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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Patience`s Pleasure (Chapter 1, Charity`s Gift)

She is everything that could be wanted by Emily. The woman of platinum blond has the most intoxicating ways to seduce the brunette author. The two women have been together but then Emily ran from it for her heart fought with her mind until it screamed of how much harm that is being done with Emily attached to Arabella.

The two have done no connecting since that fateful time of Emily leaving in the middle of the night. Nothing at all shared between them with both women curious about why the other has not. Yet, neither woman brings herself to connect as they endure disconnection filled with pain in various ways. Pain while life slowly moves onward to encompass what it must and that included trying to understand why it is as it is.

Yes, there are reasons why it is left in disarray. But, in all honesty, it boils down to Arabella assuming that if the relationship is meant to be then it would be. While on the other side of the duo Emily sincerely believes that harm will continue to curse Arabella if Emily remains part of Arabella's life.

Hence, during a long cool evening during the last week of January, it is a quite a surprise to have the two suddenly confronting each other at a charity event in Los Angeles. Indeed, it is for neither expected the other to be there.

Yet, Arabella attends due to having connections that wanted her to help with one of the largest charity events for Cancer research in the southern United States. In fact, Arabella is well known for collecting large quantities of support for any charity that she attaches too. Thus, she is a very valuable asset to any group needing assistance with garnering funds for a charity, especially a Cancer-related event. Therefore, that makes it logical that Arabella attends the evening of speeches and social activities.

Emily, on the other hand, is talked into going. Her publisher needs a sidekick and Emily is in Los Angeles to deal with the fantasy fiction series of books being made into films. Hence, she is targeted for attending the charity event and why not. After all, she exists as very eligible means of attracting attention while looking good when dangled on an arm as an accompanying bit of charm. So, she reluctantly puts on that little black evening dress to have it subtly display the excellent cleavage while then she adds on two inched heels and sheer lace stockings with garters that are accompanied by silver treasures.

The evening is going smoothly with the chairman of the event standing with Alex Whittington and Emily. The three of them chat about how wonderful that it is that Emily attends and that leads to the usual of book talk and recognition of making movies. Emily`s publisher, Alex even blazes a grin of the accomplishment in bringing Emily to the charity event. He knows that Emily collects attention wherever she goes. In fact, he enjoys that he can use Emily`s celebrity status as a popular author to supply attention in any way that he needs. Emily knows this too and tries to not be available but this sort of thing during such a night is also good for her career with it creating indirect advertising.

But in all of it, Alex tends to discover that he ends up playing second fiddle to Emily. This comes because most people are fans of Emily`s writings and books. Thus, the attention comes in full force allowing Emily`s natural charm to whisk out to entertain. In turn, Peter Garner chats of the charity and the evening that they participate in as he listens to Emily who is one of his celebrity guests.

Such easily leads to a mentioning that Emily must meet the woman who is behind the scenes making the event possible. He does it without speaking names for Arabella wants no gratification from the help that she gave. Thus, as Emily agrees to be introduced there exists no real understanding of who is to be met. Yet, she approves with planning to gift the event a large sum of funds. Hence, that too makes it an even more of a reason for the two women to meet.

In doing so, Peter Gardner walks Emily over to the opposite side of the large crowded convention hall to do exactly that. As they approach a very tightly collected group of partygoers, who are being entertained by the woman that is sought, the two seekers approach from behind. Then with drawing in closer Peter reaches out to tap the shoulder of a tall blond woman dressed in a knee-length red evening dress and matching three-inch heels.

"Arabella Regency, I would like you to meet someone." With it spoken Arabella slowly turns around to face her friend, the event`s chairman. In the between moments of it, Emily instantly becomes swarmed by the chilling truths of being confronted with her soul mate. Oh yes, Emily`s soul mate and that has Arabella's mesmeric blue eyes widens in shock of seeing the woman who ran from her love.

If Heaven and Hell can exist in the same place at the same time then it does. Eyes stare, eyes speaking words that instantly flow and that comes no matter how much both could resist. There comes a world of unspoken words as two minds tumble into everything that existed and that is happening. To say that it brings coldness creates an understatement. To claim that this moment holds heat of sexual aura mating and emotions that collide in logic that dances in the matters of the heart comes as an understated truth too. Oh yes, understatement and felt by everyone in the immediate area. The entirety of it blazes, and sizzles to then become frozen right there. It exists icy and as if a volcanic ice explosion erupted in the conference hall.

Glaring, staring, arms instantly folded across breasts, serious stern stances and daring glances as eyes penetrated eyes. It is long moments of it and the crowd watches because Emily Willow Windstorm tends to create a bit of attention gathering. On top of that, some partygoers know of what existed between the two women. Hence, a show is sort of expected.

It definitely is for the tabloid news media made it all seem wild when Emily`s life continued without Arabella in it. The paparazzi became worse with toting ideas that Emily uses another woman. It rages as the news for months proclaiming dark stories of sexual perversion and hatred for men while Emily became titled a whore that does everything with anyone. Therefore the year has been streaming with endless interesting things to deal with. But now there exists this moment.

"Bad girl!” Sharply stated Arabella after what seems like an eternity of silence as she swiftly spins on her heels to walk away from Emily.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Her Story - The Beast Man

He laid on the king sized bed of white cotton sheets with his ankles chained to the posts at the bottom of the bed while he was naked and covered in sweat. Totally naked with a hard on that seemed almost impossible for most mortal men. But his large vein covered shaft with its a broad girth dripped pre-cum as he watched her nakedness radiate heat and horniness. The brunette female licked her lips as she stepped on the bed to stand over him in straddling before sinking to her knees.

She knelt with this male`s strong muscled legs touching her firm smooth ass. The brawny male of dark hair looked at her with a lust that she not ever had directed at her before. His eyes danced with the raging desire to serve a woman that he demanded to possess and that he wanted owned by. Yes, he wanted this gorgeous woman of elegant mature curves to be pleased by his testosterone and body. Please until she could not ever think of being with another mate.

This was the first time, the first as he lay on this handcrafted poster bed in a large log cabin in the middle of mountains. It was a bed made of four large tree posts that were cemented into the very house`s basement foundation. It was this for he had a tendency to be a bit wild when he wanted to mate so his home was built to handle his passion and yet provide modern luxury.

And tonight he would be filling the female that was worthy of his seeds. He was going to impregnate her so thoroughly with sperm that she would birth him the strongest sons that would be the protectors that she would need all her life.

It was with this plan in mind that he seduced her to be his. It brought her kneeling on the bed but she was a goddess. She did not kneel to him, he did not permit it but he liked her taking the top before they mate in the primal ways of what his lineage demand. In knowing that this to be fierce she brought both hands to reach for his thick cock to stroke it as she thought, 'It would hurt most women if they had the privilege to ride this cock. I want it to hurt me, mark me, and tell the world that my holes are only yours.'

But she did not say it for she was not ready to worship his cock like he did her vagina. Instead, her two hands stroked it in teasing to make it bob around before she began to rise up to allow her moist tight pussy to slowly swallow the beastly cock until she groaned of not being to take more because he was pushing against her womb.

"You are good, I am going to fuck you so hard that four orgasms will pour from me before you serve me your first cum." She coldly stated as her eyes of green met his eyes in a primal stare of knowing that once she rode him then she would set him free so he will fuck her like a feral man mating with his mate.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Arousing Ry (Chapter 14, Pretty And Promises )

On the following Monday, Lee brings the usual monthly staff meeting into existence in his office. Ry and her two siblings listen to then report the status of their projects. It takes very little time for the departments of the architectural firm tend to keep closely connected. Thus, in under an hour, Ryanne tidies up notes as her siblings depart the large open space office. With the office emptying of staff members, Lee places his final analysis in his notes to be addressed later on. Then he reaches for his desk phone to make a call about one of the items on his note list. In doing such he glances toward his daughter as she rises from the chair that she rests on. Ryanne lost in thought merely begins to leave as she hears her father say, “Ryanne Lea, your phone is on the chair. Please, do not forget it.”

Ry hesitates as he speaks. She thought the phone lay in her pocket but it obviously fell out while setting. So with a look back, she returns to the chair to pick it up and as she does Lee further conveys, “ Great job today. I love you.”

She pauses dead still in her motions as he stares directly into her eyes. He does it too then stand up to give respect as he partially smiles. “I always love you.”

She stares back at him. It isn`t small stuff, it is epic. It`s a second within life that means everything. She exists breathless with not being able to move or say anything. In that Lee tilts his head to allow the smile to stay placed as he conveys, “Get going. Watterson likes being early for meetings. Shock him by being ready early with than giving him that update that should rock his world.”

Ryanne stiffly stands there for a few more moments to confidently smile back at him. Then nudging herself into motion she picks up the phone to quietly walk out through the door.

And that is how Ryanne exists during the coming days. She exists stunned and quiet. Even during that night, Ry floats in silence. She and Orianna enjoy a date of a casual dinner and dancing. They wake in each other’s arms the following morning after a night of wild lovemaking. They talk throughout the day too. The quietness wanes but at times it returns. The two women talk a lot but still, Ry mostly listens to ponder everything spoken. Day after day life fills with work, chat with Orianna and coming home to Orianna. Every night a dinner date, a something, love making and waking to do it all over again. Days become weeks. It all feels normal and like they are more than Domme and Submissive. That feeling grows until four weeks later Ry abides in the deepest quiet all day.

It subsists as until that evening at the pub. Entering in she sits bar side talking to her bartender buddy and the quiet flows away easily. ”The old man said that he loves me. Cool, eh!”

“Lee is getting soft, is he?” comes the retort in snickering disbelieve.

“No, he isn’t. It`s family shit. Stuff. Do not drip on it, man. It is cool.” Claims Ry feeling all fuzzy inside over the memory of what her father actually said it to her.

Gerry hears the strangeness of joy in defending the family. Oddly enough he thinks that the sounds of happiness in concern to family comes long over due. So, he gives no further mention of wondering but does continue chatter. “So, you are celebrating with more whiskey and more women.”

“No, no more women.” Professes Ry with swallowing the last sips in the whiskey tumbler before nudging it toward Gerry to get a refill.

“Huh!” Arrives in shock. “There must be more women. I am your wingman and I need the hetero women that turn you down.”

“Can`t help ya, Gerr. I am working on a thing with Orianna. We have had a date every night the past few weeks or so. Been good. She cooks and does all sorts of loving things. Great at sex, and loves me. It feels natural. So, no more women until I sort out things with Orianna. Then maybe if she proves to be like the others.”

Well, if you want someone to be stunned within barely breathing then Gerry definitely subsists as the man expertly doing that job. He begins to shake off the shock for he swears that his best buddy didn`t say ‘no women’. Thus, in stuttering, he tries to sort it out. ‘”Ah. Oh. No women. Ry. No, no, no, no.”

Ry sees him losing sanity over it and she smirks before taking to laughing in conveying, “No women. And really it not this alarming.”

Gerry simply stares at her in complete disbelief as he summons his wits to deal with the absurdity. Then with a deep breath, he asks, “Where did you hide, Ry? Cause really no women is like, like, like not possible, dude.”

Ry pats her jacket pocket as Gerry stands behind the counter pouring whiskey into a tumbler. Then with a goodly amount of liquor in it, he picks up the glass to toss the liquid down his own throat in one gulp. This brings Ry to laugh out, “Listen, dude, collect yourself and it is not that shocking.”
“Hell fucking yes it is. It is one of the impossible things in the world.” Comes flung out with no control. Then Gerry reaches to fill the whiskey glass again but Ry grabs it as it becomes full.

