comes to play and life gets sexy naughty dirty as the needs of pleasure are enjoyed. She is that woman who you want in your bed or anywhere in concern to sexual pleasures. Yet, you know that she can do the quiet pleasant dinner party too and carry on chat of the highest caliber or even attend the most awesome parties of enjoying weekly football. She is a dreamy lil slice of lady that is more than fuckable and more than a life mate. She is a true friend, exquisite lover, educated socialite and dirty slut on command. She is the dreamy lusty love that all hearts seek.

This became so very evident when that phone call came at the beginning of the first semester at the university. It was that lilting voice of deep American Irish that almost sings of sweet sensual lust. It took Joanna’s breath away and the more she listened the more she needed to listen. Not because of the career opportunity, even though it is certain she needs the cash to pay bills, but it’s more due to that delicious sound that tickled all the way down her fine curves. It traveled and tickled until JoAnna could swear that if she touched her pussy that cum would river out into her blue jeans. Now as she once more sits listening to the every word that Eliza chooses to share it creates even more of a spinning spell to entice Joanna the woman of strong will and erotic dispositions.

As Eliza took a sip of her espresso there come a silent pause that seems to sting the air having that spell created by Eliza to end for a moment. Yet Eliza continued on a topic. ”The notes you give the readings are amazing. It intrigues me to know where you enjoyed BDSM in your life. For, to write so thoroughly of that rough dark world a person must have had that experience of it within all the intensity it provides.”

Joanna gives a playful giggle after the shocked expression sweeps her darker Slavic facial features. She then summons up that a secret from her life must now come to be shared. It must be known to someone who she is uncertain of trusting, for not even Peter knows of the sexual trysts that took place before Peter ran off with the bar wench from Bulgaria. With another giggling, she tilts her head in that way of making it all not matter what she has to says about this topic. It is just a sweet playful tilt of ‘ Ya know it’s kind of not special', as she happily states in playful tones of wanting a very short chat of this “ That would be telling tales of back in history when I enjoyed men. Which I no longer do and for good reason I don’t enjoy that part of my bisexuality. “

Eliza had been sitting here quite relaxed in her chair, listening, waiting and pondering the truths that should come. She knows there is much more to Joanna than Joanna is letting out to public ears. After all, Joanna subscribes to several yummy darker magazines that have an elite exclusive client list and these lists can only be known if you are a premium member. Which Eliza is a member of and enjoys the pleasure of such. It is part of the reasoning why Eliza hired Joanna, for she knew Joanna was not only an exquisite elegant erotica writer but she knew that Joanna had to be a member of Dom/Domme`s list of submissive pets to be on a certain magazine`s subscribers list. It is a magazine that is given by Dominates to their beloved stable whores. The yearly subscription costs around four hundred dollars and is usually a gift for couples to share in. So questions are begging to ask and answered. Part of that query is when and who is the Dominate of this strong sensual beauty`s life. In fact, if she didn’t know better she could think Joanna a Domme but the member's list only ever has shown the submissive names.


Erotica Mini #2

He is all she thinks of at this time. He is consuming her thoughts as she watches him run the track during their morning workout session. He is the only other persons here every morning at the ‘crack of crow piss’ just as she too is the only other person on the go for running at this stadium’s track at this hour. He always comes dressed in those red sexy runner shorts that just seem to outline his ass just perfectly. He looks so edible in them. He seems doubly so when he looks at her after doing his stretches for he always has a hard on that is massively prominent that bulge so perfectly in the mound under the shorts. His smile turns silky sinful in almost a blushing if he notices that she is looking back at when he gazes at her. It is at this point that he will not say a word but jet off to begin the running of laps.
She always daydreams that he would drop the shorts to show her how much he secretly wants her. Well maybe it isn’t a secret about his wanting her but still, there needs to be more than his massive cock in full throttle ‘hard on’ to make things hotter between them. That is even though she too wants him so extremely much that is easily known due to the moist evident that lays in cum stains on her panties after each morning`s running session.