“You are a working. This one is mine. I want to finish it before Ori arrives for dinner.” With that said Ry takes a big sip to swallow it fast as she happily continues the chat. “And speaking of dinner, bring us a great sweet white wine. Something European. We will need menus. Plus, if it`s cool then we want that table over in the corner.” She conveys with glancing toward the area to next finish the request. “I don`t need any idiots hitting on us. Her day has been rough and she needs some social but not much.”

In that moment Orianna strolls up to them from out of nowhere with a smile while leaning in to whisper in Ry`s right ear. “My Domme, I missed you. I love you.” That comes followed by a soft kiss on Ry`s ear as Orianna glances toward Gerry to say, “ Hi. Been a while, Gerry. How are all those parking tickets? Any new ones since last month?”

With collecting two wine glasses Gerry reaches under the counter to bring up a small sized stainless container. “Nope, been a good boy, Ms. lawyer. And thank you for taking care of that case for me.”

“I enjoyed it. Plus, one ticket being lost and they wanted you paying that huge fine. All others were paid for on time. The system looks bad when it shouldn`t.” claims Orianna as Ry slips an arm around Orianna`s waist in a possession of pulling her in closer. Ori in return looks down at Ry with smiling bigger than seemingly possible. Ry winks at her to then gaze at Gerry saying, “ My girlfriend is amazing, isn`t she. She serves in the best ways. Gotta love that, love her.”

Shock. Oh yes, Gerry abides in feeling shocked again. His eyes grow wide in disbelief. His mind spins of, ‘who stole my buddy’. And then he begins shaking, again. But Ry reaches out to tap him with saying, “The table is open. Bring us the wine and menus.” With that Ry nudges Orianna to lead the way. She additionally picks up the tumbler of whiskey as they walk toward the booth in the corner.

When Gerry gets over the disbelief he delivers a chilled bottle of German Riesling along with the other requests. The wine is poured and with Gerry departing Ry makes a toast. “May my girlfriend forever enjoy the fine sweet of my kisses so we may devour life.”

The clink of the glassware exists but so does surprise on Orianna’s face. That allows her a quick sip with immediately questioning, “Girlfriend?”

“Yes!” confidently states Ry in setting the wine glass down on the table to then reach for Orianna`s left hand as Ry`s other one reaches into her coat`s inner pocket. In doing so she brings out a blue jewelry box to place it on the table in front of them both. Each stares for a long moment. Then in holding Orianna`s hand, a wild energy floats between them making both women dizzy.

“Ry?” assails from Orianna whose breathing turns deep with trying to steady the emotion with a hand meeting her chest. Then with a hard swallow, she feels flush as the world spins with tears flowing. That permits Ry to bring the held hand up to lips to kiss Orianna`s knuckles. Afterwards, Ry turns the hand over to kiss the palm.

“Ori, we own a BDSM contract. But, I want more. So, in the box is a ring, nothing more than a ring of promise. It states that I want you as my only girlfriend. I want to try out an ‘us’.”

Ry smiles through it all. She anxiously does finger touches the box too but the nonchalant persona still swarms her. She next kisses Orianna`s a hand again for Orianna exists white with shock. Ry instantly notices this to share, “Okay, a pulse, even if you are ghostly white. And yes, I know it’s sudden and hard. So, I want to finish this,” claims Ry while knowing it shocks them both. Yet, Ry wanted to ask of ‘girlfriend things’ all week while they shared dates. Yet, until today it felt not right.

“So don`t pass out. And yes, it’s serious. I want it all, the BDSM, you as my girlfriend and seeing where we can make it to. I want to.”

“To hold my hand.” whips forth from Orianna as more tears begin streaming, “You want to hold my hand, you love me.” Arrives as full tears flood her face. “Ry, Ry, I, oh, you.”

Ry smiles for she likes this great warm funny feeling coming into her. She knows that doing this astonishes. How could it not but she needed to see if she can dare to have more than lust in her life. Something inside seems to be leading her to that. And Orianna already loves Ry with proof of being dedicated. Yet, Ry knows that it all shocks everyone.

In fact, Ry amazed herself when she entered the jewelers before coming to the pub. She strolled in with looking for nothing but the clerk approached for Ry seemed lost. By the time Ry gathered her awareness the clerk begins talking of the special deals and that swiftly brought Ry to say, “No. I want a special gift for my girlfriend. Something pretty and promises. Minimum three thousand and I want it today. I want it engraved with, “Ori, my precious, love, Ry.”

With that Ry reached into her small side purse to retrieve her Visa Infinite Privilege Card. She then passes it over to the clerk who instantly has eyes glowing for she knows what the card entails. “Then we have exactly what you want, Ms. Ryanne.”

It all felt automatic and truthfully right. By the end of the visit, Ry holds a stunning Eternity wedding band. It shines of 1.5 mm in width with it entirely circled of perfectly cut .26ct diamonds embedded in platinum. Inside comes written the inscription. The clerk joyously cradles it in the blue box. It cost exactly the amount that a serious life promise should. No hesitation comes either. In all honesty, Ry left the store dizzy within a joy before slipping into her cool persona to enter into the pub. And now, she sits waiting to see if Orianna might be okay with the promise.

“So, what do you think?” nervously asks Ry, as Orianna grows quiet with staring in disbelief.

“Think. Think.” Arrives in stammering as tear flood no stop and Orianna dabs them up with a napkin. “I think, yes. Yes. We are trying. You belong me with me. I know that you do.”

“You do?” queries Ry in awe while picking up the blue box to open it. She then takes out the ring as Orianna gasps of seeing it. “My god, you didn’t!”

“I am serious, my precious. So, I did. I give dedicated promises and honestly, the trinket should be more. My seriousness is more than this. I want to hold your hand. Is it going to be a problem?”

Everything is breathless between them as Orianna gazes at her new girlfriend. Ry motions Orianna`s ring finger to be ready. In a swift motion, the ring easily slips on the finger of Orianna’s left hand. Orianna, in turn, gazes lovingly into Ry’s eyes. Next with the ring solidly placed Ry kisses Orianna’s hand in conveying, “I love you, Ori.”

The beauty of promises glows on both as the waitress walks up to them with both noticing the intrusion but find it okay as the woman asks, “How may I serve you tonight?”

“My girlfriend likes it spicy. So, why not start us both with your Cherry Heirloom Tomato Salad and the main course of Thai Spiced Crusted Grilled Shrimp.” In gazing at Orianna then Ry continues, “For dessert, we will have your Guinness Brownie Sundae. The wine is good but Irish Coffee with dessert.”

“Yes, Ry” convey the waitress with walking off to acquire the meal.

“Spoiling me, and that tempts me to spoil you when you allow me too.” Orianna expresses in a lilting seductive tone that captures Ry`s attention.

Their eyes meet with lusty fire waging wild. “I want to lick every inch of you tonight, Ry. I want to show you what a being your girlfriend means. By morning you will have told me over and over again that you..”

“Love you.” Ry says with grinning, “That, I love you.”

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Arousing Ry (Chapter 13, Love Aroused )

The remainder of the week abides as unusual routine at the office. With it including Ry periodically thinking of the chat with Sheila. This is so much so that it exists even during night hours. Such leads dreams of it abiding. The dreams flow of her mother, of Sheila, of Orianna and of her life history. During being awake that allows Ry to ponder her past relationships with women. That exudes attempts to evaluate everything. Along with this comes a hanging out at the pub when not working late hours at the office. Thus, Ry exists in a world of reflection with trying to see the love that happens in her life. She calculates it in all its measures. All of its give and the take, plus she adds in the love that she unknowingly gives.

“Uhm, love.” Often happens in whispers when ending a round of thought on it.

“Uhm” when something comes to be sort of understood.

“Uhm,” as she allows love`s truths to rest in her.

“Uhm, yes, I know that could be love and not lust.” as she consents to the love in a moment settling to nestle in.

This ponderous thinking even occurs when Terri does a routine of daily calling from Europe during the evenings of this already odd week. Not a shock about the phone calls for Terri tends to call when she travels on business but this week it's peppered in great amounts of Terri`s personal life. Ry`s sister`s love life is most prominent with less of work related material. Not unusual for Ry`s elder sister seems to need to distribute personal thoughts when not home in New York. Yet, Ry never understands why Terri shares more of her personal life when away from family. And this subsists as the reasoning of why Ry usually finding it an annoyance. Hence, that persists as for why Ry usually avoids being home for such phone calls that tend be have maintained the topic of romance creating dead end chances.

However, this week and especially on this very night Ry can hear the love and want of sisterhood radiating from Terri. Ry somehow can’t remember hearing it before. But it must exist in the past too for all of this is so usual of Terri being away on business. In it, Ry finds that Terri loves by giving the news of her day and loves with wanting Ryanne to just listen. Then in all of that, comes the understanding that a soft unspoken wish that just maybe Ry might not do the usual crisp replies in pushing the chat to end. This is something that Terri seems to relay that in a silent wish for she senses that this time Ry may listen. Thus, it provokes Terri to say, “I am sorry Ry for keeping you tonight but you seem to not mind me babbling on of things. You seem interested and there is no crispiness forcing me to go.”

“Uhm,” Ry replies because really Ry is not ready to say anything more even if she knows that Terri may chat even more of her horribly boring personal life.

“Thank you. It is only a bit of bad weather with me stuck inside alone tonight. You can push me off if you have a girl or something else waiting. I know that you rather not listen to me.” Terri tosses as chatter while understanding how things usually go between them.

“No. I am alone. No woman and you are actually interesting for being my boring older sister.” softly asserts Ryanne to then say, “So, tell me something. Tell me why you don`t have a sexy guy enjoying your bed sheets this week? You got rain, romantic city, a large bed with you naked in it but where is the wild sexy rendezvous with eventual kinky tales to tell during family dinners?”

“Ryanne!” Comes in piercing shock.

“Well, I can loan you a woman or two but gee Terri, you aren’t into girls.”

The silence on the other end of the chat exists as a mental tickle for Ryanne. The pleasure of nudging Terri into being less conservative in behavior tends to be a minor joy that exists throughout their lives. Hence, Ry enjoys this moment with smirking of the accomplishment. But she figures that she best coax the chat onward. “Only teasing, Terrie.”

That creates a continued silence as Terri adjusts her sheets to place a smirk on her lips of how Ry is actually listening to all that she says. Such allows Terrie to let more personal chatter losses between them. Hence, she rounds up a reply to see how much Ry can endure. “No woman. Not my thing but yes, I agree that a man should pop my cherry. If you got a daddy approved one in mind then clean him up to toss him this damn bed so that I can begin catching up.”

“Catch up?” quizzes Ryanne with not an ounce of shock over the chat turning into sexual content.

“Yes, you have quite a legacy for your sister to live up to.” Claims Terri who chuckles in knowing approximately half of Ry`s sexual history “Yes, you set a pace.”

This instantly has Ryanne laugh into full chuckling. Then as it wanes she hears Terri saying, “It must be a few hundred women that you have fucked with them still drooling over needing you. In fact, we need to begin a fan club for you. We should do that instead of worrying about men in my bed and marrying me off.”

“Uhm, yes that is true. But we are still marrying you off to some sexy dude with abundant bedroom skills. I do need you to have kids so they can torture father. And the father approved is not important. In fact, it would be more fun for us.”

“Yes, good point and maybe we all can finally not endure the crap of interrogation at family dinners. Yes, indeed a very good reason to have kids, and very thoughtful of us to plan the next generation`s destiny. Truly loving of us, so very loving. And once more, clean the dude up and toss him in this bed, if you got him.” claims Terrie in a bit of sarcasm but it may one day exist as a truth too. Thus, she furthers it with actually realizing that love is a part of the chat tonight. “Come to think of it, you`re extra loving tonight and such a tease too.”

Ry laughs into a snickering for she thought it obvious that she teases. So, she replies, “ Me a tease. Okay.”

Terri realizes that something is unusual between them so she quickly changes the topic due to a sudden worry. “Ryanne are you okay?”

Straight away Ry becomes aware that Terri feels things a bit different betwixt them so Ry soothes the worry. “No, Terri. I am not. But I think that I am going to be. Nothing big but I may start to seriously do dating. So should you. We are both too cute to not be getting laid daily. Plus, we both need to do more than work and endure father.”

“Goddam, girl, we both are worth daily sex and daily love. Ry, getting laid is easy but finding love isn`t.” Swiftly arrives from Terri as information to further it with deep details. “In fact, we both must find love but first, the men in our family need to knock off the crap. Both need to grow up. Especially Domi must be more responsible. As for father you are right about him needing grandkids. Such things as grandkids may mellow him but basic things won`t ever change with him.” Then with an audible breath, more wisdom comes. “And we don`t truly endure father. I merely work in his rules and so do you. Domi endures him though. So all in all our family best functions as it now does.”

Ry heard her, she agrees. Yet, she states nothing accept a “Uhm, Uhm.”

Hence, with no significant interruption Terri travels onward in her thought sharing, “But the family is okay. I know that lives as a bit of a shock, shocking of how many things are okay in our family. That endures as true even with you tolerate most of the crap that father throttles out at us. But in all of it, love exists with our family too.”

“I am impressed,” intervenes Ry to repeat her awe. “Very impressed.”

Such causes Terri to giggle with knowing that Ry had not expected such to be said. “Yes, I know that you sit there thinking where all the wisdom comes from. Well, be shocked. But hell yes, I am wiser than you. So, yes, I see things clearly and don’t say much. But I am listening, seeing and caring about all of us.”

“Terrie, come on.” Ry interrupts but quiets down as Terri launches more in a need to share what she knows as family facts.

“Do you know that Mother used to say that I have insights? She said it because I am so observant in life. She also claimed that you could love bigger than everyone. Those two things are true. Along with that, it can be guessed that she would say that Domi learns the hard way for we baby him with claiming we love him that way. She would say that about us, three kids.” Terri breathes deeply as she realizes that possibly Ry wants other chat but stopping now commits bad karma with only half an opinion shared. So onward she goes with sharing an opinion. “And we do baby him. We do because we are just like Mother with being controlling dominant girls that need to love and wrap people in care. And yes, I am done blathering on topics which you hate hearing of.”

Ry heard her, she thinks that it all of it subsists as interesting. Such gives provision the next moments existing in silence for they both think about it all. Then in that quiet Terri declares that she must have a shower for she needs to be awake in a few hours. So she needs some sleep. Thus, Ryanne says farewell to the click off the phone to next find sleep and dreams.

During the following days, attention comes to the issues Terri mentioned. Ry fully notes the truth about Domi. She understands the honesty of loving him by picking up the slack in Domi`s life and how it affects. Ry even continues to truly listen to Terri’s rambling during the nightly phone call too. She also lets Jerome mother her in weird ways while surveying her own reactions about it. Ry even returns the cookie tin to Sheila who only brings it back the next day filled with more cookies and supplies a loving hug. Then lastly there comes a daily phone call to Cory. In doing it she challenged herself to not flirt but merely catches up with chatter. In it, Ry notices that love still exists between them. In fact, love seems littered in her daily life. It is and it pleases.

Each time Ry notes the acts of love. She sizes up what is love and what is not. Each time she feels many things. But that abides as not important in the initial. The important comes as the fact that she allows the feelings and accepts that she too exchanges real loving emotions in the whole process. It even increases with each day. She likes it; somehow it resonates within her to increase her observing. It floats in sweetness, as the truth of what her mother stated in the dream truly exists in her life.

Then one day soon after her father enters her office just prior to lunchtime. In fact, she moments go pressed buttons on her cell phone to connect to Orianna about meeting for lunch. In doing so she barely heard Lee but as he steps within several feet of the desk Ry catches a glimpse of him out of the corner of her eyes. Instantly a straighter poster with a knowing the phone call must end.

“Ryanne Lea, we need to talk.” He sharply states in coldness with warmly smiling and that is an oddity.

“Yes, sir.” Ry quickly states with not finishing the sentence of greeting to Orianna but conveys to her father. “I will end this. Please, give me a moment, sir.”

Lee understandingly nods with standing stiffly in his stance as he waits and hears, "Orianna, I must go. I will call you later. I want to do dinner tonight. No lunch today. Think about it. I must go, shh.”

With that Lee starts his chat. “You forced the boy to own his shit this morning. I heard that you informed your brother to stop being lazy and a half-wit. Apparently, you said that he must prove himself because it doesn’t show. He told me that you said that. He said it moments ago when I dropped into for reports on his current projects. You made the boy angry.”

Lee next strolls up closer to the desk where she sits. He then leans down to peer into her eyes, “Quite a dastardly thing to do to a family member. His secretary said he that fought back. You two had a verbal fight that he ended. And no tears from either of you two.”

Ry sits in her chair knowing about what Lee speaks of. Ry did dish it to Domi that very morning. She did it because for the third day in a row she picked up Domi`s load of work to fix things so that clients wouldn`t end contracts. She heaped truth on her brother with knowing that redoing his workload hadn`t brought change in his behavior in the past. So, she figured that maybe a different type of love became required. Hence, she served truths with Domi standing up in an attempt of self-defense but failed.

As she thinks that then Lee starts more chat. “Strange. Such is an oddity for you two to fight. A family feud at my company, one involving my own well-behaved children. Strange, just an oddity and I want to know what do you have a say of that, all of that.”

Lee subsequently stops to stare into Ry`s eyes. The intensity of emotion comes in a rain of coldness but he still smiled, he waits too and he even smiles more as he stares into his daughter`s soul. He does it just as she takes in every ounce of it while he tries to unsettle her. In it, Ry floods her mind with all that she pondered lately. Thus, a rushing of collected knowledge on the ideas of love, dreams, life and all the conversations that had occurred. She sits there at ease. In fact, as each second passed Ry relaxes even more. Then in a small corner of her mind, she hears her mother`s voice, ‘He is just like you.’ With that Ry smirks as she stands up to come into being nose to nose with her father. “He needed a father`s love. He got it. End of story and he will do better.” Ry states in authoritative cold command.

With each word Lee listens. He hears the tone of serious militia sharpness. He feels the controlled authoritativeness resonate. He views her eyes gleam of love and he breathed in her passion for doing what she did. He does it to next continue the staring in earnest into Ry`s eyes as she too commits the same toward him. Hence, two lions standing up for what they come for, and the room exists in stillness as they do. Then with a deep breath, Lee reaches out to grasp his daughter`s right shoulder. In doing so he sees something in his daughter’s eyes. In that he stops, just stops, as his eyes grow wide from peering into Ry`s, “Jane.”

Ry instantly drops her stare from his but he holds her shoulder firm as everything remains still. Lee then merely stands there not releasing her. Ry does that too. Each is lost and found in a minute of time. They both know that somehow a woman reaches from the grave to arouse the feelings of two who don`t like people knowing that they love. But yes, they do love. And it only needed the right person to trigger it. It needs that one moment of proclaiming that everything moves forward and everyone must adhere to it. Then that truth creates an intense quiet with a depth of understanding that only occurs between the soul, mind, and emotions of humans. Yet, after several long moments, Lee clears his throat, “I am glad he fought back.”

That leaves Ry even more quiet as her heart exists in beating wildly of the hoping that her fight with Domi really won`t bring any bad from their father. Within such Lee releases his daughter`s shoulder with swiftly turning on his heels to make a direction for departing the office. But as he passes through the door, and without turning around, he firmly conveys, “Job well done, you manned up. Go home and spend time with your sweetheart. You deserve it.”

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Arousing Ry (Chapter 12, Daring Of Caring)

The day quickly moves along with Ry and Shelia soon attending to office duties. There comes no napping for Ry`s mind is busy with various thoughts about the lunch chat. Thus, she needs to work while thinking of it all. Then the meeting with the new client speeds into existence with it proceeding exceptionally well. It arrives as that because Jerome sets up an excessive presentation of providing a bit of extravagance and an abundant apology. Hence, the client who is a bit of an eccentric musician leaves the building and meeting with signing contract. All quite nicely topped off once Ry shifts her charisma with professionalism into play. Then after walking the well-known musician out of the building Ry returns to her office but stops at Jerome’s desk to chat.

“Ya know the faux gems in the champagne flute are a bit over the top. Plus, did we need the sudden appearance of the antique baroque loveseat and chair from storage. It maybe black velvet but it is velvet and not leather. And my office must look its natural by tomorrow. No fluffy pillows, no white fur rug, and my love seat need to be placed back. I prefer leather to velvet.”

Jerome listens in his sitting and smirking with than sticking his tongue out in saying. “Oh now, I am working on those whippings. So, maybe the love seat and its entourage should remain. It must for, honey, you need softer edges and a bit more sexiness than what rawhide brings.”

This produces a raised eyebrow from Ry as she crosses her arms to begin walking toward her office door as Jerome conveys, “So, honey, I accept your thank you and you can even tap my firm bottom to place a bounce in my step. That would make my day.” And with that Jerome rise up from his chair to walk past the desk to stroll on down the hall with supplying a sassy wink in conveying, “Think on keeping the furniture. I am serious. But for now, I am off to deliver the end of day notes to Shelia.”

Ryanne stops the forward motions to respond but before she does Jerome declares, “You should head home to prep for your date with Ori. You go take care of her and I will make sure someone nice gets the old furnishing from your office. Everything at home is all ready for you, pants even pressed.”

Such holds truth. Ry does need to get home for a shower with some grooming. The clock almost owns five thirty and with having to pick up Ori by eight the processes of the evening spare no minutes. Plus, she needs buckets of coffee and to call Orianna to relay about pick up. Yet, she manages no phone call but carries out the other duties with drinking the third cup of coffee as her phone rings. She clicks it on to announce, “Hey, what is up?”

“My Domme. We are pulling up. Two minutes and this is a lovely rose. You are such a romantic and I love you for it. ”

“Pet!” replies Ry with surprise. “I guess that I am not picking you up but you are coming for me.”

“Oh yes, I come and I hope that you don’t mind holding my hand tonight.” Shares Orianna in a worrisome but a smiling tone too as she continues, “It is a sudden knowing that she is there. My former Domme will be attending. I, I, I..well,”

That said enough. Ry now understands why Jerome said that the date must seem like they are married. Hence, Ry summons full focus with demanding to be at her best. Then she realizes that Orianna requires a firm holding of that hand. “You need to calm down, my Pet.” Commands Ry drinking the last of the coffee.