It obvious time to do something about the mutual lust but they just do this ritual every day and they both know that it should be more. Or at least she does know it must become more although she wonders if he knows it is time to actually do something with his ‘hard on’ instead of blushing and teasing her. She will wait for him to make his move to the next level of things for she has made many by asking him to join her for coffee or insinuating that she would enjoy knowing him better. Not once has he ever been accepting the invite since he always needs to be at work immediately after workout. Yet he never once walks up to her to tell her that he wants to go do something other than this morning ritual. Nevertheless, she knows he does want her for he always begins the morning 20 laps around the oval before her to then no matter the distance between them he is always catching up to her within 3 laps of the track. He then is so close on her tail that he almost touches her ass as he runs one step behind her and to her right.

As he jogs behind her he talks to her and tells her on the last lap that she needs a boyfriend so that he then can steal her from him. That makes her giggle and lose concentration but she has been learning to ignore it because it is then that he usually passes her. Thus it’s a ploy to make her lose the last lap to by forcing her to watch his ass whisk by. That is great to have a view of but she is usually so horny after that she must self-pleasure in the locker room shower.

This morning, however, she is not running the track but waits in the stands as he finishes the run of the laps. As he does she walks from the stands to watch him begin to head down the off ramp that leads to the inner portions of the stadium. He is a few paces in front of her when she confidently states “Drop the shorts, sexy.”

He stops mid stride to turn around to look at her as she continues to state” I want to see your cock. “

A shocked look comes over his sweat covered face as he listens to her further. “I know you want to fuck me. Just drop the shorts ‘Mr. Hard On’. I want you too and if you won’t ‘man up’ to deal with our mutual need to have sex with each other then I will step up. I do plan to fuck you right here to show you what should exist between us.”

Yes, she has had enough of waiting for him. She isn’t gonna pull her punches any longer on this need that she has. Time is up, with its time to take what she wants, for it’s become to the point that she can’t sleep or do anything anymore without cum on her panties. She must have him or go mad wanting to have him. Today is the day of reckoning. He either drops the damn shorts so they then can ‘fuck’ each other like wild beasts or he is going to tell her that he isn’t interested. It is almost impossible for him to not be interested in her sexy athletic curves that are some of the most delectable in the entire city. She is wanted by many, has been with very few and she even gets to be choosy of her playmates. Thus, he is one lucky boy for her to even suggest that she wants him and so he best is dropping the shorts.


Erotica Mini #1

A young couple is driving along a country roadway upon returning from a friend’s house party during a dark night with a full moon. They have been together a few years with Augusta is in her mid-thirties and Alex is twenty-eight with both riding a wave of the bliss of being together. They are a modern power couple with family routes in high society. On this particular night, Augusta is looking very sex wrapping within a black mini skirt and lacy summer blouse. This choice of personal dress has been driving Alex crazy with lust filled want all night and has him wanting sexual pleasure. Augusta is so delicious that he could devour her in seconds if she would let him close enough. Then again she so easily does such to him every moment that he is with and not with her. For she is the dream of most men just as Alex the dashing rogue that makes hearts stop beating. With thoughts of lust filling his mind Alex wheels the car along the country roadway as he states "How do you wish to make love tonight, my love?”

Her reply comes in the sweetness of sensual voice tone. It is that deep sexy tone of her almost so aroused that she could orgasm right there on the car seat. "Within any way you that wish to, my love."

With that Alex soon pulls over into an out of the way lane that is just along the highway. This is just an old lane that is heading to an empty lot road space resting between residential lots within a rural community. It is one of many that can be found during the drive back toward their home. The departing of the roadway is so casual that Augusta wonders what is happening until he looks at her. In that second she knows that they are going to entwine within their lusty passions in the front seat of the silver Pontiac Solstice. They have done this many times in the past but not this time. Instead to her surprise Alex then asks Augusta to get out of the now parked car. The traffic of the busy roadway whips by them as they begin their exit from the car. Seeing this activity and winds which come forth from it Augusta gives that doubting smile of ‘not here ‘. He chuckles in that way that he knows that she will do it. She enjoys adventurous sex and voyeuristic behavior. With his chuckling, she immediately knows that her release of pleasure’s juices will come to exist right here within this midnight’s whipping winds from traffic and the sounds of primal nature echoing out. So with a giggling, she figures why not and they each do make a way out of the convertible car to walk in front of it.