“Ry not easy. She had a strange power over me and wanted to marry me. But I didn’t want to be with someone so cold. I need love and not mere commands.” Swiftly utters Orianna in nervousness that is so unlike the extremely self-confident composed lawyer.
Such instantly provokes that greatness of pure Dominant that exists as basic Ry. “You are mine. That bitch knows it. I have no respect for her. Not after she stopped you from attending your father`s funeral due to looking at me during a Tag-Leash Event. She hates me with a passion and I don`t know why. But when I found out about your father and the denial then I walked into her birthday party at the club. Uninvited and I slugged her before taking you by the hand to make you mine. So yes, I am hand holding. I am responsible for you. You are mine. And the rose.” Ry hesitates a second as Jerome`s comment of being Romeo enters her mind with that creating a thought of ‘ why not’. Thus, Ry tosses out an offhanded remark. “Figured I can be an unconventional Romeo. So, hey, I will be right out. I only need to grab my cell phone and your best leash.”

From that moment on the evening proceeds flawlessly with them seated at the same table as the Orianna’s former Dominant. The evening subsists as not being too boring for a lawyer’s dinner. Ry enjoys it for the most part. In fact, she plays her part perfectly. She holds suave moves, intellectual chatter, and romanticism. These do radiate from the thirty something professional architect that knows the games of upper-class social life in the city. Not a hard thing for Ry for she comes mildly known as a force in the younger generation of the city`s elite. Hence, she tends to be very good at the social while entertaining a lady at her side.

However, then there is that one minor indiscretion that whips out of nowhere near the end of the evening. Ry took a quick trip to the ladies` room to do what a lady does when having drunk a bit too much coffee and a bit of champagne. Upon returning she spies Orianna of in the corner chatting to Elisa.

Oh yes, Elisa Demas, a female Dominant that enjoys minding fucking her submissive and toying with emotions. Ry knows her for years now; Elisa holds status in the BDSM circles of the North American East coast. In fact, Elisa lives as the granddaughter of a very renowned Caucasian South African Dom and business tycoon. Also, a rumor abides in social circles about Elisa being a descendant of modern of slave owners. Thus, many say a submissive for her is much more than BDSM.

If Ry could fly she would. But it still takes no time for her to be right there in midst of things between Elisa and Orianna. That may insinuate no trust but she holds trust in Orianna but Elisa plays dirty. And as Ry steps into the personal space of the chatter she reaches for Orianna’s hand to bring it to her lips so that a soft kiss is enjoyed while Ry announces “We now may have that drink. So, if you are done, then we can arrange another glass of bubbly.”

“She is talking with me. We are not done either. Go play with someone who is in your little league. Leave me to do what needs to be done. ”

Lightening flashes in Ry but she contains it as she looks Elisa dead center in the eyes with lovingly saying, “Orianna, you are done. I am correct that you are. I am sure of it. Are you done, my beloved?”

And with that Orianna squeezes Ry`s hand too boldly reply, “Yes, my Domme. I was done even before she cornered me.”

This inspires instant cold, frigid radiates from Elisa as every muscle stiffened with her left eye twitching with anger as the command comes sharply. “I wouldn`t do that, my Pet. You are not leaving with the low-class whore. Not yet, no. You are mine.”

Coldness, bold frigid air floods this space in the corner. A temperature that may soon be hot with war but Ry gazes at Orianna who clasps Ry`s hand ever so tightly. The hand feels heavenly as it squeezes. Ry likes its power. In fact, in the growing wild sensations, loving emotions, and the knowledge of the history of the moment, Ry feels like lashing back to making statements. She feels inspired to display feelings that come from the hand holding. Oh yes, right here it may happen. Yet, calm still reigns the moment. And it is not even a peace due to her father`s demand of no public displays. Yet, Ry controls all of the ensuring desire, especially the one to make vengeance. She does it because of Orianna`s heartbeat flooding into her palm via the handholding. Thus, she does what needs to be done.

“Good night, Elisa. Please smile and try not to freeze to death.” Comes delivered through a warm smile with pulling Orianna in close to bring them walking away from the chilliness in the corner.

As they make a goodly distance toward the bar for a drinks Orianna whispers in Ry`s ear. “I love that coolness that has love in it. You are yummy.”

Ry stops to look at her, look into eyes that peer into her`s with a deep adoration. It brings smiles between them than a soft kiss to Orianna`s facial cheek as Ry squeezes her submissive's hand. “Only one little drink. I am exhausted and need to get home. We don`t need more of Eliza. And we have been here two hours."

Orianna continues gazing at her Domme as Ry turns attention toward the barkeeper who is busy with another party attendee. The other exists as one of the endless many crowding the bar area. The Cloud Bar rests on top of New York`s skyline and tends to be busy even if it is not a private party. Tonight the drinking establishment comes packed with members of the Justice system who celebrate the mayor`s birthday. So, some patients must exist and that allows Ry to further state,"Eliza won`t give up tonight. She comes here in hunting you with wanting revenge for the vengeance is easy to smell. It worries me so maybe you come home with me and sleep. No sex but sleep. That way you are not getting a visitor after I drop you off. That way I do not murder her by dawn.” Conveys Ry squeezing Orianna’s hand while leaning over bar`s counter to chat to with the barkeeper about two half glasses of German Riesling.

Drinks become achieved. They scoot along nicely tuck away into behind a group of men as they stand to look out at the New York skyline lit ablaze at night with billions of lights. They stand at the windows peering out and occasionally glancing at each other. With last slips done Ry pass the glasses to a Server Then they depart the bar. Hence, soon the night ends as Orianna and Ry rest in a silence in the back seat of the limo in heading toward the Victorian house. In the quiet of the traveling over the streets, Orianna breaks in with, “You mesmerize and make it all better. You bewilder. You made it excellent tonight. You left me in awe with holding my hand so well. In all honesty, I worship you for being so loving, especially being loving tonight.”

Ry continues lounging on the seat but she heard the compliment with it providing a bit of blushing to her. Yet, she says nothing. Nothing as she suddenly realizes something, something that comes as a theme during the past several days and especially during today. It arrives as a something when Orianna is spoken of. In fact, throughout their relationship, the term of hand-holding comes spoken in concern to Orianna. This provokes a deep resounding “Uhm, Uhm.” but nothing more for Ry`s tired mind and such is too interesting to not give it proper attention.

So it is more silence until the limo pulls up to the house. Upon stopping at the Victorian style house Ry and Orianna enter in.Each soon after climbs the stairs to enter the bedroom. In moments they disrobe with managing to get into bed. Immediately tiredness floods them and the need of sleep consume them both. Hence, sleep is found, dreamless sleep that leads to Orianna being well rested by dawn. Thus, she prepares a cold breakfast for Ry, sets out clothes and then tidies up before leaving a note in departing to her own home. Then two hours later Ry appreciates all of it when she wakes to begin a new day.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Arousing Ry (Chapter 11, Logically Love)

Office, yes the office and all the way to it creates more sleepiness within the listening to old time show tunes. Such creates an even less of a wanting to be awake. Soon salvation comes by way of departing the mid-sized sedan with doing parking in the underground parking garage of the building containing Masterson Architectural. Next, come lazy steps toward the elevator before ascending to the proper floor of the several stories of the office building. Upon getting to their destination Ry enters her office with listening to Jerome make a statement of the lunch meeting. A meeting in approximately two hours, two hours until lunch. Then as Jerome walks out with closing the office door Ry sits cozy leather chair desk with everything seeming so relaxed. This easily allows that much desired for a nap with no noise and much stillness until the two hours are nearly spent.

“Ryanne, darling.” comes softly spoken with a gentle nudging while Ry slumps over one of the two desks in her opulent well-organized corner office. “Wake up, we will be late.”

Such surprises Ry to create a sitting up within a slow waking. The black leather chair that belongs to the large modern metal black desk supports her as she tries to wake up. Her hands come to grip the desk that is covered in paper documents. She pushes them a bit to collide them against the laptop computer system and the various other work items. Doing so pushes over a framed picture of her mother and father with that collapsing on a stainless steel coffee cup before falling on a red rubber stress ball.

“Huh, wha..” Answers Ry within sleepiness while somewhat waking. “Sheila. Lunch. Wha...”

“Darling child, you must wake and come have lunch with me.” States Shelia with immediately taking to tidying up the mess. In doing so the older woman pushes a stainless steel cup aside that holds writing instruments. After which she readjust everything on the desk’s top and that includes the office`s phone system. Then with such complete, she once more supplies a soft nudging with saying, “We are going to your favorite pub and I am honestly famished. So no more sleepiness.”

“Yeah, okay Sheila. Yes, lunch, lunch at the pub. ” Replies Ry in attempting to shake off the sleepiness.

“Yes, lunch. We always have lunch during every third Tuesday of the month. That is we do if you are in the country.” Conveys Sheila who begins removing the dirty coffee cup to clean it as she further chats.“It is penciled in on your schedule book today with Jerome reminding you. He always does when you first come in.”

Then with a sigh of noticing the filthiness of Ry`s coffee cup, Shelia chastises of the messiness, “You will get sick if you do not clean your cups regularly. It shows that you need someone to care for you. The cup, the desk and you sleeping on it are awful. The lack of care shows, my dear. It does via this constant exhaustion from overload in life. You being worn out at out at thirty-two must be changed. The incident this morning must too.” Sheila claims to then shoot a chastising glance at the Ry over the tardiness with the messing up over a scheduled meeting. “So yes, let me care for you with us going to lunch to have a decent meal. Come on.”

Stirring into rising and standing Ryanne realizes that the lunch date interrupts a great sleep but it is lunch with Shelia. Thus, worth it and with a glance toward the older woman Ry grimaces in trying to understand how she is overloading her life. That, however, is a bit much upon first waking. So she chooses to figure it out later. For now, it`s dealing with promises and she truly knows she needs decent meal too and that brings proper responses.

”Sheila, I apologize for being tardy.” Comes conveyed as Ry`s mind slips into reality and she consciously finds her bearings. “You are correct. It is to the pub. We are late and so we will be late on returning but I have only one meeting very late this afternoon. I hope that your schedule is clear too and once I get my phone we can be off.”

“Yes, my dear, I know of your meeting. I have no meetings until then neither. So, no harm was done and maybe after lunch, you should rest here on your sofa. Your father isn’t here this week and the staff can handle most everything. Therefore, you must enjoy a decent meal with me before a secret nap until around six o’clock. Jerome will wake you in time. In fact, on the way out we give this cup to Jerome for cleaning and he already suspects that you will nap later.”

“You know that you mother me, right!” States Ry after summing up the past several moment's events. In doing so she wants to make sure that Sheila knows that the mothering that is happening is feeling strong and that somehow it is still an okay thing. “Okay stuff, yes it is and thanks to you for caring.”

“Yes, I do. There is no plan to stop either. It is what your mother would want. She would want you around women who can love you for you. She loved you more than any of you three children. And, that is because you are the most like your father. That you already know. You also are aware that she loved him as though he is God. Of course, that is definitely untrue. My goodness, and it is far from true.”

Ry looks at Sheila already knowing such. Yet, she does not stop Sheila from rambling on as they head out into Jerome`s office. Ryanne instead merely sighs within recognizing that Sheila simply needs to do this and honestly it isn’t going to kill Ry to hear it for the billionth time. So as they pass through Jerome`s office Sheila supplies the dirty cup with him cheekily grinning when with accepting it in whimsically conveying, “Tata, you two. See you tomorrow boss and have a whiskey for me. Thanks for the chat Sheila and will do that for you as we discussed. Thanks for the cup. She hoards them and won`t allow clean ones.”

Ryanne raises an eyebrow over the sudden sensation that more than one person is mothering her in many ways and that a conspiracy seems afoot in concern to her. “Uhm, you two can be whipped if you are up to no good.”

Jerome chuckles to grin in stating, “Oh, you tease me. You are only turning me on when you talk like that. And honey, next Tuesday we can do lunch with your whip. Just you and me, and the naughty dreams that I possess.”

Ry suddenly feels something is getting weird as she shuttles a cold glance toward him before passing through the door into the hallway. As she does Sheila slips by her within conveying, “You can tease him later but he loves you and so do I. So, come enjoy a healthy meal with me and let us P.A.`s take care of the firm for the Masterson family. We usually do it any ways. So, follow the unwritten rules, Ms. Masterson. If you don`t then I am feeding you cookies until bloating happens.” Comes supplied with a stern warning stare into Ry`s eyes before they both enter into the elevator with Shelia giggling.

With both women in the metal box, it soon takes them to the lobby, which eventually they make way into sitting in a booth seat at the Ry`s favorite pub after a taxi shuttles them there. Service is good and they each enjoy a fine lunch of seafood, well-aged whiskey and the atmosphere of a busy pub.

As both women sit listening to music the lunchtime clientele mixes about the area making general noise while Ry quietly lounges in the seat. Sheila, on the other hand, provides casual chat of office gossip. Which is the usual, just as Ry sort of listening is customary. She comprehends that Sheila keeps it all not too gossipy. For Ry dislikes all the social crap of being part of the office life. Thus, it kind of annoys Ry. Yet, she knows that office social life is very much a part of Sheila`s life. And it comes in ways of Sheila mothering everyone with most everybody liking her because of it. Therefore, as Ry listens she understands the massive network of it all and ponders the truth of how much Sheila truly does operate Masterson Architectural.

In fact, such even exist when Ry’s mother lived. Those in the know do allege that Sheila always subsists as the matriarch of the family business and can handle Ry`s father better than any woman on Earth. This is somewhat true and so yes, the earlier mentioning of Sheila and the office P.A.s running the show comes as honesty. After all, the entire staff almost pays homage to Sheila with all the staff seeming to be under her direct command. This is even though Ry`s father thinks he runs everything. With that thought Ry queries, ”Sheila, why do you care for us Mastersons so very much?”

Sheila instantly flashes her eyes of brown up into Ryanne`s green ones. Sheila does not stir as she gently sits the dining utensils down on the tabletop. Without a doubt, a sharp pause exists within a silence and then with eye contact perfect, “You tell me, Ryanne Lea. Please, do tell me why I love every one of you. Tell me why this family is loved by a simple woman who has nothing but a desk for forty years and has a meager life.”

Ryanne looks at her; she peers into those eyes that shine of nothing but love. A love that has a need to have a young woman answers this question. And that beings Ry swallowing hard as she stares there for the love in those eyes is powerful. It is too much to comprehend with it having Ry look away and being rapidly breathless of its potency.

“No! Look in them. Please, look at me, Ryanne Lea. Come now. Come see what life truly is. Look at me and tell me what you see in me. Give me the answers that you seek. I am here holding your hand. So seek!”

With another rough swallowing and gasping for breath Ryanne deeply feels unsettled in her soul. She quakes into fidgeting with her dining utensils to then stutter. “Shelia.”

“What, Ryanne Lea? What is it, my dear lil one?” arrives in warm tones holding great patience within a willingness to push onward no matter what happens next.

“Sheila, please!” comes in great discomfort and then awkwardness of uncontrollable things as Ry feels cornered in a public place while discussing love.

“No!” Sheila sternly calms within kind-heartedness. “No, you may not wall this up into collected coolness and avoidance. You will answer this and everything that is going to occur during our chat today.” With that Shelia reaches to enjoy a sip of the whiskey from her tumbler to afterward smile before continuing on with. “Child, it is time. We both know it is. Your mother even knew you would need to, just as your father needed it once.”

“Huh?” slips from Ryanne who watches while hearing the chat even though she dislikes the sensations that flood her. She doesn’t` like it for a foreboding of facing something exists.

So, yes, somehow the chat seems like a destiny. Possibly not one she wants but she accepts it. Yet, fear in a panic comes too. So she tells herself maybe it is a must to live through this moment of what exists as strong emotions. She knows it and added the idea of running from facing destiny isn’t her thing either. Instead, she knows that thinking is ‘her thing’. Thinking and keeping life all nicely bound in limits while facing all that comes her way in life. Nonetheless, restrictions always subsist when feelings come into play. Feelings provide chaos for her. Chaos and trouble unless it is lust. And today, no lust but true feelings, and love feelings at that.

Therefore another “Huh?” comes about Sheila`s chat of the family. Shelia`s love is not questioned but an off the topic mentioning of her father is an oddity. So, Ry grasp on to it for that provides no sharing of her feelings. Thus, she blurts out, “Father did what?”

“Yes, he did this once. Much like you, he swears that lust and power are everything a human needs. He claims that love is for fools.” And with conveying such Sheila smiles to once more enjoy a drink before waiting for an interruption by Ryanne but no comes, so she continues. “You do adhere to that life philosophy. You push it quite well into being your truth. Yet, you need to know a different slant on the truth. This is so that it can balance out what you think is true.”

Ry glances at her as though things are getting a bit cryptic, but Ry remains quiet for she has that sense that a lecture or something similar exists. Which isn’t unusual in her life and she tends to survive them, whether those come from her father or Sheila or Cory. So, she listens with being respectful to her elders.

”You do, my Lil One.” Reasserts Sheila knowing that Ry expects a lecture with Ry`s mind drifting into a sort of not listening. Hence, Sheila`s voice tone changes to telling a story.

“Lee, he sits one day telling me of this gorgeous woman whom he cannot get out of his thoughts. He sees her walking the grounds of a government complex that he renovates. He follows her because something inside tells him to. Every day this beautiful brunette of green eyes comes out to sit in the shade of an apple tree to enjoy her lunch. He watches her do it. He does this daily for three entire months of his working at renovations. He follows her like a lost puppy to survey her and he does not say a word to her. He then takes me to lunch the last day that he works at the job. He tells me of it all and then he says, “What is with that, Sheila? Tell me the truth of why she haunts me.”

Ry seems uncomfortable of the story but she remains spellbound with Sheila noting such. This provides Shelia to nudge a fork toward Ryanne. “Eat and listen. You are too skinny and you will die of hunger if you stop eating good food.”

Ry bullets a cold stare that brings the further response of, “Eat! And listen!” This comes in stern discourse from Sheila who sips another bit of whiskey. “As you know, your father and I are childhood friends. Just as you know that the woman in the tale is your beloved mother.”

Ryanne softly replies, “Yes, I know it is my mommy.”

Sheila then smiles seeing love briefly sparkles in green eyes that usually lack tender feelings. Then Sheila continues with the chat. “Lea avoids love but he knows when it`s time to love. That is even if he never loved anyone before your mother. He feels he has no need to love and he pushes himself into that he can`t. He believes that being a self-made man and existing in a cold militia styled way of living is what should be. In his youth, he never intended for a family of his own or for love in his life but he has it all. He is a well-accomplished self-made man and proud to be living as he is.”

Ry listens even though she already knows it all. So she gives her attentions but she is not catching what is coming and then it comes full throttle. “I know that you respect their love and respect him. I know this and so do you. So, Ryanne Lea, you are capable of relenting and allowing love. He is. He does it daily with loving you, children. When doing that he knows that you can love too for he looks at you with daily seeing him in you. He loves more than most people and he recognizes that he thinks that he cannot love anyone. Yet, he loves you three children, plus he loves Cory and me with all his heart and mind.”

Ry squirms about how it often feels like no love coming from him but yes; it is the truth that her father loves her and her siblings. Plus, he loves Cory too, and he respects Sheila more than anyone in his life. Ry isn’t sure why of it all being that way, but her father does claim such. Along with that, Ryanne always somehow knew that her father carries issues about love and the showing of it. Thus, with a deep sigh, she remains more attentive even though this brings powerful emotion with chaotic thoughts. Therefore, she stirs a bit within the seat for disrespecting this woman is never an option in life. Yet, Ry feels the need to leave the chat over this discomfort of talking about feelings and seriously loving anyone.

“Jane understood that too. Your mother comprehended that you love. You love even though you close off your heart. I too know that it is true that you love others.“ convey Sheila in reaching across the table to finger touch the right hand of Ryanne as she states, “It is time to love, dear child. Time to release into letting someone else love you just as your parents do love you. There is no need to fear that you are losing love, for you cannot lose what you freely give. When we give love then it returns to the giver in abundant ways. Love is like that.”

Sheila stops everything to allow Ry to slip away from her hand for Shelia feels nervousness filling Ryanne as Ry `s eyes beg to not endure more but more must come. Then when Ry pulls away she continues. “You think that Jane stopped loving you when she died, It is why you hold her so tight with claiming not to love anyone. Yet, Jane still creates a whole circle of love and family to care for you. It is a world of safe people for you to love if you choose to love. Which you do love your family and care of your inner circle but you openly deny it. However, your mother made sure you could love, that you could if you wished to. She managed it before she succumbed to her afterworld.”

“Sheila, please.” sorrowfully whispers Ry with finally not being okay with listening to what comes as this sharing.

“No, Lil One, listen. Your mother knew everything about everything in your father`s life. She understood the business set up at the firm. Jane recognized my intense presence in the firm that leads me to also be a family member and your second mother. Jane additionally comprehended all that can be in each of your lives as you each grew. She made you safe, Ryanne Lea. Safe enough to love her forever and let go of the pain. You have always been protected and wrapped within a love that she knows that you are capable of returning to anyone. We all know that you do love and that you wish to share it.”

Ryanne begins to rise up but then suddenly states, “Mother. Humph.” Next, she stares at Sheila as though the conversation is all crazy. “Mother, yes she loves me. I know she does but what does that have to do with why you love all of us?”

Shelia coldly glares at Ry as though it`s a hard head that gets drilled into today. So, she sharply states, “Because I am selfish. I am the most self-centered woman on Earth in concern to love. I am, and it is I, me giving love in hope that it returns to me. I love for I enjoy giving it. I do it because I have a loving circle of family and friends that need it. There is a world of love that I can soak up because an entire existence drinks in every ounce of my love. It does for we all need to love and be loved. So, sweetheart, I am greedy of love. I am selfish in every degree and I do think that you too may need to be selfish about it also. So, it is time to find her, time to hold her hand and time to not be driving you into exhaustion with fighting it. You live life in ways that only rip you down. It must stop! You must see how much you need love and do love others.”

Yes, Ry sits back down upon hearing the tone and words. She does for if she continues to stand up she may fall down from the explosion of emotion coming at her. It is emotion coming packaged in logic. Logical thinking and emotions in a union are like a fucked up mutant existence that Ry surely never understands but yet somehow this time it makes sense. So, out slides “Ah, I see.”

Sheila now watches thing closely with being quiet as Ryanne next stammers, “You love me because I love you.”

“Yes, my dear one.” Does arrive in a soft knowing reply.

Ryanne looks up into those brown eyes that she mostly avoids but now she must look in them. ”You say that I love you even though you say that I think that I can’t.”

“Yes, sweetheart.” Smiles Sheila with seeing the hard-headedness vanishing.