Soon they are standing within the beams of the headlights. Upon meeting on this a stage of midnight passion he kisses her full on those ever so enticing peach color lips while he is pushing her back on the car’s engine bonnet. Immediately one of his massive hands whips up her short mini skirt to be rubbing her pussy mound through those lacy black panties that he requested her to wear. With many demanding delicate rubbing presses soon his thick probing fingers slip past the panties to be inside that wet hot womanhood. She provides a deep sudden gasp as he pushes two of his thick fingers deep inside that tight wet hole where her inner muscles immediately seize them suckling them deep within her.

It is pleasure divine as they gaze deep into eyes while wrapping in the glow of headlights. The car’s engine bonnet is warm on Augusta `s backside as he presses her back on it during his need to thrust his thick fingers within her tight womanly wetness. It comes to be more than hot when Alex pulls her skirt off to then be flipping her over on her front. Then her chest presses on the warm engine bonnet of the car. The heat from the engine meets her fast to send away the chill which has crisps her breast. The night cold has partially forced her nipples to be even harder than that of her being extremely horny but now Augusta `s hardening nipples are warm. Yet her nipples and skin are protected from the heat by her lacy silk blouse. That doesn’t last for in a moment that blouse has buttons popping off due to it is ripping off from her sensual curves because Alex wants to feel it all. He wishes to see it all and have the world see his lovely sexy ‘fuck toy’ being fucked right there for anyone to have sight of. So Augusta’s firm round breasts are squashing on the car as he presses her hard upon it. It all has her having sweet soft moaning erupt from within her. It is the thrill of the heat of the engine that is mixing with the cold night air and adding in the obvious sexual desire to truly cause intoxication to her senses as they stand there on display under a full moon.

Alex quickly takes to releasing his dress pants having them fall to his ankles with a thud. Then his hands are swiftly busy creating more arousal for his sexy love toy. So in breaths of a moment, Augusta feels his magical hands on her perky breasts. His fingers play with her breasts in tugging sweet pinches and smooth naughty caresses and she loves it for her symphony sings out in melodic sounds that make angels weep of jealousy. This is his need of her as he releases his manly beast of a hard nine inches of powerful male sexual stamina from its confines. He needs to caress her into high arousal for his cock is not only of a decent length but its so thick in a girth that is difficult to take at peak arousal and so there must be a great wetness to give proper lubrication. Pain with pleasure is sexy sweet but he wants her to not bleed too much on this night.

With all their desire on fire and he is preparing her for eventual vaginal penetration by his cock by playing with her nipples, as his free hand returns to rubbing her clit in a furious need to create that moment that they both will feel the wanting to just drive home their mutual climax. Yes, drive it room as she is riding the storm of their needs being met.

Yes, riding him through the storm of mutual lust that comes with their deep passionate love. It is that true pleasure of sexual enjoyment for the sake of simply enjoying a great sexy encounter with an understanding lover. This is what they are to each other. They are understanding lovers of lust and love. Within this, he has need of showing her all his love and at this second it is by touching, with pulling upon nipples in twisting motions before he is then pinching them to create those nipples harder and larger. He will soon need to be feasting upon those perky pleasure peaks and she will soon want more than his fingers in her pussy. Augusta is deeply thrilling in his probing fingers as these are currently relentless deep thrusting within her hot honey pot. The endless pounding motions against her womanly walls create high moaning serenade sounding out into the night while she watches the cars pass them within that feeling of the winds whipping her skin.

Yet, the warmth of the car is now making her feel so much more heat. It is having her waiting for so much more from this moment of erotic pleasure play in the dark of night as she is wishing for a cool breeze to dry away the sweat that is now caressing her skin. This sweat is joining in with rapid breaths shared between them as their lips begin to touch in kissing for they wish to be breathless hungry kiss when they met that last need of penetration. Then suddenly within this moment a semi truck races past creating whipping of cold night air as the partial brightness of the full moon and truck headlights bring them into a full spotlight. It is only overshadowed by brilliance by Augusta feeling Alex`s thick nine-inch cock touching her wet waiting pussy lips and then to suddenly be driving full throttle within her slick juicy pussy. Sensuous deep moaning slips her enticing closed upper lips showing that she wants this so deeply much even if it is much to be taking for he is larger than most men. Then she gasps again as Alex retracts from deep within to then slide his considerable length into that tight wet wild womanhood.