“Uhm, yes, I do think it’s not okay and it. Uhm.” It becomes quiet but there is endless sound inside of Ryanne. Silence for the pain of chaos swims within and she is facing this destiny that comes hard to her

“It does hurt Ryanne Lea but she still loves you. You love her more than anyone in life. But she wants you to love others too. ” Coaxes Shelia as she waits.

“Yes, that is the truth. Mother loves me but, uhm.”

Emotion and logic could not be wilder within Ry at this moment. So she questions all the rest of the chat as she tries sorting it into logic. Somehow she holds a control as it all turns into a sacred epiphany. This builds stillness, along with more control of it all as chaos comes bound to have her heart sing, ‘Come find me. I am waiting.’

Sheila looks at Ry through it all with almost seeming to see the internal gears turning. She realizes that the mechanisms in that intellect of Ryanne whirl at full speed to clear the chaos within needing to understand emotion. Yet, it is more than that which Shelia views. For she knows that for the first time Ryanne releases the grip on a locked heart while letting her mother`s love create more love in life.

“Shelia!” quietly utters Ry within a calmness as she reaches to touch the other woman`s hand.

“Yes, my child?” arrives in sharing a smile.

“I think that you have a good idea about that. I believe you are very selfish and I think that maybe I am gonna be selfish too. Maybe it is time.” Ry sums up in understanding things with maybe allowing the wholeness of the chat to begin its working within her.

She accepts it because honestly, it comes from, Sheila. Plus, Ry holds thoughts about the dream that she experienced during the night. Logically speaking her two mothers tell of the same thing on the same day. So, maybe Ry needs to give this love thing a try. After all, the lust thing only gets her crap like Payton and women trying to dominate her while her bed remains empty and he heart still loves even though has rules to not do that.

“Love, so yeah. I get it. Okay. Maybe.” flows out in still pondering everything.

“Yes, I know” States Sheila with taking another sip of whiskey in furthering her reply with. “Now, eat all of your lunch before we head back to the office. We both can be busy relaxing since your father isn’t here this week to be dictatorial. Which is not a real change of things for like I mentioned we all know that I run the show at the firm anyway.”

Ry stares into those eyes a minute more with knowing that Sheila is the glue in the Masterson family. Thus, a minor giggle as dining utensils arrives in hands with the meal continuing onward.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Arousing Ry (Chapter 10, A Hand To Hold)

The night manages to be less interesting as the drink splatter on the wall and shattered glass hit the floor. It comes as shocking for Ryanne never loses her coolness. She never steps outside the self-control but it is time to do just that. She can feel it occurring too. It abides in her very soul. Yet, she cannot allow that to exist. It can`t for losing her temper irritates. It pushes her anger higher. Thus, as it fills her Ry sinks to her knees on the floor with leaning against the sofa.

That permits her eyes to slowly close due to weariness within wooziness. Yet, anger boils within her. Finally, the breaking point reaches a maximum in her life. Her life`s seams do bulge to want to erupt for everything comes harder lately. Life is exhaustion with endless frustration over women and being too tired to hold the reigns of everything for everyone. She knows that she had dreams. Loving dreams. She wanted more than sex, parties, working endless hours and this life that seems to always push her limits. Within those spinning thoughts the eyes of green slowly close to gradually allow the night to pass.

In that sleeping, a mixture of drunken dreams and life thoughts flood her subconscious to create an interesting dream. It is one so vivid that it feels real and has Ry believe that she is awake and living life. In it sees her beloved mother who smiles at her. It radiates has beautiful happiness and Ry feels surrounded by love. Within this lilting paradise of a dream, Ry is spellbound with merely watching her mother who is more than iconic to Ry. Then within it comes whispers of, “My baby girl it`s okay. You will understand. It is okay and maybe it`s time to hold a new hand.”

Ry doesn’t understand but she doesn’t need to. The woman that endlessly holds her heart seems so real in this moment. Thus, she wants to live this with having that unconditional love once more to exist in her life. And within that, she smiles in saying, “I love you.”

“Yes, you do my darling. But Ry let it go. Floated it away. Feel, feel the things that you need to. Stop hurting you. Release everything and let the love in for love must come in for it to be known. To know the depths and conditions of love you must let love in.” Softly shares her mother with caressing Ry`s facial cheek as she then continues, “You are most like him. He too couldn’t let go of many things. But he did it for me. He did and we had joy. Now you too must let go, let go of me to see what is really there. It waits for you, you are ready if you dare to reach to trust.”

“No, no. I will not let you go. You are love.” Solidly conveys Ry with wanting to hold the love feelings forever.

The phantasm smiles sweetly as she pulls Ry over to be against her within the dreams. Thus, there are two sets of green eyes staring and sharing the love as the phantasm allows Ry to feel all of what is floating around them. This brings the phantasm to say, “Beautiful isn’t it, this love that you have for me. It is filled with trust, kindness, openness and a bond so strong that neither of us ever dared to leave it. I needed it. You needed it. We endured many lessons and held strong. Someone in your life will do that for you if you let him or her in. But you must let me go. You must allow her a chance. It is the only way that you fail, you fail if you do not give her a chance.”

Ry instantly begins to round up a reply of refusing such things but then the phantasm sternly says, “Trust me. Just once more, one more time, just trust once more. Please, trust me.”

Ry is speechless for that tone is something that must be respected but she manages a soft-spoken reply of, “No”.

The phantasm kisses Ry`s left cheek to whisper, “She waits for you and you are loved by me but reach for her.”

Suddenly Ry comes shaken out of the dream with this permitting no reply. The being pulled from the dream comes from falling forward in the leaning against the sofa. Her drunken stupor, while she kneels there in the living room of her house, creates a thud and an awakening that greatly not wanted. Hence it gifts anger and her sprawled on the floor.

“Goddamn!” arrives with an accompaniment of groans as Ry adjusts to reality. Then she feels the lingering of the love feelings that are for her mother and she smiles but moans of the pains that she feels from falling. “Mother. Love.”

The following moment's mix with haze, and upset with a wanting of the dream to return. Yet, Ry knows that is craziness. So she groans more within trying to sit erect. Once it`s accomplished she slowly brings herself to stand up with trying to get past the groggy drunkenness so that she can somehow find her bed. However, no bed comes. She merely tumbles to the sofa and passes out into a drunken sleep that is dreamless.

Several hours later she once more is awakened with the time being mid morning the next day. This time a no falling to the floor exists but a solid nudging with a very strong voice tone comes heard from Jerome. “Boss, your sexy ass should have been at work three hours ago. A big meeting first thing at seven and no one showed to handle the firm’s newest high profile client. You missed it. It won’t go well if daddy finds out. I reschedule for this afternoon and fixed it but you missed it. Get to shower and I will drive us to into work.”

To say that Ry woke fast definitely exist as the truth. Ry hears it all, all of what Jerome conveys. She does it while trying to adjust her sitting with scrambling to be coherent within a definite painful hangover. The pain of it forces her eyes closed as she thinks that she lives in hell, utter hell and nothing seems okay. But Jerome provides solace as he lovingly pats her lap in stating, “Come on, sexy. I am taking you upstairs to the shower. You undress and clean up. I will get the clothes. You must get to the office immediately for someone must be there to just be there. Your father may call if the new client connects to him. But you can have a nap for I canceled all of the scheduled meetings, all but two meetings. The one with the new client is at the day`s end. Then there is your usual monthly lunch date.”

Ry moans about it all but she knows that she has duties. Within the dream and the night must be set aside. So both are left in past as she accepts the offer of Jerome`s hand to help her stand up. Soon both of them walk up the stairs with Jerome chattering on about the new client and expectations. As they reach the top of the steps Jerome says, “Ya know, you are damn lucky to have sexy ass bitch of a guy like me to take such great care of you. You should give me a raise, yeah a raise with maybe an extra half hour for lunch each day.”

Ry snickers of that with turning toward her bedroom to go for the shower as Jerome then states, “I almost forgot but your sweetheart called today too. She worried about you.”

That brings Ry opt sudden halt to be cursing. “Fucking, Payton. What is the fuck is she up to now.”

But before Ry can say more Jerome sternly interrupts, “ Hush. It was Orianna wondering of dinner availability for tonight. She mentioned something about hand-holding at a business dinner at eight. She must have a date. Something about a former girlfriend and needing to not be single. ”

“Oh!” Claims Ry feeling stupefied.

“Yes, your sweetheart.” Claims Jerome who moves to collect a clean silk shirt, lace under garments and a pair of dress slacks for Ry while he rambles and Ry heads into the master bathroom that is a part of the master bedroom. “ Your Ori need you because you are the only one who can make a date seem like she is married. Which I agree with her for you two are so much an old married couple that it’s crazy. So, I penciled you in. After all, you need some serious fun and she always brings you happiness with a spot of naughty love.”

Ry grumbles of the love word as she tosses off clothes with turning on the shower before entering into it. Then once inside, she shouts, “Okay. I will go. But, I need to know details. “

Jerome laughs of the reply as he shouts back. “You didn`t have a choice.”

Then while collecting the last of the clothing items he walks to the bathroom door to lean against it to further share. “I decided for you. And your clothes are your new black flared trousers, the leather vest with brass clasps, the linen colored bolero shirt that I gave you and those heeled black leather boots that you like. Casual but upscale. I will have it ready by eight. Plus, the limo picks you both up with a pink sweetheart rose in the car. Just in case you wish to be Romeo.”

Ry hears it all. She expected nothing less for Jerome is that amazing person that she needs in her life in the exact ways that Jerome exists in her life. But as she reaches for a towel she needs to clarify something. “ She is not my sweetheart. I only hold her hand and occasionally fuck her because I am her Dominant.”

“Maybe.” Retorts Jerome as Ry walks past him with still being mostly wet but quickly towels off to get dressed.

“No maybe about it. I do not do love. “Comes in form clarification

Jerome laughs at such to then claim “Maybe.”

Ry turns to face him with getting on her pants to then sternly stare him down. Jerome smirks of it to afterward walk over to peer into Ry`s eyes in powerfully stating, “She has been with you for as long as I have. Everyone knows that she loves you. She fixes you when you are broke and you allow it all too.”

“I do not!” fiercely conveys Ry with turning away to finish dressing.

“Okay then”, sums up Jerome with a concern of getting them both into the office but more must be said to “Okay, it is as you say. But no other woman can call you like she did today. You do not allow. In fact, the hand holding that she asked about, you do it with her. You do it with Orianna even when you are with another woman at a function. You, in fact, seek her out and find a reason to hold her hand.” With that that Jerome finishes chatting with a sigh shared in saying, “Kind of weird and it is as you say. Maybe, eh. But hey, we are late. Time to get in the car. Meet you there.”

Thus, he leaves the room and the house without waiting for more from Ry. Yet, Ry stands mid room fully dressed in being puzzled by it all and more exhausted than ever while trying to stop the hangover from spinning within her senses.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Arousing Ry (Chapter 9, Dominants Play)

Standing in the hallway watching Cecelia departs for the bedroom gives intriguing feelings as the high from the orgasms wanes into slower breaths. Within that calming Ry`s realization of Cecilia managing to own control comes as uncomfortably interesting for Ry. Therefore, Ry instantly decides that no good vibrations occurred outside having an orgasm. Of course, an orgasm is great but not at the price of her dominance in sexual matters.