It is paradise and pain on the engine bonnet of the car in the midst of nowhere. She loves it and her upper lips meet him again to devour him in the kiss as he slowly takes to pushing deeper within her vaginal walls as her sexy curves are sprawled there for his pleasure giving to her. Her hands are plasters to the hood in surrender to the need they both possess so that she may ride back into each of his plummeting thrust as his hips slap against her ass. Again and again, he powerfully thrusts his hard cock deep inside her wetness, while pulling on her nipples with one hand, and as the other hand pins her to the metal surface of the car.

Augusta wishes to scream out in a sweet ecstasy, but they are out in the open and near a well-populated campground area. Still, she can’t withhold the need that she has of sounding out her obvious pleasure as the ramming pressures caused by Alex is creating her tight pussy to be close to orgasmic release. She is so taut that it is simply overwhelming and the passionate screams of erotic pleasure enjoyment wish release but she holds them in peace to create even more need and dizziness within their lust.

Leaning there pressing together the night of Wiccan Solstice emerges into a new cycle Augusta feels the winds rush to her. In a blinking, as his cock thunders within her, she understands that she has found her one true love to fill her needs for the ritual of lovemaking betwixt a goddess and her chosen mortal male.

Reaching up, with the hand that lay upon her shoulders, Alex is now pulling her ebony color hair back in a fisting to cause a minor sense of pain to enter her as such does drive his cock deeper into her. It additionally has her body arch just perfectly to have her breasts shoot up like beacons in the night. Pleasure filled body has pain caress her inner walls and that does bring the cycle of the pleasure for the pain to be shown so sweetly between lovers. This sends Augusta’s erotic euphoria even higher for she adores dark pleasures within her lovemaking. Pain is darkness to most people who enjoy sexual pleasures but for these two lovers its daily sweet things of love making. Alex does know this so he then instantly bites her lower lips to spring forth blood that comes from that pinching of the skin and its stinging needle like pains.

Augusta is on the edge of enjoying true euphoric orgasm as his thrusts come harder having her wild heated womanhood as tight as a vice. Her head is pulled back by the lengths of grasped hair and her thighs quake with each new pounding penetration he gives her as he suckles her blood from within the dark kiss. Thus he starts to drive faster within her wild hot wetness with his fat beast of a cock having him groaning over the feel it creates for his pleasure. His cock is now slamming into her tight pussy with great force, causing the rocking of the car, as his balls come crashing against her firm ass making her body press to the metallic surface forcing out endless wanton moaning. The pain, pleasure and night air simply overwhelming as they meet in erotic pleasure within a midsummer night of bending over her Solstice during the Summer Solstice.

Augusta shudders of impassioned joy in these moments while her pussy is gripping his cock but then with one final massive thrust jolting her body into the car frame, it is too much to hold from releasing her honey sweetness. Alex is causing her to cum as he too releases his spewing treats of erotic ‘fuck me’ love within his soul mate. He is shooting that hot fluid in the interior of her sweet wetness. This having her long slender legs tremble, and her entire body convulses with the tense orgasm thundering through her. All this as Alex has his beastly cock remain within her wet delicious tasting womanhood while holding her close to his chest in an embrace of true love.

That is until the moment of his cock slipping out of her dripping cum soaked pussy. Then he quickly turns her body around before kneeling to lick and drink every sweet drop of the mixed elixirs of lovely lusty love. He so needs this drink after the effort of acquiring the delicious treat under this full moon of the Summer Solstice. She truly adores his love of her as his lips do more magic causing another sweet orgasm to erupt from his drinking efforts. The second treat is deeply thrilled in as she leans there in an almost standing position. His sweet groaning slurps tell that he is thrilled with her delicious taste. Then upon completing a second euphoric ecstasy for her, he rises to kiss her enticing upper lips while he helps her dress to keep warm from the cold of the night.

When both are fully dressed Alex looks deep into Augusta`s eyes smiling of the love they both do share for each other. Brushing her ebony color tresses back from her beautiful face he whispers “My Augusta, you have never been more beautiful than when we make love.” With not a further sound he walks Augusta to her side of the car to then open the door before gallantly allowing his beloved to sit before he is closing her door. Then Alex quickly makes haste to his side of the car to find his seat in the driver’s position. With both lovers tucked away in their Pontiac Solstice they give a loving smile toward each other. A smiling of true love and happiness while knowing that they soon will make love once more upon their return back home to their Gothic poster bed.


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