Hence, thoughts flood, thoughts of, ‘this chick can be worth a few months of kinkiness but not if I am the submissive in bed.’ That brings more in a similar vein of ideas. ‘Yes, in bed, she is waiting in my bed and this one seems to think that she owns it.’ With that thought, Ryanne pushes away from the wall to swipe her palm on the wet that clings to her thighs. That thus has her pondering next steps. As she does she gazes at the creamy wetness upon her hand. It provokes a statement of “Uhm, nope, not cool. Not ‘our’ bed and you will see who is what.” She whispers in breaths not succumbing to this woman or anyone.

Next Ry straightens posture to instantly reinstall that entire innate coolness around herself as she then casually strolls into the bedroom. After doing so she nonchalantly leans against the highboy dresser that stands just inside the bedroom door. She takes to watching the sexy lil blond treat being comfy upon the silken sheets. “I have a collar for you if you wish it. Do you?”

“No, and you know it is you who is to wear it. Not me. I am your Dominant, baby. You will enjoy being my pet. That is if you wish collared this early. If so, then you will be collared on our next sex date. However, it`s a little early for getting serious. But, I am sure that by the week`s end you will be calling me, your Mistress.”

“Uhm!” barely comes spoken but it comes. Then there exists a sharp understanding in concern to what can transpire in the next moments. It brings a stern grimace with the raising of eyebrows over who gets what and why. Then a darkly cold stare pierces those eyes of blue that smile at Ry in the playful triumphant seriousness of Cecilia thinking she wins dominance.

“Ryanne, you are all bravado and coolness in life but inside you wish to submit to a woman who can handle you. Handle you and not permit heart things. I have known of you before today too. I do watch you with girls at both the pub and your favorite club. I additionally figure that eventually, we are to be this.” Claims Cecilia leaning more in against the pillows of the bed while continuing. “You are a wild cold brute that only wants extreme kinky sex with a woman who does keep pace. That can only come from a woman that is as dominant like you.” Cheerily announces Cecilia who obviously enjoys chat within sharing wrong observations.

“Uhm.” softly arrives from Ry who takes to studying things in a flashback to then evaluate this event in order to bring the next steps between them.

“I am that woman, Ryanne. I can fuck you. You don`t want you to love me but I will make you want more of me.” Cecilia unemotionally claims whilst snuggling into the pillows to cheerily finalize with. “You will succumb to me. I know that you will.”

“Uhm?” arises once again with knowing that such sincerely cannot happen in Ry`s life. Yet, Ry`s smile turns into an amusing smirk over Cecilia`s true persona. Ryanne next shifts her stance to lean more to the left while folding her arms across her breasts to give into further studying of a possible new sex friend. Yet, in doing so it triggers a comment from Cecilia for she too studies body language.

“You will not answer me like that anymore.” sharply responses Cecilia “ Ryanne, you dismiss our chat as unimportant. You need to be aware of who you are. Oh yes. For you are my slut, my whore, my play toy and my pet. I now own you. You will respect me and be, as I need you to be. I am most important to you.”

Cecilia glares at Ryanne who listens to it all. Ry doesn’t do much more than that though. Instead, her mind plots out that more pleasure must soon exist. Oh yes, more orgasm remains needed. Plus, Ry never allows a woman to leave her bed not pleased. And Cecilia still requires a climax. And with that understanding, Ry thinks of, ‘waste not, want not’. Hence, it is summed up that Cecilia needs to discover who the true sexual Dominant is.

In that idea, a snicker floats from Ry as she enjoys the ideas of this little verbal game of chasing prey within claiming status. After all, it can be considered a part of the foreplay, foreplay of verbal chasing and orgasms. So, she decides it`s time for more foreplay within the chasing. Thus, a sinful grin grows upon her lips.

“Oh god, woman! You really are a piece of work!” proclaims Ry in blazing that winning smile to be even bigger as she shows amusement. Within all this Ry understands what Cecilia may be plotting as her next steps and so Ry has a question. “Are you registered at any of the BDSM clubs here in the city?”

This comes followed by a studying of facial and body movements while waiting for a reply. A reply must be issued and for many reasons but mostly Ry now wants answers to nagging ideas before moving forward. And Cecilia may supply them if proper questions are asked. So, Ry inquires of clubs in order to verify if Cecilia is a real Domme. Possibly via that, it can be found if Cecilia likes conquering Dommes that she perceives as a weak female Dominant.

With a question in need of answering Cecilia eyes Ry to gauge what is up with Ryanne flinging about questions. She does this while thinking that she is called out. So she decides that she needs to be bringing out facts. “Yes, the Eulenspiegel Society, Fetish Tribe, Paddles, and NYC TNG. You belong to all of them with being classified as an experienced Lesbian Domme with hardcore kinks in bondage, breath control, pain-pleasure and orgasm control.” Comes stated as Cecilia sits erect on the bed to continue the reply “I am listed as a Lesbian Mistress with an extensive list of hardcore and soft kinks. I am seeking dominant partners for I like feisty sexual women like you.”

After responding Cecilia listens intently to Ryanne to hear if the disrespectful ‘uhm comes. She needs to know if lessons are being learned with Ry hopefully soon succumbing. The ‘uhm’ doesn’t come so Cecilia continues onward while Ryanne leisurely holds to leaning against the dresser. “Yes, you are on the register of Dominants but you aren’t the first I picked off it, nor are you the only one that is kneeling to me. So you aren`t alone, you have a small harem for a new home.”

With that Ry swiftly pushes away from the dresser to stand still for a long moment in focusing her energy. Alongside it, she stares at Cecilia until Cecilia gazes back to hold the constant gaze. The sharing comes intensely cold, and powerful in its energies. It sweeps in capturing total attention to everything occurring between them with both now understanding the situation. Thus, it remains eye to eye, no words while Ry walks to the edge of the bed`s footing. Standing there every curve is nude, every movement is poetry in motion as she comes to commanding a stalk stillness at the bed`s foot. Thus motionlessness forms the air in the room with Ry proudly accessing her inner power. Her long wavy brunette tresses form a frame of perfection about her beautiful dark Caucasian skin. Her eyes dance with life beyond all the lust but the lust flickers into the coldness that her soul currently resides in. Added to this her stare waivers not as she reasserts within herself that a dominant human never kneel, and an alpha female knows her place of being the best.

Cecilia intently watches those jade green eyes dance; they seem to speak a secret language within an aura of collected lust. It is stunning. It is just as sweet as the love that roams in that moment of flickering before the lust and coldness consume it all. In this moment Cecilia sees beautiful worlds in Ryanne’s eyes. She sees powerful emotions that hide inside a rawness of confident woman. Ryanne knows that Cecilia sees these but it garners no smile. However, Cecilia smiles for she observes that gorgeous soul that lay deep within Ryanne. And that has Cecilia wanting to taste that soul. Yes, it must e enjoyed for Cecilia can now see why the coolness is as it is. It isn’t sexual and it is not of this world but it’s a power that simply is. And Cecilia wants, craves to have Ry`s soul that has a love so wild and unconditional.

“Who is she?” softly asks Cecilia after staring longer moments with wanting to see more of love in Ry`s eyes. But Ry hides that with more coldness as Cecilia submissively crawls across the bed to kneel on the bed in front of Ryanne while search Ry’s eyes for that amazing world that existed moments ago. In doing so she softly asks, “Who is the woman who loves you and that you can’t forget. She is bright when you think of yourself.” Cecilia states in further searching Ry`s eyes that now hide all love in an impenetrable chamber. It has Cecilia determined to know, thus she demands. “Please tell me. I want to know you. She loves you and you know it and she comes just before the dominance in you arrives to drive away the love that you have for her. Who is this woman who holds you so tight that you have enough confidence to rule the world?”

Ryanne smirks, “Uhm, Uhm, Uhm!” comes in amusement over things as Ry shuttles out no answers of those secrets belong to only three people. Those being herself, her soul mate and Ryanne`s mother.

Cecilia scowls of the disrespect, but then she looks into the eyes once more in scanning them to coldly state, “You are naughty, Ryanne.”

With a full sharp laugh, Ryanne reaches around to swat a firm authoritative spanking to Cecilia ass while Ryanne’s declares, “It is Domme or Ryanne. You choose! But you will choose now!”

No shock comes from it for Cecilia understands that she isn’t made of the same material that Ryanne is. It takes immense power to hold all that love in check while seeming so aloof “Ryanne, please, I...”

“You need me. Get your ass propped up on my bed. You need me to balance you.”

Cecilia smiles of that, she understands that but she isn’t here to be a submissive to a more powerful Dominant. Yet, she remains kneeling for a moment more to look into those eyes before then leaning in to whisper upon lips “One kiss, just one, my darling.” Then a kiss arrives within a mere breathing as it presses full and soft with tinges of sharing a secret. “I envy that love you have but I can’t succumb.”

Next rising from the bed Cecilia hears nothing from Ryanne but Ry is shaken for the only unconditional love in her involves her mother. If Cecilia sees that then a true secret is found but Cecilia only knows it a true love as she walks away stating, “I can show me out. The orgasm is a gift between sisters and please come to my concerts. Tickets will be always waiting for you. I want us being occasional fuck friends, but first I need to get you out of my head before we meet again. So give me a week.”

In response to the change of plans, Ry sits upon the bed`s edge to catch her senses. She does this as Cecilia walks from the room into the hall to begin collecting the pieces of her clothing for a departing the house. Ry, on the other hand, takes several deep breaths to access what happens now. She cannot comprehend of how on Earth does Cecilia sense that it’s ‘love matters’ that hide in her eyes. Then again maybe Cecilia actually might be similar to Ryanne like Cecilia claimed. Maybe birds of a feather know instinctively about each other. But Ry senses that they aren’t exactly the same. After all, Ry could never actively seek to force another Domme to submit.

Yet, both are alpha females but Cecilia changed to almost submitting when a strong love seemed available. Thus, Cecilia has ‘switch’ tendencies within her. Subsequently, Ry now knows that in the end, Cecilia may submit. This Ry could do Cecilia thinks that she can control Ryanne. So yes, possibly they can be ‘fuck friends’. After all eventually Cecilia may succumb to Ry`s pet. That makes no need of displaying who is the Domme. With that thought, Ry`s ass rises from the bed to stride out into the hallway.

In a second she stands at the pinnacle of the stairwell looking down into the living room where Cecilia rests upon the leather sofa while dressing her clothes she collected. Ryanne stares at Cecilia who adjusts the shirt to fit properly. Then Ry knocks on a wooden column of the stairwell and instantly the blond woman looks up. She smiles with seeing Ryanne still nude and aroused too. It creates awareness of being a woman walking out during sexual pleasure. That births a solid stare of intentional lust between them. It breeds understanding that opportunity to provide a climax or two.

Ry continues to look at Cecilia, peers at her with the most sincere demand for sexual pleasure. With the staring, Cecilia knows that she can`t leave. She understands that Ry is a sexual beast all wrapped in thick strands of coolness with hiding it until she needs to release the alpha animal within. This in all honestly suits Cecilia with her once more removing clothing to stand nude in the living room. She next watches Ry descend the steps within leisurely predatory motions. As each second passes, they hold an intense exchange of energy through constantly watching each other’s eyes. This does not end when Ry comes to stand in front of Cecilia but Cecilia swallows a hard lump in her throat.

“I. I, you.” She stammers at Ry to then part thighs wide to watch Ry kneel between them.

“Bad girl, bad, bad girl. I am not done with you.” Ry chastises as her hand's grip Cecilia’s knees caps.

“I am, I.” Cecilia keeps that gaze into those jade color eyes to see a powerful energy while sputtering out no sentences. “I.”

“Sorry, is what you seek. A sorry should come first. You fucked up. Once you apologize then you will do as I want.” Firmly announces Ry with maintaining the stare.

Ry caresses those widely spread thighs as Cecilia` s breathing changes into a softer smoothly deep rhythm. The Ry`s breathes cooling air on the nudity that sets waiting to be teased as she commands. “I want you. I told you that I do. You will be mine and then you beg me to collar you.”

“But, I don’t want…” Fumbles out Cecilia as her eyes see the passionate lust stirring deeper within Ryanne.

“I can`t breathe, it`s too.” She further claims as Ryanne rises up to stand with being too close; close enough to almost be touching Cecilia’s upper lips with a kiss.

“We are kissing, yes kissing and this time you have no choice in what is happening.” Voice Ry who tone becomes authoritative yet sensually smooth.

Cecilia knows this for she feels the potent invisible force of Ryanne’s sexual aura swarming her. It is a beastly thing of sensual, shadowy, and hypnotic energies. It arrives when Ry seriously focuses on sexual prey. Cecilia gasps as she feels it surround to consume while Ry`s fingertips play softly on her skin.

“No, please” Cecilia conveys in a dizziness as Ry stops hand movement to then suddenly see her prey`s eyes wide with the shock of stopping the touching. This brings Cecilia to beg, “More. No stop. I need.”

She takes to searching Ry’s eyes for a way to not give in but Ry isn’t the type to allow anything else if it`s long term commitment to sexual play. This provides a head shake by Cecilia to see if she can shake off this spell that Ry naturally weaves. But she barely can think. She swims in being dazed with being wildly horny to have Cecilia realize that she may enjoy submitting but the dominant woman inside her pleads. “No collar, no. I just want and need and.” But it is breathlessness in being overpowered by the lust that teams between the two of them. It comes full throttle while feeling the intensity of their mutual carnal energy. Thus, once more she begins begging, “Please. Please, touch it! It`s hot and you are too close and too...”

This has Ry smile as she then grimaces with saying, “I know that you want me, you come here wanting me. You are gonna give me everything and the collar will be pretty and mostly hidden.”

“Fuck me, please fuck me. I want you to fuck me.” Cecilia sends in a whining wish for Ry to touch her hot wet pussy as Cecilia press in a squirming against Ry`s nudity in a wanting to feel skin to skin. “Fuck me. I will fuck you too.”

“I eventually will. But you will please me first. However, you will give me my proper place first. I am the Top. I command and you will learn balance and how to please me.” Cool, collectedness in every sense and Ry simply waits for Cecilia to decide if she really can relent to the status of Ry`s ownership in a long-term sexual play contract. “If you really want then spread the thighs wider, my pet.”

“No, I can’t. No, Ryanne.” Occurs in growing sternness of not relenting into the domination. Yet, Ry reaches out to brush an open palm across that hardened nipple of Cecilia`s left breast. She does it as she then breathes deeper having those breaths steam upon Cecilia`s upper lips. Hot, sweet and nearly kissing with puckering lips but it remains a mere grazing. However, an intense sexual aura sharing builds to grip the two of them, as Ryanne grows hornier in watching Cecilia need pleasure. “I want.” breathlessly slips Cecilia’s lips as instantly her lips press on Ryanne’s.

A smoldering lustful kiss roars of neediness as Cecilia relents but the says through kisses. “No collar.” than with another smacking kiss with purring “No collar.” Then her tongue drives between lips as kisses are continuing and Ry captures that tongue between teeth to coldly stare into eyes giving a non-verbal warning. She growls with releasing Cecilia`s tongue. This arrives followed by Cecilia feeling Ry move away and Cecilia immediately pleads. “Yours, no collar. I will be your bed pet, your pet.” Then a sudden stop to somehow shake sense into herself as she humbly replies, “ Yours but no collar. You know I can`t. But I will obey you.”

Ry wants more than that. Yet, getting more seems to require patience so she grins of the minor conquest to then descend her open palm upon Cecilia’s left breast, as she coldly states, “No love, my pet.”

Next, the palm trails leisurely downward off the breast over a stomach that quakes of breathing and tension. Shivering as arousal goes higher while Ry`s hand plays on the hot skin to then cross in gliding upon a firm pussy mound. “Oh yes, oh yes. Ready for me.” comes stated in the surveying of what exists.

Then without warning, there are fingers walking downward to be tickling with the first touch upon womanly folds. “Wet, a wet pet is best.” Next, Ry grimaces as her finger spread pussy lips wide to inspect if she wants to give more “Shush, no climax until I say.”

Cecilia whines for that is hard to do. She barely holds the cream that wants free from simply getting caress where she needed touching. This Ry knows as Cecilia`s body instantly squeezes muscles tighter to hold onto the ensuing release.

“Be good!” Arrives in growling warning as Ry furthers forewarns, “If you climax then this is over.”

“Mm. Mm.” Moans the blond who constantly pants to bring cooling off but it seems to no avail. She must release now, even if she wants to belong to Ry with being kinky sex friends. Her entire body grows wilder in fiery feelings as her head tosses backward having her back arc. However, she grips onto maintaining no releasing as she forces every essence of herself to obey Ry`s command. Seeing that Cecilia be a good girl next Ry slips two fingers into Cecilia`s tight moist vaginal canal.

“Be good, my pet. It is only first knuckle deep, my pet. Hold on for more.” Announces Ry wanting Cecilia knowing that torturous pleasures exist as agenda.

In the moments Ry slowly begins pumping fingers in and out of Cecilia but she keeps it to only first knuckle depth.

“Oh no, no. More, Ry. Please, please deeper and more, faster.” Cecelia beseeches as her pussy muscles tighten like a vice around fingers, and the intensity becomes unbearable with barely containing the need to release.

“Domme! I am your Domme!” Growls Ryanne in protest over the use of a common title for this new thing lives as BDSM and she demands her proper title being used.

Instantly fear runs through Cecilia for awareness exists of how a BDSM Dominant can stop everything to then demand no orgasm. She definitely understands that for she usually is the Top and controlling the interactions. The fear is instantaneous noticed with Ry understanding that Cecilia`s mind now swings into the definite understanding that Cecilia allows herself to controlled like a submissive. And Ryanne wants that; she needs it in order to truly win the duel over who is the alpha female Dominant. Such a truth now earns Cecilia the right to an orgasm. And speaking of such Ryanne slides her fingers into the new submissive.

Slowly she inserts fingers deeper into the second knuckle to next hold fingers in stillness before twisting them within the heated tightness to tease all those pulsating vaginal muscles. This forces Cecilia to scream in agony of pleasure coming so intense and too slow. However, it is beautiful for she must squeeze those muscles to subsequently hold it all from building too high while maintaining the sensations and waiting for permission to orgasm. “Fuck!” She roars toward Ry with the moment hellish hot within wild tension and being powerful control. Next, it is a growl of, “More.” as Cecilia begs in whimpering as that brings a blazing smile to Ry’s beautiful lips.

“Be a good girl, make the contractions pull me in.” Requests Ryanne, who stiffen her fingers and voice tone with commanding. “Demand them in, pull me into the center of you. Come on, pet you must show me that you need me.”

That fires out results as Cecilia instantly forces her pussy muscles to suck Ry’s two fingers deep inside. Ry gasps of the instant tugging as she looks into those blue eyes while then kneeling between those thighs. A kneeling with feeling vibrations of orgasm wanting a freedom to join within the sloppy dripping wetness that already exists. The pleasure of the pain in holding orgasm display vibrantly on Cecilia for this raw power of an intense orgasm makes the universe halt, sacred is a woman`s climax.

Yes, it can be said that the divine truth of woman arrives during sexual release. At that moment a woman reaches the holiness of humanity that only comes with the pinnacle of euphoric orgasm. It is divine sex, heavenly lust and erotic need within naughty deeds. And Cecelia sure works hard at grasping the holy prize whilst waiting to release her lust back into the universe. Yet, Ry remains calm as her two fingers thrust to that stage of the second knuckle but suddenly she pulls out before next pounding full throttle within Cecilia`s womanly canal causing her to not only scream but curse at Ry. “Fuck you!”

Ry gives a wicked chuckle of the ways that Cecilia is defiant of the process of being a good submissive. Afterward, Ry stops laughing she pounds ruthlessly into Cecilia’s pussy to build the orgasm beyond the ability to hold it. This does cause Cecilia`s entire body to quake with needing to give it all up to Ry. Ry notices this to next give that cold collected stare that brings a cold conveying of, “No, it is a fuck you, with me fucking you and then you getting to fuck out of my life.”

Then Cecilia instant squirts for she can`t hold it as Ry tickles her clit with a thumb. “I have won, bitch!”

Then Ry yanks her fingers from with Cecilia to next rise to her full height to tower over Cecilia. “Lesson taught. I am thirsty and vodka is on tap. Get your clothes and get out. I have sleeping to do.”

It happens, and it comes in the ways that Ryanne wants it too. Therefore Cecilia discovers that if she wants anything then it is going to be an achieving of it elsewhere. Cecilia is shocked and she tries to gather her senses and her clothing for she won`t tolerate this when she gave so much. Thus, with no offer of a drink and quite honestly a "fuck you" Cecilia leaves in a huff over being treated like some dime store whore. This matters none to Ryanne for she may slowly succumb to enjoying no woman being in her daily life.

Most women get the toss on the ass after a term of lust or the love words come. Some get irritated over Ry not giving love in return. In fact, the last woman she felt any truth of feelings for is. ”Uhm.” She murmurs to then fill a whiskey tumbler to the brim with vodka.

With a deep breath and large swallow of vodka, time moves forward with her turning on the stereo full blast. She enjoys dancing all alone with watching the night pass. At various points and with a few more glasses of vodka she stares out the patio doors that are part of the outer wall of the living room. With the dancing, a bit of tipsiness comes to possess as questions and life crap roll around in her mind. She hates it when she gets like this. She abhors it when it’s her birthday too for this time comes as moments of reflection and missing love. That is why she drowns it in sex and drinks with going usually away to Europe on her birthday. She goes there to escape the hell of daily existence as she works herself into an early burial to please a father and to try to do as her mother said.

Yes, to do that death request of being a good daughter and make the family happy. She tries to do that most days and in doing so she leaves love out of it. No love may come from her any longer for she isn’t getting anything of what she needs from those that she is to love. All she ever does in the family is give, to give more and repair the crap. But she knows a family should love and be more than such things. So no love may exist in her life since she feels she lost what she needed.

As a result, she only chooses women who want her for the physical passion. Such ladies tend to be into parties or status or escaping something. Or the partner wants something that has no love like kinky sex that Cecilia offered. But none of it is the kind of relationship that mother says that is meant for Ryanne. Ry`s mother wanted for her daughter that fairy tale of a woman who is pure true love with no conditions. But tonight Ry just can’t see it happening anymore. So she pushes aside the hoping and the trying. Such may be a good idea since too many tumblers of vodka bring the understanding that happiness doesn’t exist. Neither is that concept of love and with that being Ry`s thought as she looks at her own university grad portrait. “You are all fucked up, Ry! Mummy dearest, I am afraid that I have failed.”

Then swirling around the remaining vodka that is in the glass tumbler Ry forcibly throws the glass across the room cursing, “Fuck! Fuck, when will I be happy? When, when, when mother. Tell me when someone will love me, love me like you did.”

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